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Alien Moon Images 2013 - The Final Proof.

If there was ever any doubt about Alien Moon Bases then just take a look at these amazing images. This is truly the Smoking Gun. Please copy them in high resolution if possible and save them somewhere safe. There are also some new moon UFO images from Apollo 10 - 1969.

These images were taken by the Lunar Orbiter of the dark side of the Moon.

SOURCE for below Moon photos: Book called, "Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Near Side of the Moon." In the back of this book is a computer CD with full resolution photos. These came from said book.

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These images are awsome. Showing the massive areas of glass structures like some of the images on the last page, but wait untill you see the images below.

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These images above are just awsome. Showing the massive areas of glass structures going right around to the dark side of the Moon.............Jesus Christ!

I knew there were many structures up there but this is just absolutely incredible.

No wonder NASA have been trying o keep a lid on this for well over 40 years. If most people saw this they would probably either keel over or go into denial shock......Struth!

Of course, there will still be some who say these are fake but the evidence displayed on these Moon pages is overwhelming to anyone but a blind man. Bring it on.

These photos are undebunkable.

UFO over Lunar Module of Apollo Mission, from NASA archives, slow motion.

Apollo 10 - 2 e (2)
Apollo 10 - 2 e (1)

These images were clipped from the film footage below. The UFO object apears for about 1 or 2 frames of the video. Just long enough to clip the these pictures.

(Left video) UFO over Lunar Module of Apollo Mission, from NASA archives, Found Feb 6, 2012.

I believe this footage may be from Apollo 10 - the "landing dress rehearsal" mission which flew in May of 1969, which was the first time the LM was taken across the cislunar void to the Moon. The footage shows the LM ascent stage, so it was taken during lunar rendezvous.

Images courtesy of Scott C. Waring - of