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Ancient Skull Anomalies. Starchild Skull - Nazca Coneheads - Egyptian Skulls - Peruvian Mummies

Why is it a sign of devignity to have a long elongated head. Could it be something to do with Ancient Aliens visiting us and primitive people imitating these visitors? Did Atlantians have large heads?

Is it possible that Neanderthals evolved into an advanced culture before we even left Africa?

Many of these Egyptian skulls below show what could be diagnosed as Marfans Syndrome. Causing elongation of the skull, body, limbs and fingers. It doesn't however explain some of the other skulls. Skull binding was common practice in many ancient cultures especially in the priesthood. It's a sign of divinity emulating the God like visitors that they claim to have seen. There have also been some very recent discoveries in anthropology suggesting another species of human called the Denisovans from Russia. This may turn out to be a crucial link in the human evolutionary chain that might explain some of these skull anomolies, but not all!

Skull Abnormalities - A conventional View.

Assuming that many of these skulls are Alien shows a basic lack of medical knowlege. There are many common types of skull diformaties that can explain some of these skulls. That's not to say that some arn't Alien though. Especially the ones on the surface of Mars.


Our newly discovered Denisovans ancestors may be responsable for some of these odd skulls. Hard to say for sure on that though as anthroplolgists only found teeth and a liittle finger bone. Untill a skull or more fragments are found then we are still lacking crucial reconstuctive evidence.


Neanderthals had larger and more elongated skulls with a larger brain capacity. The older human skulls here would probably have had a greater amount of Neanderthal genes.

All people of European origin and non Africans have between 1 and 4 percent Neanderthal DNA. (This percentage may go as high as 25% or more as more studies are done)

That percentage would probably have been much higher a few thousand years ago.

It's a complex subject because the "out of Africa theory" is lacking 1 or 2 specimens to make it fully work but new discoveries are happening all the time.

skull_starchild cradleboard 1 skulls-cradleboard diformaty

The Starchild Skull. Extra Terrestrial? Probably the best evidence ever.

This skull was found in a cave in Mexico about 100 miles south of Chihuahua in the 1930's and is over 900 years old. Is it solid evidence that Aliens were colanising/geneticly engineering our planets population in the past?

The skull is now in the posession of Lloyd Pye who claims that it is not human but of Extra Terrestrial origin.

Scientists claim that it shows signs of being Hydrosephalic. Water on the brain. They also state that it may show signs of cradleboarding.

(Below and above) Cradleboarding is one of the possible reasons for the diformed skull according to mainstream science.

The infants skull is squashed during the early years of growth by the restrictive cradle puhing the childs skull against the board.

Hydrocephalic skull s

(Above) Hydrocephalic skull. Water on the brain.

This doesn't however explain the other anomolies with the Starchild skull, like the cellular structure of the bone and the non human DNA.



Scientists are still trying to shoot the messanger on this one as they do on anything that might prove them wrong. They have been trying to discredit the findings of Lloyd Pye for years. The recent 2011 DNA tests have prooven that this "Starchild" specimen has Extra Terrestrial parents. (At least on the fathers side)

This case is proof of the fact that when solid evidence of ET's is finally found then science just tries to dismiss the evidence.

Anyone would think that these scientists are trying to hide something? The same goes for the inner workings of the Great Pyramid and free electricity. (See the Acient Aliens or Tesla pages)

They simply just don't want us to know these things. Or is it that they are now so specialised and isolated in their particular fields that they can't see the wood for the trees?


In the case of Lloyd Pye, science has actually shown him to be a reputable researcher. He has been proved right by the repeated DNA testing of the skull. He stuck his neck out on this years ago and calling it the Starchild didn't help him much either. It just set the scientists against him from the word go.

Scientists will probably have to rethink everything on this subject. You can't really blame them for throwing toys out of prams on this one. It can't be easy. They have many years of intense conditioning (Education) to overcome.

Peruvian mummy Peruvian mumified skull

(Extract - Mail Online; comments)

I agree with Luna, Florida, USA's comment at 20/11/2011 05:03. Lloyd Pye should get right on this. Here we go again with the DNA testing. Watching him lecture on it (on YouTube) was fascinating. All the best details get left out of mainstream media coverage, such as how the bone wouldn't dissolve (in a certain substance used to extract DNA) at all for over 6 months while a human bone was easily able to do it in a week or so. In the end they had to use a different substance altogether to extract it. And cutting the bone with a Dremel, went like a knife through butter in the human skull; but the Dremel "bounced off" the Starchild skull. I think they again ultimately had to use a different tool nearly as sharp as diamond and still had trouble cutting through the material (which is MUCH thinner than human skull bone but is composed of a harder substance than the human skull). Then there's those mysterious *fibers* running through the Starchild skull, not found in ANY bone, animal or human!

