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Mars 2013: Crash Site - Missile Debris Field - Gale Crater - New Mars Anomalies.

Before you say anything - some of these images may just be unusual rocks, but most of them certainly are not.

You decide.

If there was ever any doubts about Alien artefacts or UFO's on Mars then I hope these images will help quell them.

All these images have been taken directly from the NASA website. You can follow the link below and copy the images yourself and get the same or better results than I just did.

Fill your boots before they notice this UFO crash debris and "extensive proof of life on Mars" evidence.

These images are undebunkable proof of both previous and present life in Gale Crater. Deal with it Earthlings.

These images below are taken from the Gale Crater photo at this NASA webpage >

The only photo processing is +15% contrast & brightness on these images and

sharpened a little on some unless stated otherwise.

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Gale Crater - Mars Curiosity Images. Alien Crash Site.

(Left image) This large Mars artefact looks manufacured with cables and machine parts hanging out of it.

Gale Crater - The Crash Debris Field

(Above image) This image looks very much like a crash site with the nose section at the right of the picture.

(Above image) This image looks very much like the nose of a missile or some kind of aircraft perhaps. 


There is crash debris throughout the Gale Crater images with high concentrations in certain areas like this one. Metal parts would be preserved almost indefinately due to the less than 1% oxygen in the atmosphere and the lack of water.


The perfect conditions to preserve what looks like a massive disaster area like you would expect to see after a tsunami or other event.

(Left image) This downed missile from Iraq has some of its guts hanging out and looks similar to the Mars image on the far left.

(Left image) This new Mars image clip looks like some more crash debris with squashed metal fusalage and a square object to the right of the image.


(Right image) This has some interesting machined parts in it.

This looks like animal fossills mixed in with the crash debris. Typical of this area.

0186MR0927041000E1_DXXX - Mars crash site e 0186MR0927041000E1_DXXX - Mars crash site e2 0186MR0927041000E1_DXXX - Mars crash site e4 Missile debris - Iraq 0186MR0927041000E1_DXXX - Mars crash site e6 0186MR0927041000E1_DXXX - Mars crash site e5 0186MR0927041000E1_DXXX - Mars crash site e3

(Left image) This is my favourite clip.

It shows what looks like a gun camera or some sort of imaging equiptment like you might find on a guided missile or military jet fighter.

The shoe of it on the lower left looks like it should slot into something.

Certainly not just a rock.


(Below image) A typical gun camera of the sort used from the 1940's to the 1960's.

gun camera 2 e bf109 camera fitting e

(Above image) Gun camera being fitted to a BF-109 back in World War 2

See more wreckage, an unexploded bomb and interesting debris on the next page - >>>

Gale Crater - UFO Crash Debris - The Smoking Gun Camera.