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 Gravity Equations Formulas Calculator - Gravitational Effect Of The Moon On The Great Giza Pyramid - Calculation courtesy of John Rogers MSc.


 Science Physics Newton's Law of Gravity: Solving for gravitational force exerted between two objects.


 Force exerted between two objects. Note:  G is the universal gravitational constant.  G = 6.6726 x 10-11N-m2/kg2




 Moon mass (m1) = 7.4E22 kilogram = 7.4E+22 kilogram


 Great Pyramid mass (m2) = 5.9E6 ton metric =  5900000000  kilogram


 distance between objects (r) = 3.8E5 kilometre =  380000000 meter




 gravitational force (F) = 201749 newton


 Other Units:


 gravitational force (F) = 20572 kilogram force


 gravitational force (F) = 45355 pound force


 That's about 20 tons force, doubled because the moon pulls both ways

during its orbit, every 23 hours.

Alien cultures have been influencing our folk art since the Stoneage. All ancient cultures around the world have similar depictions of these bug eyed angels. They probably live here. Are they an indigenous Atlantian type culture or ET in origin. Probably both.

Space or

diving suits?

Aliens or Atlantians?

Extra or Ultra


This is an object that was photographed on the surface of Mars. It bears quite

a resemblence to

 the Iraq Reptilian Entity and Sumerian Figurines on row 2.


Ancient Aliens & Pyramids - Wandjina, Dogu, Abydos Helicopter, Egyptian Electricity, Tassili, Pyramid Pumpstation, Dendera Lightbulb, The Ark Of The Covenant, Djed Pillar, Septre Magic Wands, Ancient Tazer.

Space suits can be used under water of course, where as the reverse

 isn't true.

Military Cargo Helicopter Egyptian Hyroglyph. The Abydeos Helicopter.

Did the Ancient Egyptians use helicopters to lift stone blocks during pyramid construction? This central helicopter depiction certainly looks as if it was designed specifically to lift stone blocks. Who built these aircraft? Was it a local invention or were they built by an alien or unknown advanced culture? It seems that they had different types of aircraft if you look at the Abydos glyphs shown above. We are told by Egyptologists that the pyramids were built as tombs? This is still taught in schools today. Utter nonsense, no mummy has ever been found in any of them. The so called experts have been misleading us for many years wich is why people like us have to read between the lines and look at the evidence for ourselves. Experts claim that these glyphs were recarved and parts of it have fallen away? Well they would would't they. Just typical of the misinformation that we get dripfed by these balless muppets from an early age!

5 PharaohHelicopter3

The Abydos Helicopter. Temple of Seti.

sar_7eg (2)

(Image right) This model bird/aircraft is dated at around 200 BC.

The Egyptians usually made models of things they intended to build full size.

(Left image) In the centre of this image there is what apears to be an elyptical craft/vessel emiting sparks or electrical current with what could be interpreted as aliens with oversized heads either side of it next to Dendera lightbulbs. 

The intertwined helix sybols either side of the circle are said to represent the letter H and perhaps DNA.

dendera-light-bulb (double)

Electricity was apparently a fairly recent discovery. Not so. It seems as though the Babylonians and the Egyptians got there in antiquity. It looks like they used it to illuminate chambers inside the pyramids so that the artists could see. This is co-oberated by the fact that no soot residue has been found inside any of the chambers. It's also suggested by many modern jewelers and metalergists that electricity was used to make the elaborate masks such as Tutenkhamuns which would be near impossible to make even today. This electroplating has also been found in ancient central American jewelery and gold artifacts.

According to scientists these are eggplants?

(left) They really are taking the piss! Who ever heard of an 8 ft long aubergine.

How do these so called scientists live with themselves?


I suppose this image on the right is a cheese plant then is it? Or is it the old "stylised artwork in the wrong time frame context" excuse again perhaps? Spit.

Dendera Machine sml Aliens crop Ptah Relief. Magic wand or electric saff Tutankhamuns Death Mask

The origins of the magic wand or staff. Was the septre the ancient equivalent of the tazer used by police forces around the world today? Also what's on this phaoros back? Is it a battery pack or tranceiver?

More evidence of electrically powered technology.

(Above image) King Tutenkhamuns burial mask is so bedazzling modern cameras struggle to cope with it.

