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Comet 67p is a strange anathema that has scientists in a real state of confusion. It contains heavy water and is spewing molecular oxygen. It also has some ruined building structures and a tower on it as can be seen below. Is it a planetary fragment from Mars or elsewhere?

Comet 67p Surface Anomalies.

Is comet 67p an alien radio station attemting to communicate with anyone who is listening?

Could the signal be intelligent? Perhaps it's an ancient alien distress beacon.

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"A look at the theory of possible microbial life on Comet 67p as proposed by astrobiologist Chandra Wickramasinghe . Also some of my earlier videos that show clear intelligent structures on the Comet such as a large ruined building, an intact tower as well as a shiny disc hovering above the surface and a boomerang shaped UFO that may be controlling the shiny disc probe. Is it doing a survey of 67p after being attracted by the radio signal just like we were?

I think that is a reasonable assumption to make".

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Comet 67p is spewing molecular oxygen

(Left) COMET 67p ALIEN SKULL ? Rosetta Close Flyby Image "Cheops". ArtAlienTV  


"Is this a giant ancient alien skull called Cheops on comet 67p in this recent close flyby image? It looks like one but is probably a rock, but when you look at the other anomalies on and above the surface of this so called comet you have to ask some serious questions about this strange xenomorph.If this is a skull or carved statue head then it's the size of a building to show in this much detail at  8.7 km distance.

Is the recent 67p tower the source of the mysterious signal?

Were the UFO's above this comet investigating it when we turned up to do the same?


(Part 1 of 2) - "A Google copyright claim on my recent "Rosetta 67p Comet Song" video may go some way to prove that the RADIO signal from this comet is in fact an alien subspace signal that is attempting to communicate with whoever picks it up. (Us)

Google/YouTube digital fingerprinting software has flagged the 67p signal section of the videos audio content even though it is supposedly just random/naturally occurring noise according to the ESA and other scientists around the world.

When listened to as it sounds from the ESA website (or in my video/link below) it is hard to make out any obvious sequences.

In part 3, I will include the time-stretched audio of the signal that sounds very different.

This may turn out to be a crucial piece of evidence in this on going anomalous episode. It indicates that the signal is musical/mathematical in some way and may contain recognizable scale sequences / frequencies or tempos that could perhaps be decoded.


(Part 2 of 2) PLEASE WATCH PART 1 FIRST - "I have recorded this so that there is no dispute what part of the Comet 67p signal has been recognized as a piece of music by Google. This possible ET distress signal seems to be attracting attention from not just us Earthlings but from possible alien UFO's also. See my previous "COMET 67p TOWER & UFO's" video for more on this".


(Above video) ALIEN BUILDING FOUND on ROSETTA COMET 67p: The Monastery?? ArtAlienTV

What looks like a possible large ruined building structure with an apex roof, chimney and windows on the Rosetta Comet 67p. It resembles a Monastery building from Earth in both the raw image and negative versions provided here. Is there also a ruined building behind it to the left,Could it be part of it? Looks like it. It may just be a trick of the light or swamp gas. Or perhaps a weather balloon!

I estimate the possible building to be around 100 feet long. (Approx) It could be a lot bigger.

This is based on the comet length which is 4100 metres.


First found by ArtAlienTV on November 31st and first published on YouTube December 4th 2014.



"I was just taking a closer look at this strange comet and after rotating the image this building just jumped out at me. I showed it to my wife and she said it looked like a Monastery, so that's what I called it".

There are loads of people/channels finding and publishing intelligent structures on this comet. So I will not be verbally crucified for suggesting this. If any you out there have an explanation for how Mother Nature constructs an apex roof structure then go ahead. I would like to hear it.

I do however have absolutely no idea how it got there, who built it, or what it was used for. I called it a Monastery just to give an idea of its scale.

There has been no photo enhancements here apart from contrast and negative processing.

The same results can be achieved by anyone with basic software.

All you need to do is rotate the image 45% and zoom in.

Download the image and see for yourself!

I name it "Whites Monastery".



Perhaps this was built by the dudes from the crashed UFO disc/saucer object that the ESA were so quick to scrub from the images along with other building structures that they tried to hide.

They were so busy doing that they missed this large building all together. It just goes to show, you just can't hide everything. Especially when you have employees who want these things to be seen by the public.

NASA most certainly are in the same boat. There is hope after all.

(Left) COMET 67p RADIO TOWER & UFO's - Rosetta Alien Anomalies. ArtAlienTV

"Were alien UFO's attracted to the same Comet 67p distress signal as us? Was it from this possible ET RADIO tower?

