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Mercury Anomalies - Buildings

(Above and left images)

Hexagonal craters on the surface of Mercury.

Not natural features by any means.

(Above image) Two pyrimidal structures side by side in this crater on Mercury. Check the perfectly triangular shadows.

(Above image) Two pyrimidal structures side by side in crater on Mercury. Cropped version.

A photo analysis of Mercury conducted on November 17, 2012 discovered a possibly alien made rectangular doorway in the planet surface. This giant doorway is believed to be the gate to enter some kind of an alien base within the planet.


Scott C. Warring, founder of UFO Sightings Daily, was looking over some Mercury photos obtained from the NASA website.

When analyzing the rough mercury surface, his attention was caught by the unusual black object, which is long and rectangular in shape, with four perfect angle corners.


In his post on UFO Sightings Daily, Waring posted several photos. He enlarged and marked the object, and indeed it is very similar to a giant black door. The form and the lines are in an almost perfect rectangular shape, so it seems impossible if this door is made by natural causes.


“The object resembles a door. And the line and corners are perfect.  It seems to have been made by ancient aliens. The other possibility is that cube-shaped meteors are pummelling the planet, which is almost impossible,” Waring explained.


These findings add to the mystery of Mercury. This, the tiniest planet in the universe, has been famous for having many mysteries that attract a lot of scientists to do research. Scientists often describe Mercury as the wonderfully dynamic planet.


One of the Mercury’s mysteries is its unusual volcanic history, with several thick volcanic mud floods on the surface. This planet also has a famous mass concentration, formed by asteroid fusion. The other special phenomena found on Mercury are its hollow surface. Even today, we don’t know how the hollows in the surface were formed. It remains one of the planet’s mysteries.


Scientists, through the robot satellite Messenger (Mercury Surface, Space Environment, Geochemistry and Ranging) once revealed that Mercury is made up of various substances.

The satellite photos taken from Messenger discovered that a bright sediment, thought to be water, lies under the dark area of the planet.


Waring’s latest finding may be related to scientist findings that say Mercury’s interior has many deep layers. And there is a possibility that one or two layers are inhabited by alien life forms. Waring, calculating that the doorway is 5.6km long, said, “This object is a giant doorway, made by aliens as a gate to enter some kind of civilization or base. It is big enough for giant ships to travel through.”


Waring’s theory is somewhat supported by the fact that in December 2011, NASA’s Heliospheric Imager-1 telescope captured the strange unidentified object approaching Mercury; moments after the sun had finished its coronal ejection. The strange giant object was heading towards Mercury. Many people believed that the object was an alien ship.


Article from: The Canadian - 8-2-2013

Mercury Anomalies - Base Entrance?

(Left video) Alien Base Entrance Discovered On Mercury? 2012 HD


An intersting vid this but it could wll be a JPEG anomaly or more likely a JPL mask/cover job to cover up something that should not be there.







alien-entrance-mercury e

(Left images) This image of Mercury is a portion of the MDIS global mosaic basemap that was acquired during Messengers’s first year in orbit.


To the right (Victoria Rupes Cliffs) we can cleary see an un-natural anomaly, as nature never creates straight lines, ever!


The scale is 5.6km long or 3.4 miles, that is gigantic. Could this be an entrance/exit or the black rectangular area has been placed by NASA onto the image to hide a structures up there?


(Left video) Organic Material and Ice found on Planet Mercury by Scientists


An informative video showing ice distribution in the polar regions of Mercury.





I cant find much info on this building structure inside a hexagonal crater on the surface of Mercury.


It may well be a natural feature but seems to be far to simetrical for that.


It looks like an intelligent structure.

The question is who built it?

Hexagonal craters on the surface of Mercury.

These strange craters seem to be everywhere in the solar system, not just on this small planet but on our Moon and others.


There doesn’t seem to be an agreed explanation for these hexagonal


Not one that I have found yet that is.

Mercury Anomalies - Hexagon Craters

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Murcury Anomalies - Buildings - Hexagon Craters - Alien Base?

Mercury is a strange little planet. It’s very similar to our Moon in sructure but it’s very close to the Sun.

UFO’s have been seen in its vicinity in recent months and there is speculation of a base below its surface.

Often ignored, it’s hard to find out much other than the usual contradictory info on these surface anomalies.

Hexagon Crater - Iapetus

Mercury is making a rare appearance on our news recently. This planet has some strange features that are suddenly getting more scrutiny for some reason.

(Left video) Amazing huge cloaked UFO next to Mercury MUST SEE!!!


Huge cloaked UFO next to Mercury on SECCHI HI1-A on 12/01/11, appears when a CME hits it. Go to SECCHI and record this before it disappears.



Here's the link




huge-ufo-filmed-next-to-mercury cloaked-ufo-next-to-mercury-1 Mercury - 2 pyramidal building structures in crater c e Mercury - 2 pyramidal building structures in crater e Mercury hexagonal craters e Mercury hexagon craters - e Mercury - Crashed UFO e Mercury - Crashed UFO e2

(Above and right images) New Mercury image from NASA. Is this a crashed UFO? See the official blurb below.

Heres the link for the full size image >

Explanation: What is that strange material on Mercury? When flying by Mercury last October, the robotic MESSENGER spacecraft imaged much of the solar system's innermost planet in unprecedented detail. As common in science, new data bring new mysteries. Pictured above on the lower right, a large crater -- about 100 kilometers across -- has unusual dark material of unknown composition near its center. The material's darkness does not appear to be caused by shadows, as the Sun was near zenith when the image was taken.

One origin hypothesis is that the dark material was uncovered from beneath Mercury's surface during the impact that created the surrounding crater.

If so, the composition of the dark mound might be similar to the composition of some mysterious dark rings also recently discovered on Mercury. Alternatively, the dark material could be related to an unusual composition of the impacting rock. MESSENGER will buzz past Mercury again later this year before entering orbit in 2011.