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America is becoming ever more divided. With gun owners buying up automatic weapons like hot cakes in case of new and more restrictive gun laws.

There are thousands of gun homicides a week in the US. Most of the victims are young black males gunned down on the street. It's not until young white middle class kids get killed en mass that congress finally tries to move on this problem.


In my view the American public have never really recovered trust in their governmental organisations since the assassination of JFK, MLK and others in the 1960’s.

Couple with this a deep held mistrust of the CIA, NSA and NASA who were all set up in 1947 by spurious characters from Nazi Europe bought over in “operation paper clip” just in time for the Roswell cover up that ensued that year.


Sprinkle a touch of growing resentment of the scandal of lies by the CIA following 9/11 that put them at loggerheads with the FBI and you have a recipe for a very large road crash that will make the last civil war in the US look like a game of angry golf.

This resentment goes very deep and hangs over the country like deadly plague from the middle ages.


In Europe there is little sympathy for America and their gun toting ways but it’s easy to say when you’re living in a safe country with exceedingly low homicide rate.

Not all Americans die from drinking 10 litres of coke a day or scoffing nine thousand calorie burger meals. They are too busy keeping fit dodging bullets (some of them fired by ex policemen) as they dash down the street.


It’s no wonder that Americans feel safer in a warzone than their own towns and cities.

They are now starting to doubt whether Bin Laden was actually taken out at all, as no photos have been released of his dead body.

Add a side salad of resentment over wars like Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan as doctor’s hand out thousands more antidepressant pills that seem to cause mass shootings.


I then tune back into Coast to Coast AM for another fascinating insight into the American psyche and a heavy dose of Ancient Aliens. Two shows that no one else would have the balls to broadcast.


See new 2013 episodes here.


Follow this link to see what Phillip Coppens of the Ancient Aliens series had to say about the "Ancient Aliens Debunked" documentary that is causing a bit of a stir out there in cyber space.

RIP Philip.

Some of the most credible early encounters with UFO's took place in WWII as the allied forces came up against early fighter jets and other, more exotic experimental aircraft.

The origin of these "Foo Fighters" is still hotly debated around the world even today. The rush to obtain some of these exotic technologies in 1945 led directly into the cold war. It's deception and lies creating an environment of fear and total distrust of everything remotely foreign let alone unidentified or of possible Alien origin.

These facts need be taken into account before looking any further as they are integral to the psychology of post WWII modern humans.

Don't be fooled. UFO's are a military subject. Not just because most of them are of military origin but many of the best documented accounts and footage are from military pilots and personnel.

The problem is most military people are bound to secrecy so many cases are still untold.

It's also important to understand the capabilities of our own air forces before calling something a UFO or of Alien origin.

People who are serious about the subject know this and refer to sightings as UAP - Unidentified Ariel Phenomena as this covers the whole range of possibilities and doesn't prematurely jump to the little green men theory but for the sake of this site we'll use the term UFO to save Google confusion.


All articles on this site are writen by the Editor - Joseph White - Unless stated otherwise.

ArtAlien Introduction: One of the finest archives on Earth. Exotic Aircraft Reconnaissance - 29,000 BC - 2016 AD.

Esoteric knowledge that is discredited by constantly warring governments gains credibility by the very fact that they have tried to discredit it. ArtAlien has proof of UFO's, Moon and Mars intelligent structures but who they belong to is another matter!

See through the psy-ops, disinformation and media manipulation that you have been subjected to since the 1940's.

Although UFO's have been around a lot longer than Nazism the subject was certainly born of WWII as pilots returned home after encounters with the legendary Foo Fighters. Some of these pilots got together after the war and formed the BFSB. The British Flying Saucer Bureau. Of whom I was a member.



Four Foo


plasma balls


a P51d

Fighter escort.

WWII 1944.

foo fighter 1

Real or not, aliens have been influencing art/design, politics and war technology for millennia. Especially in the last 60 years. The mere hint of their presence has forced governments to develop counter measures, suspecting their enemies of having alien tech that might have been reverse engineered from crashed UFO's. This is how something as esoteric as aliens can change the world. Human paranoia is the catalyst. Constantly warring governments thrive on such paranoia and always will. They actively encourage it, with a lot of help from the media of course!

Although UFO's have been around for thousands of years,

it was in WW2 1945 when Winston Churchill and Dwight D. Eisenhower decided on your behalf to keep a lid on the many UFO encounters of pilots.

These Foo Fighters intercepted many missions especially later in the war resulting in much fear and confusion leading to a number of pilots crashing as their instruments failed due to magnetic interference.

