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(Above image) Most of these square structures are around the 20 or 30m in size. There are hundreds of these what I can only describe as buildings.

Moon Bases - Tycho Crater - Google Moon Images - Surface Anomalies - Lunar Habitat

Whilst looking on Google Moon the oher day I came accross Tycho Crater.

At first i wasn't impressed with it's features and then I zoomed in.

It has what I can only describe as a Moon Base and thousands of buildings both in and on the surrounding ridges of he crater. Mainly in the north west quadrant.

There are in fact so many structures in and around this crater that

I managed to clip over 20 images in total. You could get more quite easily.

Do it before Google scrub the crater image.

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(Left image) There are what seem to be lots of square and rectangular buildings on the west ridge of the crater.


The question you have to ask is -


who put them there.?


Almost all the buildings in these images from Google Moon are orientated to the compass.

In fact there are only about 3 that I can find that don't line up to he compass.

The Evidence - All these images are taken direct from Google Moon.

(Above image) More glass structures. Are these perhaps greenhouses once used for food cultivation by a large colony?

Tycho is grand. It is the most conspicuous crater visible near full Moon, shining brilliantly, surrounded by a dark ring, and radiating great long rays.


If we get away from the full Moon glare so that its morphology can be seen, Tycho is revealed as the prototype of the large complex impact crater with terraced walls, flat floor, and conspicuous central peaks

truly "the Metropolitan crater of the Moon," as Thomas Gwyn Elger called it in his 1895 classic, The Moon.


Tycho is 85 kilometers wide, 4.8 km deep, with a 2.25-km-high central peak. Its floor is relatively smooth on the east side, but there is a sector of roughness radiating from the central peak to the west wall.


Early examination of very-high-resolution Lunar Orbiter images showed rough textures and domelike features that were thought to be of volcanic origin.

But growing recognition of the widespread existence of material totally melted by the great energy of impact in and around fresh lunar craters led to impact melt as the accepted interpretation. It appears that both the smooth and the rough portions of Tycho's floor are impact-melted debris that veneer the original surface.

Excerpt from

The only proccessing done to any of these images is about 15% extra contrast and sharpened a little.

(Left image) Tycho Crater -

The Moon. 85 km wide


This at first glance looks like many of the craters on our Moon and others.

It's not until you take a closer look that things start to get really interesting.

(Above image) More square and rectangular buildings near the west ridge of he crater.

(Above image) More square and rectangular buildings near the west ridge of the crater.

(Above image) More square and rectangular buildings near the west ridge of the crater.

By this point of the excercise I got fed up with puting the co-ords in the name.

(Above image) More square and rectangular buildings towards the centre of the crater.

(Above image) Some larger square and rectangular structures towards the centre of the crater.


(Left image) Larger rectangular buildings right in the centre of the crater.


This structure at the top of this image looks like the command centre.


There is also a large square structure on the centre left of the image.


Fictional references


  • There is a chapter entitled "Tycho" in Jules Verne's Around the Moon (Autour de la Lune, 1870) which describes the crater and its ray system.


  • Tycho was the location of the Tycho Magnetic Anomaly (TMA-1), and subsequent excavation of an alien monolith, in 2001: A Space Odyssey, the seminal science-fiction film by Stanley Kubrick and book by Arthur C. Clarke.


  • It also serves as the location of "Tycho City" in Star Trek: First Contact; a lunar metropolis by the 24th century.


  • In the film Can't Buy Me Love, Cindy notices Tycho while looking through a telescope on her final "contractual" date with Ronny in the Airplane Graveyard.


  • In Robert A. Heinlein's book The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, Tycho is the location of the lunar habitat "Tycho Under".


  • In Jack Williamson's novel Terraforming Earth, the crater is utilized for "Tycho Base", a self sustaining, robot controlled installation aimed at restoring life to the (dead) planet Earth after an asteroid sterilizes the biosphere.


  • In Heinlein's short story Blowups Happen, a character hypothesizes that Tycho may have been the location of a sentient race's main atomic power plant, in a past time when the Moon was still habitable—and that the plant exploded, causing the craters, the rays spreading from Tycho, and the death of all life on the Moon.


  • Clifford Simak set a novelette The Trouble with Tycho, at the lunar crater. He also postulated that the crater's rays were composed of volcanic glass (tektites) akin to a theory postulated by NASA researchers Dean Chapman and John O'Keefe in the 1970s.


  • Crater Tycho figures prominently in the Matthew Looney and Maria Looney series of children's books set on the Moon, authored by Jerome Beatty.


  • In the film Men in Black, the character agent K, played by Tommy Lee Jones, informs an alien bug that it is in violation of "section 4153 of the Tycho Treaty."


  • In the Retrieval Artist Novels by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, there is a settlement on the moon called "Tycho Dome".


  • In the pulp series Captain Future by Edmond Hamilton, Tycho conceals the base of the Futuremen.


  • In The Sims 2 for PSP the alien child of Pascal Curious is named Tycho.


  • In Roger Macbride Allen's Hunted Earth series of novels, the Naked Purples own a former penal colony in or around Tycho crater known as "Tycho Purple Penal" (see The Ring of Charon).


Excerpt Wikipedia.


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(Above video) HUGE MOON CITY in TYCHO CRATER (Alien Moon Part 1) ArtAlienTV


"Thousands of buildings and large structures in Tycho Crater on the Moon. The area was surveyed by Japan in 2008 and has clear high resolution pictures from the Kaguya Terrain camera.

This makes it one of the best parts of the Moon to survey. Huge building complexes, roads, towers and many thousands of square and rectangular structures in the centre and north west quadrants of this amazing 53 mile wide lunar location. I have only shown about half of it here. Go look for yourself.