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Mars 2013: Fossils, Stone Tools, Carved Artefacts, Mummified Corpses & Boat Wreckage.

Before you say anything - some of these images may just be unusual rocks, but many of them certainly are not.

You decide.


Compare these images to the ones on the - Alien Mars 2013: Skulls - page.

If there was ever any doubts about Alien artefacts on Mars then I hope these images will help quell them.

All these images have been taken directly from the NASA website. You can follow the links below and copy the images yourself and get the same or better results than I just did. There are animal bones, fossilized starfish, dinosaur skulls, animal parts, mummified corpses and even an unexploded bomb in Gale Crater. There are also some carved objects that look like something you might find in ancient Egypt or Greece. This is Alien Art folks! Enjoy it.

These 4 images below are taken from the Gale Crater photo at this NASA webpage >

The only photo processing is +20 % contrast & brightness on these images and

sharpened a little on some unless stated otherwise. The bluer images have been enhanced using "one step photo fix" in Paintshop Pro but are from the same master image in the NASA image link above.

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Gale Crater - Mars Curiosity Images - Fossilised Bones. 11/3/2013

Gale Crater - The Mars Finger - The Tools.

(Above image) This image looks very much like some fossilized toes from a dinosaur or large lizard.

(Above image) This looks like a manufactured object. You can clearly see a drill hole to the right of it.

(Above image) This looks very much like a stone or copper chisel of the type used in ancient Egypt.

The Devil's in the detail.

(Left image) You can see what looks like an animal carving here. Perhaps a rabbit type creature.


(Right image) This has some interesting artefacts that look like part of a broken statue.

(Above image) Is this a fossilized starfish? Compare it to the image near the top of the page and the one left.

0173MR0926095000E1_DXXX - Mars - dinosaur toes 1 e 0173MR0926095000E1_DXXX - Mars - Manufactured obje 0173MR0926095000E1_DXXX - Mars - Beak fossil 1 e 0173MR0926095000E1_DXXX - Mars object 3 e

(Above image) This looks like a fossilized bird skull with beak or perhaps a large sea shell.

(Above image) This looks like a fossilized star fish or similar sea creature.

0003ML0000125000E1_DXXX - Mars -Stone tool 2e 0003ML0000125000E1_DXXX -Mars - Stone tool e 0003ML0000125000E1_DXXX - Mars - The finger e

(Above image) This also looks very much like a small stone or copper chisel.

Perhaps these tools were used to carve some of the artefacts below.

(Above image) This looks very much like a human finger. The question is whether it's a fossil or a carved part of a broken statue. It could also be a fossilized mollusc of some description.

The thing is with this image is that everyone forgot to look at the rest of the source photo. If they had they might have found the stone-age tools on the above right images.

These images above are taken from the Gale Crater photo at this NASA webpage >

Gale Crater  - Art from the planet Mars. 11/3/2013

0173MR0926098000E1_DXXX -  Mars object 1 0173MR0926098000E1_DXXX -  Mars objects - 2 e 0173MR0926098000E1_DXXX -  Mars objects - Arrrowhe 0173MR0926098000E1_DXXX -  Mars objects - Bones e 0173MR0926098000E1_DXXX -  Mars objects - Carved 2 0173MR0926098000E1_DXXX -  Mars objects - Carved 3 0173MR0926098000E1_DXXX -  Mars objects - Carved e 0173MR0926098000E1_DXXX -  Mars objects - Shoe e 0173MR0926098000E1_DXXX -  Mars objects - bone e

(Left image) You can see what looks like carving here in this enhanced image. This is art. Alien art from the planet Mars.

Astonishing stuff. It looks a little Mayan or Olmec in style. It seems to have rivet holes. Maybe it's bolted to the rock like a sign.


(Right image) Some interesting artefacts that look like part of a broken statue or carved monument.

(Left image) You can see what looks like more carving here.

My guess is that this is part of the broken artefacts in image above right and left.


(Right image) Fossilized shoe or carved foot from a broken statue?

It could just be a rock.

(Right image) Fossilized bones. They look like foot and toe bones.

(Left image) You can see what looks like an arrowhead here.

It still looks sharp whatever it is.