Most of these craft were probably of German origin. Some of them may have been from elsewhere although it's unlikely.  

Most of the Governments around the world including organisations such as the UN, NASA the ESA and the mainstream media have been misleading people since WWII. (There is damming evidence to show this on the Mars, Moon and Video pages.)


NASA and the ESA for years have been doctoring photos of the Mars and Moon's surface in an attempt to hide the intelligent structures that keep cropping up. 


Also scientists are still coming out with the pathetic old dogma that Aliens all live far too far away to visit earth? Well how can they possibly know this is true? It's just another convenient assumption. There's evidence of previous intelligent life on Mars with monoliths on its surface and on it's moon Phobos not to mention intelligent structures on our own moon.

Governments can fight with flying saucers all they like, because officially they  don't actually exist. Any angle claiming that these are battling "aliens" is probably part of "project blue beam", the psy-op that may well be revealed in the next year or so.


UFO's were also filmed during the Apollo moon missions and have been filmed on most of the space flights before and ever since. (See NASA & Google UFO's page)

This is a fact that NASA have never denied.

The silence of these scientists and Government refusal to admit these facts is why and where many conspiracy theories start.

This is a situation that they actively encourage as it helps them to cover their tracks.


"Governments have sent us to war on evidence that is a damn sight less credible and a hell

of a lot less researched than the info contained within these pages.

So if you think any of this information is made up then I suggest you leave now, 

put your blindfold back on and go back to work in that thieving bank"!

A small selection of favourites. See the other pages for many more like these.


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A skeptic is a well informed believer and a pessimist is a well informed optimist!

The Civilisation Rating System


As used by physicists to rate potential planetary civilisations. On a scale of 1 to 3.

We don't even rate, so score a zero. No surprise there then.


Type 0. Earth is rated as zero as we are still mainly using fossil fuels.

Type 0.5. Egyptians and Mayans were probably using seismic atmospheric (piezo) electricity.

More advanced than us in some ways.


Type 1. Use all energy types including - oceans, volcanoes and weather.


Type 2. Same as type 1 but having exhausted its local power source is now looking to it's

nearest star for energy.

Type 3. Use of interstellar flight utilising worm holes and warp drive technologies.

From 100,000 to 1,000,000 years more advanced than ours, approximately.


This system of classification relies on zero contact and non transfer of alien technologies.

It's possible to jump forward on this scale by obtaining advanced aircraft from someone a bit

further up the tree. (That rings a few bells!) It's also likely that we are not the most intelligent species on Earth. Humpback Whales have a much more advanced language than us and may be the first point of contact. If Aliens spoke to Whales first then that might explain why they don't want to talk to us?

"Ancient Aliens" Season 5 is here.

"Roswell Era Alien" - "Skinny Bob" - Is This Alien The Real Thing?

This is the hottest alien video clip doing the rounds at the moment. It supposedly shows one of the "Roswell Aliens" from "New Mexico 1947".

It's the best and most convincing footage I have seen of an alien ever. It's either a very good fake or it's the real thing. The quality is pretty poor but it is supposed to be 64 year old footage.


See the full length clip on the

ArtAlien Art Page here:

ArtAlien Art Page

This is Skinny Bob. (EBE) He is supposedly the survivor of either the

Roswell crash in New Mexico 1947 or he may be from a craft that was shot down by the USAF in 1948. 11 aliens were found. 3 of them alive, 2 died shortly after but Bob survived for about a year or more and is supposed to have communicated telepathically with his captives.

He apparently comes from the planet Zeta Reticuli - 39.3 light years away and has asynchronous breathing, (one lung retracting as the other expands) and long fingers and nails. His large eyes are attributed to the dim light on his planet. His thinness is due to the fact that they get sick from excess food. (USA take note!)



Physically he is an ideal pilot. The small body and large head would give him a better G force rating in flight meaning that he is less likely to black out during high G manoeuvres.

"There's a heavy dose of my artwork and music throughout this site.

I hope you all like it.

Most of it is relevant to the subjects that are covered here".


"You can see a lot more of my artwork at

You may also like to listen the music that I have produced with the talented musician Julian Hill on the  

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or go to the new  My Music Videos  page.


The Editor - Joseph White - Soundisciples Guitarist.


Why do scientists make the massive assumption that aliens all live many light years away when they are just as likely to live in our own solar system or on Earth? A very advanced culture could live in underground bases on Mars or almost anywhere.

Evidence left on our Moon, Mars and Phobos shows that somebody has already visited our near neighbours at some time in the past. They have probably visited us as well but like the evidence on our near neighbours it’s probably been kept under wraps for hundreds of years.

Taking this into account why are we still getting the tiresome mantra from scientists about alien life being too far away to be visiting us. How can they possibly say this? There is no evidence for this view what so ever. In fact looking at our Moon and Mars the evidence suggests that they are either lying or completely ignorant of the NASA UFO cover up that has been going on since the 1960’s about these nearby planetary anomalies. (See the Mars - Moon and Phobos pages and see for yourself)

Every documentary on this subject at some point goes to the guy from SETI who then says he hasn’t found an alien signal yet. All I will say about him is that he’s looking in the wrong part of the radio spectrum. NASA use part of the infa red range to communicate in space. That’s where I would start. See the Moon and Video Evidence pages and see for yourself.

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Premium witnesses like Buz Aldrin have the ability to supersede the sceptics whether they are scientists, politicians or TV pundits that think they know it all. These paid sceptics and government lackeys have been trying to deny that unidentified craft are visiting this planetary system at least since the 1940's and the only reason people like Buz are speaking out now is that the US government can no longer keep them quiet as the national security/secrecy agreement that they originally signed has run out. He is just one of many former NASA employees that was until recently forced to a vow of silence on the matter. Or it may be a huge bluff to cover for flying saucer spyplanes that are spotted all over the world, usually in warzones and disaster areas. Psy-ops are where it's at.

It's entirely understandable that most people refuse to even contemplate the UFO phenomena. It's a big subject that most find very hard to come to terms with.


They are scared of the unknown and would rather just live day to day in a state of amnesia induced by the contradictory media badgering that is designed to confuse everyone but the most dedicated researchers.


Our education and scientific organisations are also guilty of this blinkered and old fashioned aproach but things are starting to move on this.


The question is can they keep up?

Probably not!

This info above is impossible to verify!

ArtAlien Introduction >

Edited by Joseph White

I Bloody UFOlogist. J White 1996 [700 pxl  60% Qua Le Crunch - Joseph White 2011 - Art Hitlerbanker Quad 1. Joseph White 2011. UFO -Taken from cockpit by Venazuelan airline pilot 1963

(Above image) This was taken in 1963 by a Venezuelan airline pilot through the cockpit window. It clearly shows the flying saucer casting a circular shadow on the forest canopy below.

In the bottom right of the picture you can clearly see the shadow of the DC4 airliner. One of the best UFO photos you will ever see.

(Left video) Lies And Deception - UFO's and the Secret Agenda - Timothy Good - 22.44 Mins.


Timothy is one of the outstanding UFOlogists and authors in the world.

This video program gives you a brief insight into the subject. I can recommend his video at the top of the full documentaries page also.


He is very well researched and eloquent on the subject and has written some of the best books that I have ever read on the subject.

See the video evidence pages for more from him.


UFO's are a very real phenomina regardless of what we actually think about them. Here is a link to some US military and FBI documents that date back from 1948 up to the 1980s. They are a tiny fraction of the many ducuments relating to UFOs over ICBM sites and air force bases but it gives you an idea of how seriously this was taken by the authorities at the time. The USA being the worlds primary nuclear power seems to have been the main point of interest of these UFO probes over many decades.

Anti UFOlogist/Ancient Alien Fervour.


The seemingly endless knee jerk reaction against supporters of UFO and Ancient Alien research may well be a result of a natural tendency in many people (especially those of a religious fundamentalist persuasion) to protect themselves from what they perceive to be harmful information that may pose a threat to their entrenched belief systems that have been kept in place by various establishments such as organised religion and governments for many hundreds of years.


The media seem to be part of this status quo and for the large part do their best to protect it.

The symbiotic relationship between these conspiring red tape dispensers will probably go on forever. All that we can do is try to sidestep this censorship and secrecy and carry on regardless.


Being treated as a heretic luckily no longer involves being burnt at the stake. Ridicule and state sponsored nit picking is now the norm.

The truth is out there – the problem is that most people would rather not know it and just carry on as normal.

Most refuse to even contemplate that there are enough nuclear weapons enough to destroy our planet many times over.

It’s hard to get your head round.


Finding out that UFOs have been probing nuclear weapons sites for decades is just a bridge too far.

It’s easier to ignore these facts and bury your head in the sand.


"When the facts become untenable - the inconceivable becomes factual". Joseph White - Editor - 2013.

mayan 64

(Above image) Mayan artifact depicting an ancient astronaught holding a model flying disc. See more like this on he New Mayan Artifacts page.