It shows how advanced they were at inlays and probably electroplating.

It's rumoured that the sheen on the mask was so fine that it was scratched by Carter when he brushed the dust off with a fine sable brush after discovering it in Tuts burial chamber.

Djed Pillar with bulb ankh-c

Look at  the similarities between these Ankhs. (left)

Did they have copper wire wound between the 4 poles at the top of the staff?

Were the poles at the top magnets? If so then we have an electric tazer like weapon here.

Or perhaps it's a microphone used for making speaches?

(Above image) This represents the front view of a Dendera lightbulb on its Djed Pillar stand. Was electricity transmitted to this Djed pillar from the great pyramid or did it have its own?

Ankh with Djed Pillar

& Septre, interesting.

It seems obvious when you put these images together that there is a higher use to these staffs other than just being a symbol of nobility.

Did they use these strange objects to subjugate people and show them who's boss like using a tazer or cattle prod? These powers would have been seen as magic or miracles by the local population.

The Ancient Egyptians Had Electricity! We could have it for free by using their more efficient Tesla style system!

Djed detail

More detailed close ups of the Djed Piller (left)

in conjunction with the Dendera lightbulbs and generator. (right)

(below left)

Was the empty granite vessel that was found in the great pyramid used for electroplating?

No mummy was found in it. Just white powder. Was the powder dried residue left over from this process or another?

Bagdad Battery 1 - 200 BC

The Bagdad battery (left) may have been used to electroplate objects like King Tut's burial mask in a bath linked to a bagdad battery. (above)

granite coffer - kings chamber

2000 years old (Approx)


The battery used friut juice as the electrolite, probably grape juice.

Replica dendera Lightbulb plugged into Bagdad Batteries. Switzerland

(Above image) This is a working replica in Erich Von Dannikens musium in Switzerland. Its design was taken directly from the Egyptian relief images above and is fully functional.

(Left image) The granite coffer in the kings chamber must have been placed there during pyramid construction as it is to big to get through the entrance. It's interior must have been drilled out using modern machinery. A copper chisel or drill is to soft. The inner corners are too perfect to have not been drilled.


The Ancient Electric Genorator. Gold Refinery/Desalination Plant & Pumphouse. The First Electric Multiplant

Secret door fibre optic probe small

(Far left) The Gantenbrink door or partition block has copper pins that are too small for anything other than electrical current.

(Left) Fibre optic camera probe about to enter new shaft.

The Djedi project, a joint international and Egyptian mission to uncover the new hidden chamber, named after the magician who Khufu apparently consulted when planning the layout of this pyramid. (Even though it was built much earlyer) We also now that the Djed pillar is named after him. Did he also design the magic electric wands/staffs that were carried by the pharaohs (see above) and why does the weight relieving chamber (right) have 4 huge granite magnetic stone blocks in it. They correspond with the 4 poles on the staffs and on the Dendera Lightbulb stand (article above)

tuned beams

Why does the inside of this building look like an electrical diagram or machine?...........Because it is one!

This magician Djedi or Dedi is said to have performed resurection on decapitated animals such as geese and bulls. Did he use a piezoelectric staff to perform these miracles. He is also credited with replacing severed heads of creatures onto the wrong animal or onto human bodies. Was he performing Frankenstein like experiments using electricity to jump start these animals or parahumans?

Rock under great pressure creates a piezoelectric charge as the particles rub together/vibrate, especially granite. This is the same type of energy caused by geological activity that has been linked to plasma ball UFO's and ball lightening. The huge mass of the great pyramid would have a similar piezoelectric output capable of creating and transmitting power through the air to receivers like the pharaohs magic staff. Add friut jiuce or seawater and you have a massive generator. The question is though, what did they need all this power for? Was it power machinery, pump water or seperate water into hydrogen and oxygen.  Insidently salt residue 2 inches thick was found inside the chambers during the initial explorations.


Were the Egyptians performing experiments on Parahumans?

Was the great pyramid used to pump water from the Nile further inland?  Were the salt residues in the pyramid left by this process or was it used to split water into gas. Did the building use water hydraulics to move stone blocks up to the high levels needed to put them in place? They could have just floated them up inside the pyramid using a buoyancy aid like a reed raft or balloon. Both are not mutually exclusive theories. In fact they could have switched usage to a pumping station on completion. The Egyptians were known as great damn builders it wouldn’t have been hard for them to  pump water from the Nile which came right up to the pyramid at that point.

