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Locomoskyner - Russian New UFO Flying Saucer Airship


Russian Federation launched our program to build a powerful, multi purpose airship that will certainly cause many people on the ground to take notice.

The disk / lenticular shapes are very versatile. Providing inherant strength, good visability, stealth and other worldlyness. Essential for any spy in the sky.

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Alien Technology - TR-3B - How It Works. UFO spacecraft - top secret



Secret aircraft of the USA from the 1950's to the present day. UFO propulsion systems and cloaking. 

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How Anti-Gravity Work? Nuclear Powered UFO TR-3B



Vector fields and gravity. Electro magnetism. 

NASA is a cover for the real space program.

Reverse engineering and super fluids. Anti gravity technology. Saucer design.

(Videos below) You can see some of the advanced propulsion systems that are being used in some of these exotic aircraft. It's all down to the "Tesla Coil" and super cooled fluids. Implosion/vortex power originating with the Nazi "Thule Tachionator" that was supposidly inspired by ancient Hindu Vimana texts dating back 7000 years or perhaps from crashed UFO's recovered in the 1930's. More likely Nicolai Tesla and Victor Schauberger. These are not mutually exclusive. They are all part of the same exotic propulsion jigsaw puzzle.

Anti gravity propulsion.


It supposidly works by cancelling out earths gravity. The AG engine has a very fast spinning cylinder of super fluid like mercury. This is basically a model of the Earth itself. But in this case the gyroscopic motion creates a negative graviton field which cancels out Earth gravity.

We have only recently developed some of the technology needed to emulate Alien ship designs and it's not by accident.

The UFO crashes in 1936, 37 and 47 to name a few have had a great influence on aircraft design and propulsion. Wether or not those crashes happened, the rumour would have forced rival countries into persuing these technologies anyway, just to try and keep up. The huge advantages to using classic UFO shaped designs being the obvious stealth capabilities and if you get spotted spying then people are more likely to report a you as UFO than a spyplane. It also helps to keep you out of trouble if you're leaving radio active exhaust emissions everywhere you go!

Diagrams. Drawings. Design.

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