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Mars Surface Anomalies - ArtAlienTV - Playlists

(Left videos) ArtAlienTV - Living Creatures on Mars.


What look like living creatures on Mars in Gale Crater. Do rocks have limbs? No they do not but some of these may be just weird rocks. The question is which ones?












(Left video) ArtAlienTV - Dinosaur Remains & Fossils.


Remains of dinosaurs, reptiles and other strange creatures. Some fossilized and some petrified. Some of these look living.














Iguana Found On Mars Article Causes Controversy


Newspapers and websites around the world have been running an article taken from UFO Sightings Daily about a possible Iguana found in some Curiosity Rover images.

The article claims that Scot Waring of that site found the anomaly on Nov 6th 2013.

Iguana Found On Mars Article Causes Controversy

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Iguana on Mars Causes Controversy.

The latest strange Iguana object amomaly on the surface of Mars that's doing the rounds in a big way.

Mars Curiosity photographed this unusual object, but I was the first to point it out and publish it back on April 7th 2013

as a possible preserved dead creature. It's all over the newspapers and web but somebody

else now claims to have found it a whole 6 months after I put it on YouTube?

No evidence has yet been presented that could disprove life on Mars yet the general public are still dragging their feet on this issue. The dogma is very thick here. Is this old fashioned attitude about to see a major change? Maybe!

This Iguana may well turn out to be a natural piece of rock or debris, but like many other objects on the planets surface, it doesn't look natural.

I get the distinct impression that Mars is turning out to be reminiscent of the penultimate scene of the original Planet of the Apes movie of 1968, where a toy doll is found in a cave just before Charlton Heston’s character rides along the beach and sees the ruined Statue of Liberty.


Like in that film it seems that information regarding our past is being withheld from us by the powers that be in an attempt to maintain a corrupt and tyrannical system of rule at all costs.

The mainstream media usualy ignores these interesting anomalies that could well have a profound effect on our relationship with planetary bodies like Mars.

Planet of the Apes 1968 - Cave Scene Planet of the Apes 1968 - Statue of Liberty Scene

(Above image) A toy doll is found in the cave. Proving that man has intelligent ancestors, exposing the lies and dogma of the Ape leaders in this classic film. Hnmn..sounds familiar!

(Left image) Heston’s character finally realises that he is on Earth many years after a nuclear war. What took him so long?


Did Mars have a nuclear war in the distant past?

(Left video) ArtAlienTV - Mars Skulls.


A collection of animal skulls lying in Gale Crater on Mars. I have found over 100 animal specimens in the Curiosity images so far. Some of them may have died quite recently. It's hard to tell. The level of preservation is so good because of the lack of moisture in the atmosphere on Mars.

Skulls, fossilized creatures and mummified/dessicated animals are in abundance. It's clear to me that Gale Crater was once an oasis where animals congregated to drink water. This would explain the density and diversity of specimens.

There may even be some water still at the lowest point of this very deep crater. The deeper you go the more likely you are to find living creatures as the air is more dense.

Still NASA say nothing on this matter.

(Left video) ArAlienTV - The Strange Animal Heads of Mars.

A collection of petrified animal heads just lying on the surface of Gale Crater. Some very strange creatures here. Some of them look very familiar. Some look very alien indeed.

You may ask why there are so many animal heads just lying in the dirt on Mars. My theory is that Gale was once and may still be an oasis with liquid water in it or just below the surface.

Creatures would have gathered there to drink or perhaps breath the air which would be much more dense at this very low altitude.

On Earth you get high concentrations of different animals in drying up oasis's.

As animals are eaten by predators or die their bodies become dismembered often leaving the head in one piece as it is hard to remove the flesh from an animals head.The very dry conditions helping to preserve these specimens and mummify them.

(Left video) ArtAlienTV - Mars Crash Debris & Wreckage.


Compelling evidence of both flight and nautical activity on Mars in the distant past.










(Left video) ArtAlienTV - Mars Birds.


Petrified remains of birds on the surface of Mars in Gale Crater.

(Left video) ArtAlienTV - Mars Objects & Alien Tech.


