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C.(Above video) Noiselab Project - Master of the Universe -(2010)


Alien bases,towers and UFO's. Moon Conspiracy. 480p (HD version available)


The Apollo missions UFO's and buildings that were photographed by the astronauts -

Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and others with some more recent Google images of moon anomalies in Tycho Crater.

The music "Master of the Universe" was written and performed by the "Noiselab Project" is owned by them and and is subject to copyright 2011.





Highly Recommended.**********

D.(Above video) Soundisciples - Russian Roulette - (2007/1999)


From one of our live concerts back in 1999.





E.(Above video) Soundisciples - Reject (2002)



Recorded in The Inferno - Night Club - Bristol.





A.(Above) Riders on the Storm - The Doors - (Soundisciples Version) 2012 HD


I get to show my Jimi Hendrix impersonation skills here. Hendrix was friends with Jim Morrison - I often wondered what would have happened had they colaberated whilst sober. Maybe something like this arangement perhaps.


Featuring Andy Couzens (Rock Lord) on vocals - Myself/Joe White on guitars & Julian Gobz Hill on keyboards and beats.

This is dedicated to the over half a million deserters from the US army during the Vietnam war.



Here are some music videos that I have produced with my band the Soundisciples.

There are also some by The Whores of Babylon and Noiselab Project. I play guitar for all these outfits.

Ther are many more where these came from with more new ones to come. Watch this "Drum & Space" Earthlings!


There is a LARGE selection of new videos that I have compiled on YOUTUBE. Please subscribe to my new channel

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F.(Above video) The Whores of Babylon - The Whip - (1996 Version)



Still like this one.





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G.(Above video) Noiselab Project - Doodlebug.mpg



Experimental tune that harks of Teutonic Techno & Industrial vibes !





H.(Above video) Noiselab Project - The Engineer

( made using Heavyocity Evolve )


A Bio-Mechanical Industrial Bomb-Blastic experience ! heh heh . Made mainly using Pro Tools with the Kontakt Sampler and the Heavyocity Evolve Library, also used is Linplug MorphoX



I.(Above video) Spandau Ballet - To Cut a Long Story Short (cover)


This cover is kind of an Electro/Goth/Industrial cover version of a famous 80`s Spandau Ballet song and was made in 2007 by Noiselab Project a band by the minds behind Whores of Babylon & Soundisciples. Yet to be officially released it has become a popular at 80`s/Gothic club nights in the city of Bristol, UK