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The Monkeymen are probably a species of upright walking apes that may be a smaller, less powerfull variant of both the Sasquach and the Yeti and possibly more like the Yeren of China and the Batatut in Vietnam. A species of large unidentified bypedal primates.


Could there be a link to a genetic human/ape hybrid as a result of laboratory crossbreeding experiments in the former USSR?

Of course if these people had been attacked by bigfoot then they would have been killed in one hit. The fact that they survived is evidence of a smaller less powerfull creature. We shouldn't assume lethal intent as these creatures are actually under threat from us!

Blaming subhumans or apemen for attacks on so say innocent people of course is a quasi fascist idea akin to the persecution of jews, gypsies and wolves and harps back to horror stories and folklore around the world telling children to not venture into the woods. These stories do however fulfill a function in some societies preventing children from possible attack yet promoting mainly exagerated and misplaced fear of many wild animals.


In India many people still worship the monkey god Hanuman and regard monkeys as friends on the whole but they have to also be aware of the occasional rampaging elephant or tiger as well as various wild monkeys. A difficult mix of past and present superstitions coupled with a fear of war with Pakistan and difficult overcrowding issues with regular power cuts. Add in regular earthquakes, flooding and tropical diseases and you have a real mixed bag. That doesn't mean that all the witnesses are wrong though. As with all the subjects on this website it only takes one witness to be truely right to have a real bona fide phenomena.


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Bigfoot or Sasquach has been spotted all over the states and thus far has only been filmed twice but there have been thousands of witnesses from the US, Canada and Alaska. Native Americans have accepted their presence for thousands of years and even the largest grizzly bears give them a wide birth. Yeti hair samples taken in the Himalayas. Many foot print moulds and photos have been made and most match up in both size and physiology. They are probably not the same species, they may be related to Gigantopithecus genus of giant apes that were supposed to have died out thousands of years ago along with many other species of giant creatures around the globe including the Giant Sloth and the Mastadon to name but a few.

If you go along with the Lloyd Pye theory, they are our ancestors. There are four types of hominoid ancestors and as if by magic there are for types of apemen around the world. This is not a coincidence. If you haven't already then I suggest that you watch the video at the top of the page, at least the first hour of it anyway.

(Above video) Russia's Killer Apemen - Monster Quest

44.37 Mins.


Chimpanzees are between 5 -10 times stronger than Humans and are warlike and violently territorial creatures much like us. Have Russian scientists been crossbreeding humans and great apes in some sort of secret military supersoldier program?




Dr Ian Redmund OBE. Can be

seen in many wildlife films.

The old "blame it on the Russians" game.

A hangover from the cold war or based on fact? It's always easy to blame others when our own scientists have been up to no good for decades!

Apes/Hominids are quite capable of interbreeding in the wild between similar species as has been shown in the fossil record. So the lab rat theory may be incidental.

Stoneage Humans have now been shown to have interbred with Neanderthals possibly via a control species like the recently discovered Denisovans. Thus avoiding the mule scenario of not bieng able to reproduce.

yeti smller bigfoot

Vietnam's Bigfoot. Seen by US and Vietnamese troops in 1969 -70   "Nguoi Rung"

The Batutut or Ujit are also known as "forest people", are another proposed hominid cryptid, similar to but much smaller than the Bigfoot and his cousins in the articles above. It inhabits the wilderness areas of Vietnam, Laos and northern Borneo. The Vu Quang nature reserve in Vietnam has been the source of a number of newly discovered mammals by Dr. John MacKinnon. Mackinnon claims to have first observed tracks in 1970 that led him to believe that a hominid similar to the Meganthropus lives there. Meganthropus being a large relative to Homo Erectus also one of our distant relatives. Another potential candidate for my new classification, UBP's, Unidentified Bipedal Primates.

saola smll

Psuedoryx - Soala discovered 1996

unnamed new animalor limur borneo

This photo (left) is a new mammal recently taken in Borneo in 2005 with a camera trap and resembles a Limur. The problem being that Limurs come from Madagascar thousands of miles away.

The Batutut is described by some eyewitnesses as being roughly 4 feet tall with reddish hair and is rumored to be very aggressive, with some reports stating that they occasionally attack and kill humans, tearing out the unlucky individual’s liver. Some researchers have made the connection between the Batutut and Nepal’s apparently much shyer Teh-lma.

