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Mercury Anomalies

Why are there hexagonal craters on the surface of this mysterious planet and others in our solar system?
There are strange building structures and what looks like a base entrance.

Organic material has also been found recently.

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Hexagon Crater - Iapetus

New Mayan Artefacts

A stunning new collection of Mayan objects was unearthed recently.

Many of them depict UFO's and Alien beings interacting with people.

A must see.

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mayan 53 back

The Disaster Probes

We take a look at some of the many UFO's filmed in disaster zones around
the world.
Fukusima, Mexico, Iceland and more.

Why are these sinister UFO probes attracted to disaster areas like volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and earthquakes?

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Atlantis Candidates

Was Atlantis a global civilization that stretched the Earth.

We look at recent discoveries of sunken cities around the world.
Science is trying to shove these finds under the carpet becuase they are simply too old to fit their dogmatic timelines.

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USO's & Devils Triangles

Vortexes like the Bermuda Triangle have been linked to UFO's for many years.

Here we look at some of the strange physics that might be causing dissapearances of ships and aircraft and look at some famous USO cases like Operation Mainbrace 1952.
Also the Philidephia Experiment.

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Alien Skulls

Starchild Skull-1

Hominoids & Bigfoot

Here we take a look at some of the evidence that bigfoot has 3 varients just in America with relatives like the Yeti and Alma in Asia.
We also take a look at some of the DNA proof showing that they are related
to us.

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Mars Anomalies

There are many strange objects and structures on Mars.
I have recently found some new ones near the equator.
I have called this one Aram Castle.
It has a rectangular shape with internal square structures.

Take a closer look!

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Building Structure 4 - Aram Chaos region e2

Tesla - Free Energy

Here we look at the inventions of Nicolai Tesla and some of the aplications of this free elecrostatic energy.
The industrial complex prevented his free energy from being used by the people of he world.
The massive world wide energy conspiricy.

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Zombies & Cannibals

Here we look at the origins of both zombieism and cannibalism.

They are in fact quite closely related as eating infected flesh can cause zombieism. It is related to CJD.

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New Pyramids: Antarctica

Antarctica-Pyramids- e

It's entirely understandable that most people refuse to even contemplate the UFO phenomena. It's a big subject that most find very hard to come to terms with.
They are scared of the unknown and would rather just live day to day in a state of amnesia induced by the contradictory media badgering that is designed to confuse everyone but the most dedicated researchers.
Our education and scientific organisations are also guilty of this blinkered and old fashioned aproach but things are starting to move on this.
The question is can they keep up?
Probably not!

A skeptic is a well informed believer and a pessimist is a well informed optimist!