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Alien Mars: "Skulls, Bones & Strange Looking Stones"

Before you say anything - some of these images may just be unusual rocks, but some of them certainly are not. You decide.


NASA is only admitting to micro organisms that once lived on Mars -

I can proove them wrong by using their own frickin pictures. Are they really that dumb? I think not. They are breaking us in slowly.

If there was any doubts about Alien artefacts or creatures on Mars then I hope these images will help to quell them. All these images have been taken directly from the NASA website.

You can follow the links below the videos on YouTube and download images yourself and get the same or better results than I just did. There are so many anomalies in so many photos that it would take a while but to be first to recognise a new skull or dinosaur fossil on Mars is very exiting I think. Fill your boots before they notice.

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Gale Crater - Skulls and Bones - Mars Curiosity Images. Alien Boneyard

(Left image) This new Mars image clip looks very much like a dinosaur skull or perhaps some kind of sea creature or reptile.

Look at the small eye socket in the middle of this image.

It seems to have a few vertibrae to the right of the eye socket.

It also has what looks like a lower mandible with teeth.

Gale Crater - More Skulls and Bones - Alien Boneyard.

Wind carved rocks - Antarctica Mummified Sea Lion - Don Huan Pond - Antarctica e Antarctic Mummy e Antarctic Mummified Seal - 6000 Years old e

Skulls, Mummies & Strange Rocks - Don Huan Pond - Antarctica - Earth.

This is the kind of stuff to look for on he surface of Mars. Mummified and wind eroded animal carcasses. The conditions at Don Huan Pond are very similar to parts of the Marshian environment. Very cold, very dry and very windy.


It is so similar in fact that NASA send some of there people there to train for Mars missions. They test Mars Rovers there.

It is rumoured that there is a secret space launch site somewhere down in Antarctica. Hidden from view it would be the perfect place to launch secret space missions to Mars and alsewhere.

The conditions on Mars are harsh, according o NASA that is.


If you assume as they do that the atmosphere was destroyed by some cataclysm in the past then life must have died out on the surface a long time ago, but how long?


If there was a breathable atmosphere back then it would have thinned out making conditions lethal for any animals on the surface.

Some craters of course would have still had breathable air and fresh water at least, because of their low altitude.


Air and water would have been denser in these deep craters and any surviving animals would have been attracted to them.

Like the Don Huan Pond in Antarctica the water would become increasingly saline as it evaporated and would have eventually poisoned the animals that came to drink from it, causing liver failure and death.


The now very dry and cold atmosphere would then mummify the bodies of these deceased creatures, preserving them for thousands of years.  

Eventually the wind would erode the flesh and bone until the mummified corpses were almost unrecognisable.

Of course this process is very location specific.


A body on one side of a crater could be almost un-eroded if it was out of the prevailing wind and up against a large rock or outcrop, whereas a fully exposed animal corpse would erode much quicker and deteriorate more rapidly.

What we could be seeing here are the remains of mummified corpses that are many thousands of years old.


Add to the equation the huge dust storms that happen on Mars that could actually help preserve some of these mummies if they were buried for long periods of time.

Is this what we are seeing here or are they just wind eroded rocks?


As always – you decide.

(Left image) This image looks very much like a simian or hominid skull and perhaps he has some kind of cap or hat on.


(Left image) This older Mars image looks very much like the skull on the far left.

Is this a match?

This old photo has been doing the rounds on the net for years but looks very similar.

02FaceOnMarsLaVenta e

(Above image) This Mars Face with Olmec head image looks very much like the skull on the left, even the headgear.