This idea of small hair covered hominids living in the remote corners of the world is possibly backed up by the discovery of Homo floresiensis in October 2004. These small skeletons found in a cave on Flores Island, located in Indonesia, date back roughly 12,000 years. The skeletons, which where originally thought to be the bodies of children, are roughly 3 feet tall and later determined to be a new, be it very small, species of the genus Homo. The fact that an unknown form of hominid like Homo floresiensis existed so recently in geographicall terms, breeds new life into the possible existence of small hominids like the Batutut and the Teh-lan. (Extract from Wikipedia and Unknown Explorers.)


The Yeti.

Is it possible that the many sightings of Monkeymen in Vietnam and surrounding countries could be attributed to the thousands of US troops that went AWOL especially in the latter stages of the War.


The controversial Vietnam War (1965-73) generated the highest percentage of wartime desertion since the American Civil War. (1860-65)

From 13,177 cases or 1.6 percent of the US armed forces in 1965, the annual desertion statistics mounted to 2.9 percent in 1968, 4.2 percent in 1969, 5.2 percent in 1970, and 7.4 percent (79,027 incidents of desertion) in 1971.  Many deserters sought sanctuary in Canada, Mexico, and Sweden. In 1974.


The Defence Department reported that between 1 July 1966 and 31 December 1973, there had been 503,926 incidents of desertion in all services during the Vietnam War. (The war properly ending in 1975 so the real figure would be higher, towards 600,000)

Many of these deserters would have been in Vietnam of course, adding weight to my theory that some of these AWOL troops went feral and are now living wild in the rain forest in and around the border areas of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

The prevalence of millions of land mines in that war and other later ones would make many parts of these areas impassable.

This would give isolated pockets of large Primates almost total privacy. The use of defoliants like DDT or Agent Orange and other dangerous chemicals during Vietnam War has caused known mutations and birth defects in the local populations.


Is it possible that some of these deserters went feral, mated with locals and then had defected or mutant offspring that would be much larger and hairier than the tribes people who are very short and have little or no body hair in comparison to the average grunt.

Many American grunts would have been over 6 ft and taller.

The average height of a local being probably less than 5 ft. due to harsh conditions in the countryside.

The area where most defoliant was dropped happens to be over the border in Cambodia along the Ho Chi Min trail.


The film Apocalypse Now which was based on the novel Heart of Darkness is about a character called Colonel Kurtz.

The Kurtz character is widely believed to have been modelled on Tony Poe, a highly-decorated and highly unorthodox Vietnam-era Paramilitary Officer from the CIA's Special Activities Division.

Poe dropped severed heads into enemy controlled villages as a form of psychological warfare. He also

used human ears to record the number of enemies his indigenous troops had killed. He would send

these ears back to his superiors as proof of his efforts deep inside Laos. The Kurtz character was

also based on Special Forces Colonel Robert Rheault, whose 1969 arrest over the murder of a

suspected double agent generated substantial news coverage.


This could go some way to explaining the fear that the local population has of these wild-men.

Could it be the mutant offspring of Agent Orange affected AWOL grunts that have added to this

horror story. Quite possibly.

(See video [S] on the Spy Networks & The Media page to see about the CIA in Vietnam and how they

fueled the heroin trade)  


Could  some of Vietnam's Monkeymen be the mutant offspring of AWOL grunts?

apoc now 1

AWOL Grunt.

Apocalypse Now.

Bigfoot print 16in

(Left) Footprints like this 16 inch Bigfoot print can't be faked.

They are different to human prints in both size and shape but share the same ridges like  a finger print. These ridges are unique to each individual.

These prints must be real because they show dermal ridges and a mid tarsal break, evidence of a foot that bends in the middle, unlike that of any Human.

bigfoot foot bend 8455124-print-of-human-foot-in-metal e

(Left) Compare this Human print to the Bigfoot one left. It has a completly different form. The arch is unique to Homo Sapiens.

Bigfoot mid tarsal bend. Same as Neanderthal?

dermal ridges e

Arguments rage on in the scientific vacuum that is Cryptozoologiy but with a fresh look at some of the evidence the subject is now gaining much needed depth and credibility.

yeti print r

(Right) This Yeti footprint is clearly a different species to the Bigfoot.

The big toe is set much further back.

Approximate hieghts and wieghts.


Sasquach/Bigfoot. 7 -10 ft. 700 - 1000 Lb

America/Canada, Northern Hemisphere.

