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Science and the Media


Scientists are allowed to be or sound certain about things that are improvable assumptions yet when anyone else even suggests anything in a similar fashion scientist say, “where’s the proof”.

It’s a case of do as I say not as I do.

Scientists also accuse people who believe in UFO’s, Atlantis or Aliens of being quasi religious fundamentalists yet scientists are the ones that disseminate knowledge in a priest like style from ivory towers and are often employed by corrupt military organisations that seem hell bent on hiding evidence from normal people like you and me. (NASA)

Whenever evidence does crop up that doesn’t fit their narrow linear theories they simply dismiss it, branding the people involved in any speculation as heretics for going against the establishment view, much like the Catholic Church in the past.


If you take a look at the big bang theory, speed of light and the dinosaur mass extinction for instance. These have all been thrown into huge doubt in very recent months and will need to be adjusted in a fundamental way.

We are always being told what to believe by these establishment lackeys. They have been shoving the improvable big bang theory down our throats for decades now. It has now been shown to be very flawed. The speed of light is not constant. And the dinosaurs didn’t all conveniently die out at once either. (See the Living Fossils page)


Archaeologists are still trying to convince us that the great pyramid at Giza was built by Khufu. There is no evidence of this what so ever. He merely repaired it and put his name to it. This is not a tomb it’s an ancient machine. Why do Egyptologists keep on coming out with the same old mantra that the pyramids are tombs when no mummified human body has ever been found inside any of them?

Egyptologists think they own these monuments and think that only they have the right to disseminate knowledge about them.


The only evidence available that Khufu built the great pyramid is some workers graffiti that hasn’t even been authenticated.

We are also told over and over again how the smaller and less well engineered pyramids were built before the larger ones and that the techniques were perfected as time went on. This is also not true. The smaller pyramids were less well engineered copies of the great pyramid.

Khufu also restored the Sphinx that was built at around the same time as the great pyramid. The weathering on these structures suggests that they were built in the wet period thousands of years earlier than we are lead to believe.

Scientists will continue this intellectual bullying as a way of diverting our attention from the fact that much of the time they are talking utterly unsubstantiated balderdash.

I can see them preparing the brushwood to burn me at the stake as I write this article.

Ancient Anomolies. Atlantians? Ultra Terestrials? Was there a very advanced pre iceage civilisation?

There is a lot of compelling evidence of pre iceage civilisations around the world. If you take a look at the world as it was before the water levels increased at the end of the last iceage 11,000 years ago then you can see where the more likely locations of Atlantis were. It aslo seems that ancient cultures were a lot more advanced than we give them credit for. The Greeks had steam power, the Chinese drilled for oil and later mapped the whole world in the 1420's and the Babylonians and the Egyptians had electricity and knowledge of undiscovered planets. Some of these cultures also made model aircraft but not the real thing apparently....?

Evidence of Atlantis? There seems to have been at least five Atlantis like civilizations in pre history. The Americas, India, Japan, Mediterranian and Antarctica?

Alien Intervention verses Atlantian Inheritance.

There are two schools of thought on the ancient technology shown in the masonry   and objects here. Some say it shows signs of Alien intervention and others that the ancients were a great deal more advanced then we credit them for and had inherited advanced technologies from the previous civilisation of Atlantis.

Both of these approaches rely on the fact that modern archeologists cannot explain these ancient archeological anomalies so we attemt to fill the vacuum left by them.

It works like any conspiracy would, by filling an information void with alternatives.

Archeology is only as good as it's latest find and if it can't then explain these finds it leaves itself open to much speculation. There is a lot of compelling evidence for all three theories. The are not mutually exclusive as meny people would have you believe.

It is not outlandish to conclude that we evolved at very different paces oround the world with a little help from either Atlantians or Aliens at various pivotal points in history. There are still stoneage peoples in remote parts of the world today when most of us are now using computers. These technologies would seem like Alien or God like magic to them. It's just a question of perspective.

Bagdad Battery - Dendera Lightbulbs - Pumapunku - Anticithera Mechanism - Baalbek Stones - Teotihuacan - Cuzco - Sisian


Baalbek Lebanon - The Largest Stone Blocks In The World

(Left video) 

Ancient Aliens clip - Baalbek


Ballbreakingly large stone blocks that defy the cockiest of scientific explanations on how they were moved half a mile uphill then lifted 36 ft up into place. The largest of these massive stones wieghing 1200 tons is still in the quarry. The weight of a 156 African elephants.

The Romans built on top of this huge 5 milliion square ft platform reputed to have been layed down by Aliens (The Annunaki).




