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Matching Surface Objects - New Mars City Found? July 2012 - Mars Pyramids - Mars Trees - Mars Lakes

Every mission to Mars ends up with some controvercy of one type or other.

Usually the other

I have found two matching objects on the Mars surface. These were photographed by different unmanned Mars rovers in different craters 4,500 km appart. One is in the "Victoria Crater", the other in the "Gusev Crater". (See article at the bottom of page) I have also found what look like more buildings in the "Aram Chaos" rergion and also in the "Hydaspis Chaos" region. They may well be natural features but they are rectangular and hundreds of meters in length.

Straight edges and rectangular rocks simply don't happen in nature, at least not on Earth.

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(Above image) Mars, Uranius Platera.

Here's a good example of the different efects of light in this composite image. The right half of the image was taken at a different time making it look like a crater. Where as the left side looks like a dome or plateaux.

The images of Mars are mainly taken by sattelites and are joined up in long strips. These joins and light effects often look confusing and can distort many interesting features.

Kasei Valles Region - City perhaps - Enhanced Kasei Valles Region - City perhaps - Enhanced c

(Above images) Mars - Kasei Valles - Region.

Some curious features here. They may be natural features but they look much like a city.


This region is well worth a look. These structures are in between two huge river valleys

(right image) in a massive river delta. This area would have been almost surrounded by water in the past. A great place to build a city stronghold.

Kasei Valles Region - River Delta e

There seems to be some dispute about the actual temperature on Mars. As we know averages can be misleading.


Differing values have been reported for the average temperature on Mars, with a common value being −55 °C (−67 °F).

Surface temperatures have been estimated from the Viking Orbiter Infrared Thermal Mapper data; this gives extremes from a warmest of 27 °C to −143 °C (81 to −225 °F) at the winter polar caps.

Actual temperature measurements from the Viking landers range from −17.2 °C (1.0 °F) to −107 °C (−161 °F).


This is misleading as the temperature in the equatorial regions would be much more stable.

We know that there are life forms on earth that live inside nuclear reactors and on deep ocean thermal vents. Intelligent life would probably have to have moved under ground where there would be liquid water and protection from the severe temperature changes and massive dust storms.

Bacteria and other microbial life can survive frozen for thousands or even millions of years. Below we have more differing answers.

The temperature is typically about -63 C (-81 F). However, the equatorial regions of Mars may occasionally reach temperatures of up to 30-40 C (50-68 F), while during the long polar nights, the temperature can fall to around -120 C (-184 F). Suffice it to say, it gets cold. Depending on Mars orientation to the Sun (Year) and it's axial rotation (Day) it's temperature can vary.


Min: 186 K, −87°C, -125°F

Max: 293 K, +20°C, +68°F

Mean: 210 K, -63°C, -81.5°F



Differing values have been reported for the average temperature on Mars, with a common value being −55 °C (−67 °F).

Surface temperatures have been estimated from the Viking Orbiter Infrared Thermal Mapper data; this gives extremes from a warmest of 27 °C to −143 °C (81 to −225 °F) at the winter polar caps.

Actual temperature measurements from the Viking landers range from −17.2 °C (1.0 °F) to −107 °C (−161 °F).                Wikipedia

30 - 40 C is actually 86 - 104 F. So you can see that many so called wiki sites are totally wrong, misleading and muddying the water further as do NASA and the ESA with doctored de-inhanced images.  - Trust no-one!

Mars Structures 5 c neg Elysium pyramid, photographed by Mars Reconnaissan Mars Trees 3 City Structure - Mars Mars - City Structures 4 e2 Mars - City Structures 4 e Mars Structures 5.jpeg More Trees 4 Trees - Mars.jpeg Sinton Crater 2 e.jpeg City Structure - Mars - neg

(Above images) Mars - Between Arsinoes Chaos & Eurium Chaos regions. These strange natural structures stretch for thousands of km around the equatorial regions of the planet.

They are typical Mars features but if you look hard enough then rectangular and triangular shapes can be found amongst the chaotic geological features as you can see in the left centre of this negative image above right.

(Above images) Mars - North Polar Dunes - Inuvik Crater region.

There are massive areas of dunes and salt flats in the polar regions of Mars. Some of the areas look like rather sparse forests as you can see here in above left image.

In the central left image are some strange tree like formations. Bare in mind the massive sand storms on the planet. This may cause mounds of sand to form around the base of anything that sticks up. That may be what we have here.

The question is are they trees?

On the right above image you can see some very strange structures. These trees or crystaline pilars form lines that spread over a wide area.  

(Above images) Mars - Sinton Crater - East quadrant.

Enhanced images. Discovered 2/7/2012.


This looks like a buried building. Particularely the rectangular structures on the centre right of this image.

They may well be natural of course.

Keep looking, there's loads of stuff like this on the surface. Much of it is hardly visible untill you enhance the contrast by around 20 to 40%

More Trees 4 - neg Sinton Crater 3c

(Above images) Mars - Asuga Valles region. These look like some strange city structures in the eqautorial Asuga Valles region. It looks like the area is almost completely covered in sand and mud slides though.

