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Avialution - A Brief Summery of the Evolution of Jet, VTOL and Stealth Aircraft.

"In around a hundred years we have just come to terms with flight and we have come up with some interesting designs but we are still using way too much fuel. Gravity and electro-magnetism is free - use it" "The Aurora SR-91 and the TR3-B flying triangle spyplanes are still responsible for many of todays UFO reports and what amazes me is that many UFO websites are unaware of this. These exotic spyplanes have been in service for over 20 years. Get a grip Earthlings". See the amazing TR3-B in action on the video player at the bottom left of the page.

You can see the direct lineage of stealth style designs here. Starting in Germany with Horten and moving directly to the USA with Northrop in 1945. Maybe behind the Roswell crash?

There a lot more exotic and revolutionary Nazi aircraft designs on
the WWII page.

It's clear when comparing back to back images of the Horten flying wing and Northrops flying wings that they led to the Stealth F117a.
There is a direct lineage between German and American technologies from the 1940's to the present day.
It is said that the Germans recovered downed UFO's in 1936 and 1937.
If this is true it might go some way to explaining how Germany was a whole generation ahead of everyone in terms of missile and aircraft design. In fact, if Hitler had waited untill 1945 to start the war as originally planned then he would have won the war with ease.
Luckily for us he was an impulsive and impatient man.
See the WWII page for more on Germanies amazing secret aircraft designs.

(Left) The SR-71 Blackbird was made out of 90% titanium that came from Russia. How the CIA got this stuff out of that country at the hight of the cold war is still top secret today.

USA Wisconsin, Waupaca, 22.9.  2004 Aurora spyplan

(Above) This is a UFO
case from Wisconsin
 USA 2004.
 It is blatantly an SR-91 with its 4 pulse engines  lit up like a Cristmas tree.

One of the main reasons that the UK fell behind in the early jet age is that we failed to hold on to Alexander Lippisch - WWII German designer of the Comet and other exotic aircraft.
(See WWII page)

He was snapped up by
the Americans. Britain then struggled with the swept wing design that Lippisch pioneered. The USA then shot ahead in
the race to break the sound barrier. (Although the Germans had already done it)

(Left video) Weird Black Triangle UFO *ZOOMED!!!*

(Left video)
TRIANGLE UFO Paris France Possible TR 3B Project Francais July 23, 2008

May be fake?

(Left video)
The Aurora Top-Secret Hypersonic Spy Plane

The Aurora Top-Secret Hypersonic Spy Plane and other top secret planes past and present F-117A Nighthawk B-2 Spirit P-791 SR-71 Blackbird U-2 RQ-3 Darkstar they are also often mistaken for ufos.

(Left video)
UFO On Australia Google Earth

Coordinates :
Latitude - 30°30'38.82"S
Longitude - 115°22'56.14"E

TR-3B Astra. Top Secret, US Skunk Works project employing an intertia/gravity dampening field to make unbelievable manuevering, speed, starts and stops possible.

(Left video)
Aurora project unveiled

More to come. Come back later Earthling.