The great pyramid could have been used as a desalination plant and or a pumping station to redirect water to the crops further inland from the Nile that were needed to support the dense population of the area at the time. The desalination hypothosis is also backed up by the number in the area. The Arabian peninsula having the highest concentration of such plants in the world. Water could have been diverted from the Nile in a system of locks to aid the construction process. Stone blocks could have been floated up to the pyramid lock entrance on reed rafts then into to bottom of the structure en mass. Then as the water level pushed up inside the building the blocks would float upwards ready to be put into place at the top of the structure. The water might have been pumped away when the structure was finished. It may have been kept in the structure and channeled away from the top sucking more water in from below using reverse osmosis.


I thought this was my own unique theory that I had

thought up back in 1989 but having only just published

the idea in 2011 on this website it seems on further

research that Edward J Kunkel beat me to the "floating

blocks up inside the pyramid hypothosis" by some 11

years. So credit to him. It is a simple solution that negates

the need for a huge mud brick ramp construction.

A retaining wall did once surround the Great Pyramid

though as seen below. The fact that many boats were

found buried near by may also support this theory.

The Pyramid Pumpstation. Piezo Electric Power Plant.

Retaining Wall

Water did once totally surround the Great Pyramid. Most of the stone blocks were cut from the bedrock near by. The casing stone came from a quarry accross the Nile. The large internal granite blocks came from Aswan, 500 miles away.

The lock method is a lot more feasable than the ancient helicopter theory mentioned in the article above but it doesn't explain how the granite blocks were cut. The problem is that the granite is harder than the copper chisels that were supposed to have been used to form them. Incidentally no copper chisel has ever been found in the area. This is the conundrum. Modern scholars can't even agree on how they were cut let alone how they were lifted into place. The floatation theory would also explain how the larger granite blocks were manouverd into the more confined areas inside the structure.

Pharaoh Khufu himself left no indication whatsoever that he built the Great Pyramid. He did, however, claim to have done repair work on the structure. On the nearby "Inventory" Stele (dating to about 1500 BC, but showing evidence of having been copied from a far older stele contemporaneous with the fourth dynasty), Khufu tells of discoveries made while clearing away the sands from the pyramid, of his dedication of the monument to Isis, and of his building of the three small pyramids for himself, his wife, and his daughters next to the Great Pyramid.

Regarding the chalk marks found within the pyramid, most hieroglyph experts now believe these to be forgeries left by their "discoverer" Richard Howard-Vyse, rather than being quarry inscriptions left by the original builders.

Was the Great Giza Pyramid a gigantic power plant that used electrodynamic/electrostatic induction to power devices locally?

It may also have been used as a giant radio communication device. They may have been able to communicate with other pyramid stations around the globe and relay messages to the monolith on Phobos (See phobos page) to be sent huge distances to Sirius B which is where the Egypian kings claim to have originated from. Perhaps they just used it to order fresh supplies of cocaine from Mexico. Traces of it have been found in some mummies.

The electric energy transmitted by means of electrostatic induction can be utilized by a receiving device, such as a wireless lamp. Tesla demonstrated

the illumination of wireless lamps by energy that was coupled to them through an alternating electric field.


"Instead of depending on electrodynamic induction at a distance to light the tube . . . [the] ideal way of lighting a hall or room would . . . be to produce such a condition in it that an illuminating device could be moved and put anywhere, and that it is lighted, no matter where it is put and without being electrically connected to anything. I have been able to produce such a condition by creating in the room a powerful, rapidly alternating electrostatic field. For this purpose I suspend a sheet of metal a distance from the ceiling on insulating cords and connect it to one terminal of the induction coil, the other terminal being preferably connected to the ground. Or else I suspend two sheets . . . each sheet being connected with one of the terminals of the coil, and their size being carefully determined. An exhausted tube may then be carried in the hand anywhere between the sheets or placed anywhere, even a certain distance beyond them; it remains always luminous."


The principle of electrostatic induction is applicable to the electrical conduction wireless transmission method.