- Mara Grace, New York, USA, 20/11/2011 13:53

Crystal_Skull Indiana Jones movie

(Above) Crystal Skull -

Indiana Jones Film 2008.

This article from the Mail is typical of the tabloid mainstream shallow bollocks that people still lap up. The first sentence ignores the fact that alien existance has already been astablished in the Starchild Skull's recent DNA test results. (See above) The person writing this article obviously has done the absolute minimal amount of homework and will most likely never follow the story up when the DNA results are announced. The typical mainstream media trick of leaving important questions unanswered and fudged. Yet the person below who commented on the story shows a great deal more up to date knowledge on the matter. Nice one Mara Grace!

(Extract - Mail Online - Paul Milligan - This refers to the large photo above right)


A mummified elongated skull found in Peru could finally prove the existence of aliens.

The strangely shaped head - almost as big as its 50cm (20in) body - has baffled anthropologists.

It was one of two sets of remains found in the city of Andahuaylillas in the southern province of Quispicanchi.


The skeletal sets were discovered by Renato Davila Riquelme, who works for the Privado Ritos Andinos museum in Cusco in south-eastern Peru.

He said that that the eye cavities are far larger than normally seen in humans.

There is a soft spot in the skull - called an open fontanelle - which is a characteristic of children in their first year of life, yet the skull also has two large molars, only found in much older humans.

Davila Riquelme said three anthropologists, from Spain and Russia, arrived at the museum last week to investigate the findings and agreed it was ‘not a human being’ and would conduct further studies.

He added: ‘Although the assessment was superficial, it is obvious that its features do not correspond to any ethnic group in the world.’ The remains of an eyeball in the right socket will help determine its genetic DNA - and clear up the controversy if it is human or not.

Another Alien Skull? Peruvian Mummy Could Reveal Alien Colonisation? More Inconveniant Facts.

(Above) I suppose these huge eye sockets are due to hydrasephalus as well are they? That old cookie. Headbinding or cradleboarding? Mmmn..Lets just wait for the DNA results shall we. If we ever get to see them? There are missing molar teeth sockets, the mandibal looks non human and where are the foramen (Holes) that should be in the eyebrows and facial bone?

(See diagram below for comparison)


(Left) Bone Appetit - Joseph White 2011


(Right) Skull Mask - Joseph White 2011


Prints of these are avaliable at 


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Images are subject to copyright, hence the heavy watermarks.

Skull Mask - Joseph White 2011. Le Crunch - Joseph White 2011 - Art

I painted these canvases recently in acrylics in an attempt to feed my skull fascination. Needless to say it didn't work, hence this page.

Human skulls have many unique features that can be measured and compared in great detail for forensic purposes. On the Skull Mask image above right you can see that the foramen (Holes) are made very clear. Two on either side of the chin (Mental), two etiher side of the nose (Infraorbital) and two largish ones next to two smaller in the eyebrows (Supraorbital). There are usually just 2 in the eyebrows but on the mask design they are added for extra ventilation. Notice how in both paintings above they have squashed cro magnon shaped eye sockets. This is purely done to make them look more evil.

Anthropoligists in Peru and Egyptologists have been side-tracking the elongated skull debate for decades.

When you watch documentries about Tutankhamens tomb and they reconstruct his face they always leave out crucial details about the unusually long skull features. This goes for many of the Egyptian elite. The same is true for for some of the Peruvian skulls.

Another detail about Nazca where many of these skulls originate is the fact that the mountains in the area have had there tops shaved off by some sort of massive machine, leaving them completely levelled off. Scientists always leave that detail out of explanations and concentrate on what they can explain like the Nazca lines, hoping that no one notices.

It was people like Erich Von Danniken in the 1960s that drew their attention to this fact and in 50 years they still haven't come up with a viable explanation for these levelled mountains. They wouldn't be covering up evidence of mining by a very advanced mechanised culture would they?

See the Nazca Lines page for more.

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(Above) Another Nazca skull. Headbinding does not increase the cranial capacity from the normal human 1200 cc to the 1400 - 1500 cc of some of the Nazca skulls.


They also only have 2 cranial plates where as humans have 3.


A different species!

(Above) Human mandible. Compare to the jaw bones and teeth on the Nazca/Paracas skulls.

mandible neg

(Above video) Possible Alien Skulls Explained -

5.48 Mins


Important detail on cranial capacaty and cranial plates of the Paracan skulls with Brian Foerster.



Honinoids > Greys Human Skull Detail

Compare these normal rounded square eye sockets to the huge examples in Peruvian Mummy photos shown above. Also the teeth, mandible and foramen.

Pacal with elongated skull and very large nose c

(Above video) 



(Above video)