Are they are natural river features that happen to be layed out like a city? Yes.

These may be the source of the "Mars Canals" stories from 17th & 18th century astronomers.

(Above images) Mars - Strange building structures. The above right image here is a negative of the one on the left.

I often think that the images that we are drip fed by NASA/JPL are in fact negatives. So when we change them to neg we are actually seeing the image as was supposed to have been viewed. Try it.

(Above image) Mars - Pyramid structure.

The above image is supposed to be a natural rock formation according to NASA and the ESA.

To me it looks like a very eroded pyramid that is partially burried in sand.

Structures on mars are probably many thousands of years older than those on Earth so should be viewed accordingly.

Mars Cross Structure - South of Hydaspis Chaos.jpeg

(Above images) The Mars Cross - Central Station - Between Hydaspis Chaos & Aureum Chaos regions. Found 3-7-2012.

I found this curious structure and have dubbed it the "Mars Cross" (Central Station) for obvious reasons. It has a staggering 26.3 km diameter from east to west of the circular outer ring. It looks like a natural structure but it's a real oddity.

The above right image is up the right way, oriented north. The other 2 are on the left upturned to show the CND like symbolism.

3 Rectangular Buildings - Mars - 4-7-2012 e

(Above image) 3 Rectangular Buildings - Aram Chaos region - North east qaudrant. The top left rectangular structure is 230 metres wide. Bottom right 270 meters.


The resolution of most of the Google Mars image strips is to low to get any real detail of any thing less than about 500 metres in size.


The Google Mars Jpegs of the surface have been compressed so as to make further and closer inspection rather difficult.

This was probably intentional.

This way only very large building structures can be seen, if you know what to look for that is. Like the Aram Castle images.

(Previous page)

Rectangular Building 3 - River valley e

(Above images) 3 Rectangular Buildings - Aram Chaos region - North qaudrant. 42 km west of the buildings in the left image.These are in what looks like a river valley. The left building type structure is 170 meters in length. It may well be a more recent structure as this area was probably flooded in the past. It may just be a rock worn down by water erosion. It's too small to tell.


(Below image) The structures are in the top right of this image of the river valley just below the icon.

Rectangular Building 3 e r Rectangular Building 3 - In river valley uninhanced image e

(Above video) MARS ALIEN CASTLE: New Alien Buildings Found on Google Mars 2013: Whores of Babylon Jihad". Full HD - More info on this castle structure on the previous page.



Mars Cross - upturned e Mars Cross - Central Tube Station e

Mars Cross - Central Station ?

Mars Trees ?

Pixelated Area - Aram Chaos region 58 x 19 km Possible Structure 1 e

(Above images) This is another rectangular structure similar to the Whites Castle - Aram - in the article on the previous page. It's not as clear but it does show simetry. Hydaspis Chaos region - Mars.

These mountans are in a huge depression and are aproximately at minus 3000 metres. Eye altitude is 3.7 km. (largest image)


(Above left centre image) Close up and enhanced version. The Whites Castle - Hydaspis. It is  - 1.5 km  x 1 km.

Like the Aram Castle images on the previous page it seems to have internal rectangular shapes although it'sburied in deep sand. If it is a building or buildings then it looks about the same age as Aram.


(Above centre right image) Hydaspis Castle is at the top centre of this large image with what looks like a settlement ih the lower left on an adjacent mountain side.

(Top right image) Close up enhanced clip of the possible settlement.

Rectangular structure - Hydaspis Chaos region e

Whites Castle - Hydaspis. Another large structure 1.5 km in length. Discovered 23/7/2012 -

Hydaspis Castle in situ Hydaspis Sattlement e

(Above image) Mars - Aram Chaos region.

Huge pixelated out area - 58 x 19 km.

This is close to the Aram Castle area in that article. (previous page)

Are they trying to hide something?

Why do these always seem to appear in the most intersting places on Mars? They do the same on Earth in places like Nazca in Peru. 

See the Nazca Lines page for more.

More Anomalies  - Aram Chaos Region

Mars rocks with statue - large skull + large objec Gusev crater object - Mars Spirit image e

(Above image) Mars Object -

Victoria Crater - Cape St Vincent. Mars Opportunity - Sol 1167 image clip.


Part of the image near to the "Mars Ejector Seat" on the previous page. Animal shell, crash debris or natural rock?

(Above image) Mars Object - Gusev Crater.

Mars Spirit - image clip.


Compare this to the image left. The same sandwich shape as the left image, less damaged and eroded but the same size.

Thousands of miles appart but both craters are in the equatorial region.

Snap! Similar Mars Surface Objects - 4,500 km Appart. Similarity Discovered: 7/7/2012

(Left images) Mars - Matching Objects.

This is quite an extraordinary discovery.

Two matching objects so far appart.

The odds against that are absolutely staggering. Unless of course these are sea shells of some discription.

They seem far too symatrical to be shells though.

If they are aircraft parts as I suspect then the aircraft must have been extremely common at some point in the past.

This discovery may well be proof of past life on Mars.

Whether these are shells or machined parts. Either way it proves life of some sort does it not? - 2012 - 2012