“In some cases when small amounts of energy are required the high elevation of the terminals, and more particularly of the receiving-terminal D', may not be necessary, since, especially when the frequency of the currents is very high, a sufficient amount of energy may be collected at that terminal by electrostatic induction from the upper air strata, which are rendered conducting by the active terminal of the transmitter or through which the currents from the same are conveyed."

Extract from wikipedia's wireless energy transfer page.      For more on this thread go to the Tesla page.

This extract on "electrostatic induction" may explain how the power from the pyramid was used.

Tesla stated: “As to the transmission of power through space, that is a project which I considered absolutely certain of success long since. Years ago I was in the position to transmit wireless power to any distance without limit other than that imposed by the physical dimensions of the globe. In my system it makes no difference what the distance is. The efficiency of the system can be as high as 96 or 97 per cent, and there are practically no losses except such as are inevitable in the running of the machinery".


“When there is no receiver, there is no energy consumption anywhere. When the receiver is put on, it draws power. That is the exact opposite of the Hertz-wave system. In that case, if you have a plant of 1,000 horsepower (750kw), it is radiating all the time whether the energy is received or not; but in my system no power is lost. When there are no receivers, that plant consumes only a few horsepower necessary to maintain the vibration; it runs idle, as the Edison plant when the lamps and motors are shut off.”

This extract from "Tesla on electrostatic induction" may explain how the world pyramids were originally used.

Dr. James Bressi says: April 25, 2011 at 7:40 pm

Ok, I have researched this for many years. This inexhaustible, completely ecology safe power is available and can be tapped. Remember Tesla was 80 years ago, he did not have the technology we have available now. The pyramids around the world are a remnant of this power grid. The pyramids used crystals to store and transmit the power which had antigravity capabilities. Think about it: lightening, tornadoes are just uncontrolled forms of this energy beaming to earth, and you know the power contained in them! Think if you could create a controlled consistent funnel spinning at 300 mph, how much turbine generated power could you yield, alot right? Or what if you could create a consistent electrical conduit the power of a bolt of lightening that was sustained indefinitely and transmitted to batteries and to other stations that would distribute the power to homes, factories, transportation systems etc.? Well that is what is sitting up there, and it is constantly being replaced due to the fact the earth is a large spinning magnet generating that field, further more there are virtual rivers and oceans of this energy in space generated from large planets, suns, yes even black holes can be used to travel and collect power from these energies, just like you have seen in countless scifi books and films.


But know this: The shadow elite know this energy is there, is free for the taking, and means the end of their control of the people of this planet if it is harvested. Once harvested, we will never go back to this primitive, forced time of slavery of the many by the elitest few. Remember about 200 families control this planet, good luck to the ones that are willing to go get it, for you will have a fight on your hands. Until then using oil is like travelling in a horse and buggy, crude, not real safe, and very inefficient.

See the Tesla page for more on this!

See below how the "Egyptians used electricity from the Great Pyramid".

The kings chamber resonates at 440 and emits an F# chord.

Djedi Hyroglyphs e2 mapEgyptianTemples

(Left image) Why are the main pyramids in Egypt along the Nile in a line?

Is it because they were all pumping water further west for irrigation? Where they all power stations like the Giza pyramid or did they recieve power from it in a substation chain? All large stone structures produce piezo electricity in the same way as mountains do. Especially if built on solid stone foundations like granite with it's high quartz content. Powerstations today are always built next to rivers or the sea just like these structures.

Were the great pyramids air shafts used to send projectiles into space like a huge super gun. The internal chambers of the structure could have been filled with explosive gas like oxygen after it had been extracted from water. A projectile could be placed in one or more of the shafts and the gas ignited causing a huge internal explosion. Incidentally scorch marks have been found inside the chambers so there was an explosion at some point. The big question is though, was it an accident or deliberate? The air shafts are also blackened inside. The diferent chambers could have been ignited in a chain reaction giving the projectile much greater velocity. Would it have been enough power to get the projectile into orbit or where they fired at targets on earth? It seems that the pyramids internal structure lends itself to many uses. It could have been switched from one to another like a massive ancient mechanical swiss army nife.

Was the great pyramid a giant supergun or missile launcher?