It acually seems a bit more like a harpoon spear head or missile fin part.


(Right image) Fossilized animal bones of some description.


Strange water eroded rock or fossilized bone?


These 10 images above are taken from the Gale Crater photo at this NASA webpage >

stenyxor stoneage tools e fos_019 starfish e

(Above image) Fossilized starfish from earth. These come in a huge variety on Earth. I would expect at one time the same would have been true on Mars.


(Right image) Fossilized bones.

These are pre Human foot/toe bones.

Utahraptor foot fossil.

(Above image) This is a Utahrapter dinosaur foot.

The toes on the left look more crocodile like than dinosaur.

0173MR0926098000E1_DXXX - Mars Carved Artefact - e 0198MR1007062000E1_DXXX - Large jaw bone with teeth e 0198MR1007062000E1_DXXX - Animal head 2e 0198MR1007062000E1_DXXX - Animal mummy e 0198MR1007062000E1_DXXX - Very strange object e 0198MR1007062000E1_DXXX - Crash debris 2e 0198MR1007062000E1_DXXX - Animal carcass e 0198MR1007062000E1_DXXX - Animal jaw bone & shiny 0198MR1007062000E1_DXXX - Animal leg e 0198MR1007062000E1_DXXX - Bomb e 0198MR1007062000E1_DXXX - Bomb e2 0198MR1007062000E1_DXXX - Bone 1e 0198MR1007062000E1_DXXX - Crash debris e 0198MR1007062000E1_DXXX - Crash debris e2 0198MR1007062000E1_DXXX - Object e 0198MR1007062000E1_DXXX - Very strange objects e 0198MR1007062000E1_DXXX - Strange rocks e

Gale Crater - Fossilized Amimal Parts - Mummified Corpses - Crash Debris & Unexploded Bombs? 12/3/2013

These 16 images above and the many in the slide show below above are all taken from the Gale Crater photo at this NASA webpage >

(Above image) Is this mummified animal head? You can see the mouth on the left, eye in middle and ear on the upper right. Nice.

Enhanced image on left.

(Above image) Is this the jaw bone of a large equatic dinosaur or swordfish?

It looks like one to me.

(Above image) Is this mummified animal corpse? It has what looks like a tail or long leg on the left with body and limbs on the right of the image. A squid?

(Above image) Is this mummified animal corpse? It looks organic. It may be a mummified body of an eqautic creature.

If only NASA would release higher res images.

(Above image) Is this mummified animal leg? It looks like the limb of a bird or dinosaur on the right here.

(Above image) Is this another jaw bone of a large equatic dinosaur or swordfish?

This looks like the other jaw bone of the swordfish in the previous image.

(Above image) There are some strange rocks here. The problem is with mummified or fossilised body parts is that they get fragmented and broken, making identification hard. Especially when zooming in to JPEG images taht are not very high res.

(Above image) Is this some ship or aircraft wreckage in the centre and top left. It also has a bomb or rocket at the bottom of this clip.

(Above image) Is this an unexploded bomb? Compare to image right.

(Above and right image) Is this some crashed boat or aircraft wreckage. There are definate manufactured parts on show here.

Astonishing stuff.

(Above image) These objects are all from one source image and are all within about 50 metres of each other.

See the image link below.

(Above and right image) Is this some crashed boat or aircraft wreckage. There are definate manufactured parts on show here also.


(Above and left image) Crashed boat or aircraft wreckage. There are manufactured parts on show here again. No doubt about it. What they are from is anybodies guess.


(Above and right images) More surface anomalies. The one on the left looks like a large bone joint. The right image is unclear,

I will try to enhance it more.


bombs 1 0198MR1007062000E1_DXXX - Animal head 2e enhanced

These images all contain proof of life on Mars - either past or present.

There are mummified animals and fossils of many creatures including octopuss's, squid, birds, dinosaurs and marine mammals. Many of these are yet to be identified or classified.

There is also wreckage of boats and or aircraft in these pictures as in the photos above.

I have included the raw unprocessed version of each image clip so you can see what enhancements I have applied to them. They appear at the start of each set of 4 or 5 images. 


Below are two of my latest videos bout Mars. There are many more on my YouTube channel.

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