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  Ancient Machine Tooling Evidence - Did the Ancients have power tools?

B.(Above video) Obvious Evidence Of Ancient Machine Technology In Egypt - 3.11 Mins






These technologies are Alien in the sense that we don't fully understand them. Perhaps this is evidence of Atlantian tech that spread the globe after the great meltdown around 11,000 BC. The ancients seem to have been a lot more advanced than we have been lead to believe yet scientists would rather ignore these anomalies than rewrite the history books. Don't discount the Ancient Alien theory just yet though.

It may have some credence. These anomalies and issues need to be addressed.

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A.(Above) Real Ancient Technology Found in Cuzco Peru 2012 New


Drill holes in ancient Peruvian stone blocks from Cuzco.




Recommended viewing.****


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These videos clearly show evidence of machine tooling of ancient stone blocks. This doesn't mean that Ancient Aliens built them.

What it does show is that ancient cultures in The Americas & Egypt had power tools of some sort. Were these machines powered by electricity?

Or were the stone blocks chipped away with primitive stone or copper chisels for decades as the experts say?

In the Americas they used obsidian tools, a substance far too brittle to shape granite blocks let alone drill holes in them.

This is why the Ancient Alien theorists try and fill in the shortcomings of conventional scientific dogma on such matters.

Evidence of very advanced ancient cultures here on Earth perhaps, Extraterrestrials maybe.

Is it a surprise that Stone Age peoples understood stone better than we do now? They had few other materials to use. (Apparently?)


D.(Left video)

Lloyd Pye Megaliths Lecture



How old is the Sphinx? Who built the Pyramids? Lloyd Pye scientifically refutes the ability of stone age humans to create structures such as the Aswan Obelisk and other megaliths.

Lloyd puts the point accross in a quick and efficient manner.



Recommended viewing.****

E.(Left video)

Aswan Quarry Egypt: Lost Ancient High Technology Evidence


Although most academics believe that the dynastic Egyptians effectively worked hard stone such as granite and basalt with simple copper, bronze and stone tools, this video reveals otherwise.

There are 2 unfinished obelisks in the quarry at Aswan, for example that could not have been shaped with simple tools such as those listed above. They must have been the work of a much older culture with Lost Ancient High Technology.




F.(Left video)

Ancient Aliens - Mystery of Puma Punku - Full Episode - 44 Mins.


If ever there was a place that has evidence of Ancient Alien technology at work then this is it.





G.(Left video)

Egypt Underground: The Enigmatic Serapeum Of Saqqara


At the site of Saqqara in Egypt there is a series of underground tunnels carved into the bedrock which contain more than 20 stone boxes weighing at least 90 tons each. Explore with us as we figure out who made them: NOT the pharaohs!








H.(Left video)

Machining Technology Prior To The Pharaohs Of Egypt?









I.(Left video)

UFOTV® Presents : Ancient Alien Pyramid Mystery - Full Feature


Join David Hatcher Childress in Egypt where he meets up with British engineer Christopher Dunn. Together they explore the Giza area, going to ancient pyramid sites, underground catacombs and megalithic quarries not usually visited by tourists. Here they examine saw marks, advanced lifting and moving techniques found at the Giza Plateau, Abu Rawash, Abu Garab, and the underground catacombs of the Serapeum and other areas. Finally Dunn explains his theory of the Giza Power Plant.


Very interesting.*******

J.(Left video)

Ancient Discoveries - The Antikythera Machine


The 2000 year old device explained.








K.(Left video)

Puma Punku: Ancient Alien Technology From 12,000 Years Ago?