The projectiles carrying the soul of the dead pharaoh or something much more sinister could have been fired great distances. Perhaps even into space, sending them towards the certain stars that the shafts point to or more likely at some nearer target. As the earth revolves then different targets would present themselves. Local planets or moons perhaps?


Was the pyramid used as a giant radio communications device to send messages to other pyramids around the world like the one below at Teotihuacan? It may have been able to guide spaceships to the proposed space port at Baalbek in Lebanon where the Glory Of The Lord (Alien Space Ship) was intending to land as Zecharia Sitchin has mentioned in his books.

The huge mass of the pyramid would have created piezo electricity that could have been utilized in many ways. Was water split into

hydrogen & oxygen. Was the hydrogen used for airships and the oxygen to propell missiles into space? Was it used to wage war on nieghbouring countries like an electric wonderweapon?

What were the shafts for? To launch missiles or refuel airships. Were they used to direct the electrostatic energy to other buildings in Egypt as part of a Tesla style wireless power grid?

Plasma could have arked accross large

distances to other pyramids and buildings

along the Nile and much further afield.

The electrical power from the Great Pyramid could also have been used to tazer fish in the Nile, electricuting them en mass. They would just float to the surface ready to be scooped up by local fishermen.

The parting of the red sea story in the Old Testement could also be a clue. Is Moses pointing to the splitting of H2o into its two constituant gasses of hydrogen and oxygen?

Was the hydrogen then used in airships to lift stone blocks?


The Ark of the Covenant built by Moses had deadly power. Did Moses build it to recieve power direct from the pyramid using it as Djed Pillar like reciever? He was brought up by Egyptian priests and would have been well versed in the workings of the pyramid. They tought him everything.

The Ancient Swiss Army Nife

Launch pad and refueling station? Pump house or cold fusion generator? Supergun? Giant radio station?

Was it all of these?

Expansion/condensing chamber.

Ark 1

The Ark of the Covenant (Above) was built to very detailed specifications by Moses. Was it able to recieve power directly from the pyramid wireless grid system.

This could explain its mystical and deadly powers that were used by the Israelites on many occasions. This may also explain how Uzer was struck dead by the Ark. He was probably electricuted.

This object has the same dimensions as the so called coffin in the great pyramid. Moses stole it from there.

The rafts used to float the blocks up inside the pyramid could have simply been shoved over the side of the building after use, sliding down in to the moat ready to be used again. Simple.

If you visited our planet you would probably land in the middle. Giza is bang in the centre of the largest land mass. Did these pyramids guide visitors in to the Giza space port?

Most of the stone blocks are sandstone which has a high iron content.

Great magnetic qualities for a genorator.

The blocks above the kings chamber

are tuned to F# musical chord.

Ptah relief 400 BC.


An interesting feature of the Teotihuacan pyramids internal structure is that they contain a thick layer of mica, which had to be brought from Brazil, over 2000 miles away! Mica is flaky and very fragile, yet it was brought in huge pieces over great distances without the use or wheeled vehicles. Then the mica was used on an inner layer of the pyramid, hidden from view. One characteristic of mica is that it is used as an insulator in electronics. Were the ancient Mexicans also using piezo power like they were at Giza in Egypt? The structures are of similar size and would have had a similar capacity for generating power. Like at Giza the power could have been transmitted to other building receivers in Mexico and perhaps much further.

See more about this on the Ancient Anomalies page.

pyramid of the sun tihuanaco mexico.

(Left image) Pyramid of the sun, Teotihuacan, Mexico is built on a similar scale to the Giza pyramids and is insulated with mica which is used today in electrical circuits. The layout of these Mexican pyramids is frighteningly similar to the Giza ones near Ciaro and resembles a powerstation setup.

There are signs of a pumpstation and irrigation network just like at Giza.

Home eq e

This formula (Kindly supplied by John Rogers MSc.) adds credence to the theory that the Pyramid vibrates under pressure thus generating a piezo-electrical charge.

The main portion of the moons gravitational pull would be on the centre of the pyramid structure as that is the heaviest part. It would have more movement than the outer/lighter parts creating vibration and friction. This would push down on to the crystal rich granite bedrock creating a piezo/electrostatic charge.

The area with the most weight on it (the lower chamber) would collect this charge and send it up to the grand gallery and be directed towards the Queens Chamber or the Kings Chamber. Then it could be redirected by way of the so called air shafts to surrounding buildings or external devices.