(Left video) 

Ancient Aliens *The Mistery of Puma Punku* HD


Pumapunku has the most incredible and perhaps the most convincing evidence of machine tooled stone blocks of any site in the world. The hardest type of stone in the world cut into complex modular shapes that defy explanation. The site shows signs of being blown up millenia ago as do many ancient sites.



Pumapunku - Bolivia - Estimated 17,000 Years Old - The Most Advanced Stone Blocks In The World  - Machined?

Ancient Aliens - "Pyramid Powerstations and Piezo Electricity Generation" -

Continued from the Ancient Aliens & Pyramids page.

(Continued from Ancient Aliens & Pyramids page)


Mica has a high dielectric strength and excellent chemical stability, making it a favored material for manufacturing capacitors for radio frequency applications. It has also been used as an insulator in high voltage electrical equipment. Sheet mica is used as an insulating material and as a resonant diaphragm in certain acoustical devices.

The materials are the only real differance in the make up of the two sets of buildings. The blocks above the kings chamber in the great pyramid at Giza only having to travel 500 miles rather than 2000 Km for the mica at Teotihuacan. What is blatantly obvious is that both sets of buildings were makeing electrical power and capable of moving vast amounts of water. They could both have supplied power to the surrounding buildings wich in turn could transmit that energy further afield if neccesary, probably for gold mining and refining.

There are some solid theories about Giza pointing to Orion and other stars and some interesting ones about it being a speaker system or sonic resonator and many more but lets not get too carried away here. Look at the area and what was actually required by the people living there  - water. Egypt was seen as the bread basket of the world. The Romans got a third of there entire grain supplies from Egypt.  

Even if you take into account that it was built much earlyer in the wet period the water would have just been pumped further inland to the dry areas to the west. The obsession with gold production being the other main use.

What we can be certain of is that the elite would of had access to this energy and the masses would have still been scratching around for candles a soon as darkness descended. Wether these elite were alien or not!

(Left) Teotihuacan in Mexico has the same basic layout as the Giza plateau, employs the same planetary alignments and piezo electrical genorating


It's very much like the relationship between the supermarkets Lidl and Aldi. Thay are essentially the same having the same layout serving the same food with the same purpose and are owned by two brothers.

Teotihuacan the way it was smll allpyramidsorioncompare smll

Giza (above left) compared to Teotihuacan (centre right) and the Orion Constilation (far right). Courtisy of Authors Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval.

Teotihuacan as it was when built.

Problems with dating techniques.

1. When dating objects and buildings, scientists often dissmiss things that show signs of machining as definative proof of that thing being made very recently. If we follow that logic then the Pyramids and many other ancient structures around the world must have been made in the future.

One case in point: the famous "crystal skulls" show signs of machining with fine dentist like drills and routers. Does that mean that they were made recently. Probably, but when you take into account that ancient cultures were using electricity it throws up some serious questions about these conclusions.


2. When dating buildings or objects that have been subject to high levels of radiation, carbon 14 dating gives hugley inacurate dates making the subject look much much younger. Certain substances can't be carbon dated like crystal, rock and metal. The only real way to date something of those materials is to find something burried with the object that can be dated such as organic material.


3. The Anticythera Mechanism is thousands of years old but looks like a modern Victorian/Babbage like astronamical computer. It was dated at 200 BC because of the concretion on it.


This is why you have to put some trust in recognised archiologists that date objects according to the strata that they were found and use many different dating techniques to cross referance the proposed age of the object.


Home Next Page Nazca Lines> Sacrificial Basins - Or Egyptian Machine Parts.. Sumerian era toy car Madarin - Turkey 5500 BC

(Above images) This toy car comes from the Mardin Province - Eastern Turkey. It is dated roughly at 7500 years old. It looks like no other war chariot of the period. Some of which did have four wheels but not in this tractor like configuration. (English chariots did have but not such a huge differential between the front and back wheels.)

Turkish chariot Toy 5500 BC Romanian (Thracian) Bronze & Iron Chariot 3000 BC.

(Left image) This is a Thracian model war chariot made of bronze and iron. It is from Bujorul -Romania and is dated around 3000 BC.


It is apparently being pulled by swans. It actually looks more like some sort of unknown ancient technology.


Chariot of the Gods?

(Right image) Sacrificial Basins - According to the official line that is.

These look a lot more like machine parts.

They may be something to do with the machinery used to cut stone blocks.

See more evidence like this here on the Ancient Machine Tooling page.

For more on this stunning find go to the Antarctica page here:  New Pyramids: Antarctica