What resembles a radio tower near a building and some UFO's on Comet 67p. The tower structure resembles a light house in shapeand has a large building like structure to the right of it. The smaller bright orb like UFO is about the size of a car and is hovering just above the surface of the comet with a shadow just below it. The larger UFO is boomerang shaped and may be very large but further away. It could have sent the smaller probe object down to the surface to scan the area and perhaps record the signal as we have done with the Rosetta probe recently. It may be a distress beacon or navigation signal that has attracted more than just our attention.

It is a possibility that makes sense to me".

(Left) ALIEN SIGNAL - Rosetta 67p Comet Song: INFRA-SOUND RECORDING. ArtAlienTV

WATCH IN FULL HD. I have compiled all the best Comet 67p high resolution full HD images here (some in colour) and included the audio recording of the strange alien infra-sound / signal that is being emitted by this 4km xenomorph. (Also see if you can spot the large rectangular artificial looking rock structure)

The sound has been speeded up so in reality would be a series of slow  low register boom like sounds that would not normally be heard.

Are these some kind of radio signal code or just natural waveforms caused by gas ejecting from the surface as scientists suggest?

(Left) COMET 67p CONTAINS HEAVY WATER - BBC NEWS 10th Dec 2014. ArtAlienTV

Rosetta results: Comets 'did not bring water to Earth'.

Rosetta's results are forcing scientists to think again, as David Shukman reports in this BBC news clip.


Scientists have dealt a blow to the theory that most water on Earth came from comets.

Results from Europe's Rosetta mission, which made history by landing on Comet 67P in November, shows the water on the icy mass is unlike that on our planet.

The results are published in the journal Science.


Continued: The authors conclude it is more likely that the water came from asteroids, but other scientists say more data is needed before comets can be ruled out.

Since August, the Rosetta probe has been orbiting Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, and on 12 November its lander, Philae, made a historic touchdown on the object's surface.

Although the robot's batteries ran out soon after setting down, it gathered a wealth of scientific data, and the Rosetta "mothership" continues to analyse the wandering "ice mountain".


This unprecedented, close-up look at a comet is helping scientists to answer the fundamental question of whether a bombardment of these primitive bodies brought water to Earth billions of years ago.

And the latest findings, gathered by Rosetta's Rosina instrument, which consists of two mass spectrometers that "sniff" the gas that streams off the surface of 67P, suggests this may not be the case.

Water on Earth has a distinctive signature. While the vast majority of liquid on our planet is made up of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, very occasionally a hydrogen atom will be replaced with a deuterium atom.


On Earth, for every 10,000 water molecules, three deuterium atoms can be found. This water has the same physical properties as H2O, but it is heavier in mass.

Prof Kathrin Altwegg, from the University of Bern in Switzerland, who is Rosina's principal investigator, said: "This ratio between heavy and light water is very characteristic. You cannot easily change it and it stays for a long time.

"If we compare the water in comets with the water we have on Earth, we can definitely say if the water on Earth is compatible with the water on comets."

The team found that there was far more heavy water on Comet 67P than on Earth.

Prof Altwegg told BBC Radio 4's Inside Science programme: "It is the highest-ever measured ratio of heavy water relative to light water in the Solar System.

"It is more than three times higher than on the Earth, which means that this kind of comet could not have brought water to the Earth."

This finding adds to other studies that have analysed water on different types of comets.

Previous research found that water held in a class of comets that originated in the Oort Cloud - a region of space that makes up the outer reaches of our Solar System - also have a different signature to water on Earth.


However, only two comets from the Kuiper-belt, an area that extends to just beyond Neptune, have been analysed: Comet 67P and another comet called Hartley 2.

While these new findings show that the water on 67P is very different to water on Earth, observational studies from the Herschel Space telescope have previously revealed that the water on Hartley 2 appears to be exactly the same as the water in our planet's oceans.

However, Prof Altwegg believes that Kuiper Belt comets did not bring water to Earth.

She said: "The conclusion here is that in the reservoir of the Kuiper Belt, we have very diverse comets that probably came from different regions of the early Solar System.

"We have light water in some comets and very heavy water in other comets. We have to assume the mixture of all these comets is something that is heavier than what we have on Earth, so this probably rules out Kuiper Belt comets as the source of terrestrial water."


Instead, she thinks that asteroids - dense, rocky objects that formed closer to the Sun than comets - seeded our oceans.


She said: "We know already something about the characteristic of asteroids by studying meteorites, which are pieces of asteroids - and the characteristics of asteroids are very much like our water.

"They are also much closer to the Earth, so it is more likely that they hit the Earth than the very distant comets, which are beyond Neptune."



IMAGE CREDITS: European Space Agency – ESA

BBC News Article By Rebecca Morelle

Science Correspondent, BBC News: Link: