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Ancient Aliens in Medieval Art - Aliens in Modern Art - Perceptions and Interpretations.

Old depictions of UFO's have more validity than modern photos. The artists who created them did't have modern aircraft to confuse them with or photoshop software.

Many of these paintings depicting UFO's could be attributed to stories in the Old Testement and its many references to Angels descending from the heavens in fiery chariots. These flying machines appear in all ancient religious texts around the world. Art historians explain away dipictions of these aircraft as "Artistic Liscence" or abstract concepts that modern people don't understand in the right time frame context. Before the advent of photography the only way to record these UFO events was to paint or draw them as any self respecting artist would do.

It was the priesthood that encouraged artists to depict both angels and demons (Aliens?) in a way as to terrorise the public into abiding by church law. Hollywood tries to scare people in a very similar way today.

These cartoons above were created by Joe White in the 1990's at the height of the flying triangle (TR3-B) and other huge UFO sightings across Europe with the CJD food scare, supposed cattle and human abductions and the Mars Face thrown in just for good measure. It seems more ecceptable today to believe that Aliens might be visiting Earth, especially now that eminent astronauts such as Niel Armstrong, Buz Aldrin, Edgar Mitchel and Gorden Cooper have recently stated so on national TV chanels accross the US.

Check the Video 2 or Moon pages to see what they said.

We already know what they (Aliens) look like. Artists have been painting and drawing them for 31,000 years!

Body Design


There are a few basic requirements for being an inteligent species that is capable of building and flying spacecraft.


1. Aposable thumbs with fingers to make and manipulate components. 2. Binocular vision to see accurately and judge distances.

3. A large brain with advanced engineering capabilities.


Basically your talking of a humanoid design but having a smaller body would be preferable especially if you were going to pilot aircraft at very high speed having to cope with high G forces. As the military have found in recent years having a lower body mass is essential even with a G suit. This is why women make such good fighter pilots, as they are smaller.

The perfect body design for a pilot is bassically an "Alien Grey" type as shown in the illustrations above and the video below. Of course they could be a product of genetic engineering. Who's to say what their bosses look like? The most common alien body design according to the thousands of alien abductees post abduction hypnosis recordings are the so called "Greys". There are other reported types of course.

Most people find it hard to believe that little dudes are visiting the Earth. It's a question of fear. We may be the dominant species on Earth but we are not the most advanced in language. Whales are. Is it possible that these Greys have been here for thousands of years but refuse to speak openly with us because of our bad attitude and constant wars over resources that we don't really need.

Our obsession with fossil fuels has been unnessesery since 1893 when  Tesla invented an electricity  transmission system that would run on FREE electricity.

 (See the Tesla page for more)

This film footage may well be fake.

If it is fake - it's the best so far.

I am still

undecided on

 this one.

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H. R. Giger. Alien Design. The Alien Films.

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Skinny Bob - Full Lengh Video

The design genius that is Giger.


Arguably one of the greatist artists of the 20th century.

Clearly inspired by artists such as Bosch and Bruegel, he is terrified of his own dreams, taking opium to quell his demonic visions.

(I know how he feels but cider works better)


An in depth look at the design of these hellish Alien creatures and how he worked intensly on the film to produce the ultimate Alien horror icon.