Yeti - 5 - 7 ft. 300 - 600 Lb

Himalayan Region. More Apelike.

Alma/Kaptar - 5 - 7 ft. 300 - 600 Lb

(Living Neanderthal ?) Asia/Cuacasus

Agogwe & Batatut. 3 - 4 ft. 200 - 300 Lb

A smaller type of Alma with redish hair. Africa, South East Asia, Australia, South America.

Neanderthal print male r

(Above) Neanderthal footprint. Compare to Yeti, Bigfoot and Human above.

Bigfoot prints are the opposite

of crop circles. Most crop circles are fake where as you can't fake these foot print ridges, they are just far too fine.

Why do the scientific community spend so much time trying to discredit them?

Do they not want to admit that the Alma are possibly living Neanderthals whom supposedly died out 30,000 years ago?


800px-World_map_blank_gmt.svg (1)

































Hominoid Distribution - World Map. (Approximate)

Bigfoot print cast with ridges.

This is a rough approximation of the spread of these different hominoids. The largest Sasquach type dominating the northen climes accross America and Canada the northern hemisphere through Russia and Siberia. The Yeti on the other hand is restricted to the Himalayan region, large though that is. The Alma is found in Asia as far west as the Cuacasus. The Agogwe and the Batatut are essentially the same hominoid but with a different name. I have tried to keep this simple as there are hundreds of local names for these UBP's. These are bassically divided into 4 size/weight categories as in the table above.




     Sasquach; 7-10 ft.


     Yeti; 5-7 ft.  


     Alma/Kaptar; 5-7 ft.


     Agogwe; 3-4 ft.


     Batatut; 3-4 ft.









bigfoot_sighting_density yeti old_neanderthal_pic

Neanderthal Illustration.

A Yeti trudging through deep snow - Himalayas.

Bigfoot Sightings Map. Courtesy of the History Channel.

Yowie Australia

Yowie - Australia.


prints e

(Left footprint illustration - left to right)

1. Human

2. Neanderthal

3. Orang Pendeck

4. Gorrilla

5. Chimpanzee


Notice the similarity between the Gorrilla print and the Yeti print in the snow photo in the above/previous article.

"Bigfoot" Indigenous to the northern hemisphere and similar to the "Yeti" and "Alma" of Asia.

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(Above video) Lloyd Pye  - Every Thing You Know Is Wrong - 1.58 Hrs.

This Lloyd Pye lecture has some great evidence of Bigfoot and other hominiods that are still walking around in various parts of the world. Also some great detail on footprints and how the scientific comunity tries to discredit them. At about 1 Hr 10  it moves onto Ancient Sumerians and evidence on machine tooled stone over 5000 years ago. But mainly genetic evidence that we are alien hybryds created to mine gold for the Anunaki in South Africa. (You may wish to stop it there?)

This is the Starchild Skull guy that can be seen in the video on the Alien Skulls page. Controversial but fascinating.


The Editor of this site Joe White had the great pleasure of working for  - Dr Ian Redmund, OBE - back in 1991-2. He is one of the worlds leading great ape and conservation experts and continues to do valuable work around the globe. He can be seen in numerous documentaries and interviews about large primates. My work with him mainly concentrated on the conservation of the Eastern Highland Gorrilla in the Virunga mountain range in central/east Africa. This consisted of converting false colour radar images supplied by NASA into a workable 2 dimensional maps for use in Ians extensive conservation lectures around the world. However I ran into some difficulties producing maps of the Virunga's as accurate ones had not been done before. So Ian contacted a friend of his - Arthur C Clarke - who contacted NASA who then sent us images taken on the Space Shuttle - Atlantis. When the package arrived at my house with the NASA logo on it I nearly died of excitement! Nice one Ian!

The Arguments

Many or even most experts are very sceptical about the existence of Bigfoot. The main arguments against his existence are:


1. The lack of enough food for such a large creature.

2. The lack of bones or fossils

3. The lack of scatological evidence.

4. The footprints look too human.


1a. There’s simply plenty of food. If there’s enough to support thousands of bears of varying sizes then surely there’s enough for a few groups of large Primates, especially if they eat meat. Look at all the livestock available.

They probably migrate south in winter (as has been observed) and have also been known to steal food.


2a. The chimpanzee has been around for 7 million years and only very recently have any bones been found in the forests – teeth only. The soil in forests is very acidic making remains rot quickly and other creatures soon disperse any animal carcases and body parts. Bigfoots may well bury their dead. Also fossills are very rare anyway and only occur in unique and unusual circumstances.