My most interesting artefacts found on Mars so far. These are all manufactured objects. The question is - who made them?










Are we living on Planet of the Apes?

It is typical of most people on the web just to focus on the shiny objects only to ignore the other anomalies in the rest of the source images.

You really have to look at every rock up close and you will find a lot of what are possible living creatures as well as dead ones. see the other Mars pages for many more.

Remember - "One mans rock, is another mans fossil".

0173MR0926020000E1_DXXX - Dudes showdown b - treat

(Above image) The Showdown. Crab on far left upper corner. Shiny lizard dude in the middle and the mollusc guy on the right. Are they competing for the food object just to the right of the shiny lizard dude in some sort of showdown?

Just because the shiny dude is reflective doesn't mean he is not a living creature. Many reptiles have very reflective and almost metallic looking scales. Especially if the light is at an oblique angle like in this photo.


The anomaly was actually first found by ArtAlienTV in April this year and is in this video that was posted on YouTube back on April 7th 2013, supporting this claim.

The video may contain some of the best evidence yet for life on Mars and the new remastered version contains some even clearer images of what look very much like animals, including a large tortoise, some fish fossils and some rodents all within 50 or so metres of each other.


In one part there seems to be 2 animals about to feed on a dead rodent. There were so many anomalies in this Curiosity Rover photo there were simply far too many to put in one video.

I have made 6 or 7 videos from this NASA source image so far. The best remastered version here below.

excerpt 1

The well known shiny lizard image. When I researched it I found some interesting creatures nearby.

Typical arguments used by sceptics and debunkers.


1. The image is too blurry.


          Ans - If you take a photo of a car moving fast it blurs but it's still a photo of a car.


2. It's just a rock.


Ans – Fossils are rocks.

Ans – Rocks do not have limbs, teeth, nasal cavities or symmetrical eye sockets.


3. There's no life on Mars.


Ans – No one has yet come forth with any evidence to prove that there's no life, but there is a lot to suggest that there is or was life on Mars in the past.


4. There's no atmosphere on Mars.


Ans – There is but (we are told) it's quite thin with 0.5 percent oxygen.

Ans – The air would be more dense in these low altitude craters.

Ans – Small creatures can breath very low quality air and plants breath carbon dioxide.


5. It looks like a rock.


Ans – Animals use camouflage and try to blend in with their surroundings.

Ans – NASA use colour filters that make everything look the same and blend together. This can be partially overcome by white balancing and enhancing the contrast on the image.


6. Pareidolia, faces in the clouds.


Ans – This may be the case with some Mars researchers but the artefacts on Mars are solid and are photographed from multiple angles using different cameras often on different days. Hard to relate to faces in the clouds but this is one of the most common arguments used by sceptics.


7. Photos are not evidence.


Ans – One photo may not be, but when you have hundreds with animal skulls and artefacts then it must be considered as evidence.

Ans – CCTV photos have often been used as evidence to convict criminals. These are often very low quality images, many even in black and white.


8. There's no water on Mars.


Ans - There is liquid water in the deep craters of Mars. NASA say there is 2 percent water but that may just be in that particular rock sample taken. There is also a lot of ice in the polar regions that melts in the warmer months.


9.  It's too cold for life.


Ans – Small creatures could burrow to escape the very cold nites, hibernate in winter and feed in the warm days that reach over 70 degrees. They could extract water from plant material or dig for it.


10.  Why do these creatures look like ours?


Ans – Why shouldn't they? Some look quite different but many look similar. If they evolved on a similar planet with similar conditions then why not?

Ans – We may also be missing some very different creatures that we fail to recognize as they are too alien for our rather narrow concepts of life.



Most of these arguments are irrelevant if you except that there was life in the distant past when the atmosphere was like Earths with lots of water. Some smaller creatures like rodents and reptiles may have survived and adapted to the new and harsh environment.


Intelligent life may have come and gone already on Mars and we may be the result of a mass migration from a disaster torn planet around 500,000 years ago.

Life on Earth may have been kick started by a Mars meteorite billions of years ago.

This is now the view of many scientists.


Joseph White - Editor - ArtAlienTV -