This charge could then be recieved by way of a Djed Pillar or other similar device that could then power electric lights or electric drills/routers used for masonry machining and even for electroplating gold onto artifacts.


Many stone blocks in both Egypt and The Americas show signs of machining as can be seen in the videos on the Ancient Anomolies page.

Tesla Page Tesla Page


Next Page Electroplating bath Mayan Artifacts >

The Giza Pyramid - The Giant Swiss Army Nife

(Above video) How The Pyramids Were Really Built - Part 1 - 9.24 Mins.


This very recently discovered video adds futher to the floatation theory mentioned above and illustrated by Edward J Kunkel. Nicely animated.

The zero point video above may seem unrelated to the pyramids but the basic piezo electrical power generated by the great pyramid is the same thing as zero point energy. They both focus the energy that is already in the air.

Electrostatic or space energy (it has many names) is merely focused by the pyramid structure and enhanced by the ocelating and vibrational effect of gravity on the massive structure. It acts like a giant generator that can then be used for any number of purposes. It works by gathering the electrostatic power that is created by the Earth as it spins. This may be the power source for the "Dendera Light Bulbs" and the other strange electrical devices that the Egyptians seem to have used as in the pictures above.

The Hutchison effect may have been used to lift some of the massive stone blocks using a septre. (the original magic wand) The high iron content of the stone used in the pyramids could have been effected by this high frequency piezo power perhaps making them easyer to move. Was this also the same energy used by the Ark Of The Covenant?

Perhaps this is the secret that egyptologists have been told to keep quiet. This could explain their very evasive attitude.

This energy could be dangerous. Perhaps thats why the military establishment have moved in on this. Quashed.

Dendera 3

According to Traditional Egyptologists this is an egg plant. Bankers! And they wonder why people like us feel that we have to fill in between the lines.

Edward Kunkels Drawing

Illustration by Edward J Kunkel.

Why did the builders ship huge granite blocks in from many miles away? They were obviuosly components in a machine. Different rock types having different magnetic and resonant characteristics nessesary for creating and channeling huge amounts of electrostatic energy through the internal structure of the building.

Secret Door with copper pins small

There is much ridicule in the scientific community against anyone that supports the "Ancient Alien" hypothisis or the "Atlantis Scenario".

This is the usual reaction to any theory that is a real threat to the status quo.

Science is used to modyfying it's views when certain proof is forthcoming in most fields but not this one it seems. It's just a bridge too far for most of them but not all. There are an increasing number of more open minded scientists who are beginning to shift.


In my opinion the Olmec Figurine above is proof in itself, let alone the other countless artifacts. Bare in mind that many thousands of similar objects are still hidden away in museum vaults around the world because they don't fit within the conventional views on human origins. (See the New Mayan Artifacts page for some that are newly released)


It is obvious to anyone with a modicum of sense that the great pyramids are the real key to this. The shifting of massive stone blocks up to 1200 tons (Baalbek Lebonon) for anything up to thousands of miles is just unexplainable for conventional science which is why they avoid the subject like the plague. They know it just doesn't fit.

We can't even move massive stone blocks of anything like that size today even with multiple cranes. 350 tons at the absolute most.


This means that the civilization responsable for building these structures must have been more advanced than we are.

Science simply refuses to contemplate that ancient people may have had technology that is better in many ways to ours at the current time.

Whether the tech used was Alien or Atlantian is totally superfluous to me.

Japan dogu 3

What are Egyptologists trying to hide? Why are they deceiving us about these ancient electrical devices?

The establishment tries to explain many of these artefacts as abstract concepts of Gods that stoneage people believed in. I beg to differ. What do archaeologists know about art? Do they not know that abstract conceptualism & surrealism are new 20th century concepts?  When looked at as a whole, this collection of artefacts and cave art amounts to considerable evidence for a very advanced worldwide ancient culture that not only had the power of flight but probably had submarine technology as well. Speaking as an experienced artist myself, I think the ancient artists that created these depictions were definitely reproducing scenes they'd actually seen in the first person. These artists were the record keepers of their day and probably felt a sense of duty to record these things in an accurate way. Why wouldn't they?