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Red Rain, Star Jelly, Morgellons Disease.

Deadly Comets, Killer Infectious Meteorites, The Great Plagues.

Mohenjadaro - Pakistans Ancient Radioactive City.



Often, more outlandish explanations turn out to be true, but usually it's the simplest.

As scientists around the world are now finding Alien Life they are starting to move the goalposts and are beginning to say that DNA may be alien in origin.

They will do anything to get off the hook!


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Nat G logo e Capture Star Jelly Sample

(Above) So called Star Jelly found lying on the ground (put next to a euro coin for scale). Found in Scotland and almost everywhere else it seems.


(Left) Star Jelly sample ready for analysis in the laboratory.

Star Jelly has been documented in our countryside since 1641 and nobody knows what it is. The official scientific view is that it's caused by meteor showers. It consists of 99% water and has a jelly silicone like texture but biologists cannot work out what it is or where it comes from. It's niether plant nor animal and has no DNA.

Possible causes -


1. Meteor shower residue.

2. Pollution

3. Remains of fallen ABE's -   Atmospheric Biological Entities.

4. Myxomycete - Amoeboid organism that then come together in a jelly like blob.

5. White Jelly Fungus.

6. Briazomes.

7. Blue Ice.

8. Ecto Plasm.

9. Nostoc.

There is probably more than one type of so called "star jelly" or "rain gelatin". It may be due to iether number 1,2, or 8 of the possible causes above as all the others have DNA.

It may possibly due to pollution and the prevalance of polystyrenes throughout the land and oceans. Whatever it is, it has no DNA structure much like the Red Rain in the article below. So it is probably from space, as an entity with no recognisable DNA can only mean one thing, Alien or artificial life. Unless everything other than star jelly is alien?

For further research look up  - Philadelphia 1950 - More on this later.

Star Jelly or Ecto Plasm?

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Morgellons Disease

This controversial new disease is linked to nano technology and fibre optics. It is so new that doctors are having problems perceiving it often resulting in alienating patients who have been on occasions driven to suicide as a result.

These fibres found protruding from the skin are coated in "high density polyetholene fibre" HDPF  - used in the manufacture of fibre optics.

It could have been caused by a common skin fungus mutating and interacting with artificial fibres resulting in this Borg like dermo-plastic scenario. These extraordinary microscopic fibres burn at 1700 degrees, they don't melt at all.

This raises speculation to whether they are of Alien origin.

Look at the multi coloured tiny wires. The white ones apparently do burn but the other colours don't. The white fibres may well be the parasite that leaves the other coloured ones behind much like a worm spinning silk.

MorgellonsHand_468x357 morgellans 2 Multi-colored9.9871711_std

Morgellans disease can appear anywhere on the body. But usually on the limbs.

Morgellans - Multi coloured fibres.

Morgellans - Multi coloured fibres but mainly blue.

(Left) Fibre optic cable with similarly coloured fibres.

These fibres can be found floating in the air and in dollar bills apparently. The fibre particles are also visible under ultra violet light. The skin disease can start by fibres burrowing into the hair follicle at the base of the dermis and then take over, ejecting the human hair completely. The fibres fall in to two types - large macro fibres that are clearly visible to the naked eye and - microscopic fibres which are much finer and only visible under a magnification.

The disease is transmittable between family members. The unusual characteristic of this disorder is that the skin does not get infected, setting it apart from other skin diseases. It also is linked to the migration of silicone in the human body, possibly linked to breast implants.

More to come. Come back later Earthling

Star Jelly smells of sulphur and is found after meteor showers. It disolves in hand when picked up.

There's some evidence that suggests that there are unidentified lifeforms living in our upper atmosphere. They are visible in the ultraviolet and infa red spectrum. Atmospheric Biological Enteties.

Biological Anomalies

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B.(Left video) Ancient Aliens -

Alien Plagues And Epidemics (S3-E7)

43.58 Mins.


In this documentry the Ancient Alien team look at the great plagues around the world and the fact that they are preceeded by UFO sightings, comets and often strange mist that seem to be coming from these strange objects.













Were sightings of the Grim

Reaper before thr great

plague actually men in

chemical suits spraying

the crops with an aerosol

chemical that later

killled millions?



Bacteria like salmanela that multiply by 700% when in space. Meteorites that bring illness.

More on Red Rain as in the above article.

More on Morgellans desease.

The bearded Man with Chemical Suit

(Above image) The Bearded Man - Egypt - Compare to man in full chemical suit on the right.

C.(Left video) Ancient Aliens -

Aliens And Monsters (S3-E2)


In this documentry the Ancient Alien team look at the Montauk Monster, the Hydra, the Gorgon, the Sphynxes, the Griffon, Medusa. Cerberus, Chimera, Minataur and the Pegasis.

Are some ancient monsters the result of genetic engineering?


This video also goes into some detail about a possible nuclear war in Pakistan 4000 years ago at Mohenjadaro where human remains were found to be 50 times more radio active than normal.












2 Naqada Egypt


figurine Egypt.

Are the great plagues a result of transpermia? Is it possible that extremofiles could have survived in meteorites that hit the Earth and infected the world time and time again? Yes it probably is.


The video above also suggests that the plagues may have been llinked to huge UFO reports just before the plagues had started. That's very hard to corobbarate. UFO reports always seem to get dismissed by historians, but the fact is that older reports are actually more reliable than present ones as there were no normal aircraft around to confuse them with back then.


These "Plague UFO's" may well be something similar to the "Disaster Probes" in the article on the Spy Networks & The Media page. Take a look there for more on that interesting thread.

Extra terrestrial viruses are possibly a real phenomina and some of them may well just fall to earth with all the cosmic dust that is partly responsable for things like archaeological sites getting burried under ever more levels of strata.

Keep up with this particular subject as there are new developments on these bio anomalies happening almost on a daily basis.

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