3a. The lack of Bigfoot droppings is unusual but if there is only a small population spread over a very vast area then these would be rare and only last a few days if the weather permitted.


4a. The footprints do look very human like in shape but the size is huge.

The fact that they have both a mid tarsal break and a human like big toe is unheard of in the animal or primate kingdom. But the human foot design is also unreplicated in any other species. So according to that argument we should not exist either.

Would it not be more unbelievable if they didn’t have a mid tarsal break much like the Neanderthal does?


Is the real issue here that Bigfoot may yet force science to rethink some of their blinkered and over linear views on these subjects?

It may also reveal that these creatures are as or more intelligent than us.


People don’t mind Whales and Dolphins being very intelligent because they are not a threat to us or science. As they are conveniently tucked away in the oceans and don’t have the high manual dexterity of hominids.

Bigfoot, Yeti and the Alma certainly are a threat in many ways. They represent an untamed environment were strange things happen that cannot be easily explained by the experts (Scientists). Thus the so called experts become undermined because people like us who have more information about these things have to fill in for them. They hate that.


This is why Sasquatch Watchers are treated very much like the UFO/Alien freaks of this world.

Fear and ridicule is the norm with are large dose of intellectual bullying.

Crackpots unite.

Bio Anomalies >

Hominiods & Bigfoot - Yeti, Alma, Yeren, Batatut, Almusti, Agogwe, Yowie, Monkeymen

Unidentified Bipedal Primates. UBP's

Great Apes or Humans?

DNA Update


According to recent information from NABS  - North America Bigfoot Research - Hair samples have shown that Bigfoot has 95% Human DNA. Anthropologists claim that the samples had been contaminated by Humans and are trying to discredit these findings.

Scientists are simply refusing to contemplate that there might be a tribe of 10 ft hairy people running about in the woods. Something that native Americans have known about for thousands of years. See the text below.

This exerpt below is from


We asked many of the polite and approachable researchers why some other “BIG Name” researchers have completely ignored the statements of Native Americans regarding the human quality of hairy people? NABS received the same statement time after time, some researchers based their entire careers on bigfoot being an ape or gorilla, they wrote many books about this, appeared in documentaries and essentially leveraged everything they owned on the ape hypothesis, they had to ignore Native Americans and they had to discount DNA findings. Every famous researcher and almost every large and well-known bigfoot website continued to proclaim that bigfoot was an ape or gorilla.

In fact, one of the largest of these websites altered sighting reports to change the physical description of the biped to appear more as an ape and less human. Witnesses reporting to this site were asked to speak with an artist and this artist continued to draw ape looking bipeds in direct conflict to what the witness was stating what they observed. How does NABS know this, witnesses have come to us at conferences explaining these exact scenarios and how each episode evolved.

These witnesses saw Harvey Pratt’s drawing of other witnesses and stated that this is what they saw, not something looking like an ape. **Now, we will advise that we believe that there are bipeds in the wild that may have a somewhat ape looking appearance, but, we do not believe they are anything close to ape’s or gorilla’s on the genetic scale, we’ve stated this from the beginning of our quest. This is not any indication of what our genetic testing may show, we still don’t know all of the results.


With the knowledge that a vast majority of bigfoot DNA tested in the past returned as human, the knowledge that Native Americans called them “humans”, NABS started our organization with the intent to put this issue to bed, permanently. NABS knew we could build relationships with competent and credible researchers and get the samples necessary to prove where bigfoot was on the genetic scale. It would appear that most of the big name researchers wanted no part of this study, instead they left the professional and credible world and took a path of embarrassment for the entire bigfoot research world.

The intelligent branch of the bigfoot research world saw the writing on the wall, they knew what was coming down the road, answers, answers that the public was due and were being withheld by those same big name researchers, documentary film producers and the old time hierarchy in the bigfoot world.

It's all in the fine print


John MacKinnon is credited with discovering Pseudoryx nghetinhensis or Soala

in the Vu Quang reserve only 15 years ago. The only large mammal to be

discovered in over 50 years. The Pseudoryx, he said, "spends much of its time

on the higher promontories. It has dainty hooves and sharp straight horns

about 20 inches long, and weighs about 220 pounds".

(Above video) Rock Apes - Vietnam Bigfoot reports