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My Proposal:


There is such a massive number of lines at Nazca that some are bound to line up with various star constalations. They seem to point just about everywhere.

The animal pictograms do point to water locations and were used in rituals involving thousands of people.


What I propose is that the long straight lines

are evidence of surface mining.

They may have initially had little or no relation

to the large animal drawings which were

probably made much later.

Nazca Lines and Open Cast Mining

There are three standard theories about the Nazca Lines. I propose a new one.

The standard theories are basically - 1. Astranomical Alignments  2. Ancient Aliens  3. Underground Water Locations.

Whilst it is now clear that the pictograms were used in ritual presessions and also point to water, it's a little more complex when you look at the huge straight lines. Some of which are 9 miles in length. I propose that this surface rock was taken and melted down in a large mining operation thousands of years ago  and may have been one of the largest industrial sites in the world. It could have supplied huge amounts of copper, iron and gold to support civilisations in South and Central America and perhaps even Egypt.

Home Figure-67.-palpa_211 Nazca palpa_runway Nazca



These enormous levelled mountains of Nazca - Peru were supposedly chipped away with obsidian tools.

(According to conventional science that is) A substance much like flint. It's just laughable.

To me it looks more like they were cut away with some massive mining ship like in the recent film

Cowboys & Aliens. Perhaps Nazca is where the idea for that comic/film initially came from.

I agree with the theory that some the lines represent constalations and may point to underground water sources but that still can't explain the sheer size of these mountain excavations. Don't get distracted by the nice animal depictions.

They were probably made later to try and persuade the ancient miners to come back, much like the cargo cults in the Pacific in WWII when tribesmen built dummy runways and aircraft to try and attract the US airforce to come back to their isolated islands bearing gifts.


My suspected location for where these Nazca suface miners possibly came from is Pumu Punku. It has the most advanced stone masonry in the world that has blatant signs of intricate machining and prefabrication on an industrial scale. Pumu Punku has been estimated by some at around 17.000 years old but is probably a lot older.

See more on Pumu Punku on the Ancient Alien Video page  - video A.


Cargo Cults


The term cargo cult describes the phenomenon of natives from the islands of Melanesia in the South Pacific. During WWII, the islands of Melanesia served as a staging areas for temporary military operations.

The natives of the islands observed everything that the allied forces were doing and, more importantly, also observed that with the allied force’s came valuable cargo.

These natives had little or no knowledge of the civilized world from which this cargo came, but instead incorrectly correlated the actions of the foreigners with the pre-requisites for obtaining the cargo they so desired.  

After the war ended and the allied troops left the island, the cargo then ended. There were no more shipments of the riches that the cargo represented (food, cigarettes, clothing and alcohol), so the natives did what they assumed would bring this cargo back.

To entice the return of the cargo they duplicated the actions of the foreigners that were so successful in obtaining such items.


So in light of their mistaken beliefs they built dirt runways, bamboo control towers, offices and planes, sewed crude uniforms, and even crafted bamboo headsets in their effort to entice the return of the cargo.

These natives learned the foreigners ‘rituals’ very well, performing them over and again in hopes that planes would return full of booze, cigarrettes and other lovely goodies.

march - cargo cult cargo cult

(Left) A dummy aeroplane built of grass.


(Right) Tribesmen mimic US troops many years after their departure.


(Far right) Looking skyward the tribesmen still hope for the return of the Allied cargo. Someone please tell them!

(Above image) No debris was left after this moutain was leveled. Where did it go? If it was an open cast mine then the rubble would have been removed for processing. Was it the ice age glacier that leveled it? Probably.

nazca mining company

This image on the left is a clip from the Nazca Mining Company website, home page. Gold and copper is about to be mined from the area on a much greater scale. Check the site out. It contains some interesting information on the mineral deposits of the region.

Could it be that this area was mined on an industrial scale in the distant past by a culture that used massive machines.

Did excavators take the easy to remove surface deposits in these long straight lines. This could explain the huge runway like strips.

The surface rocks could have been cleared by hand of course but this was removed on an industrial scale over thousands of square miles. Did human or mechanical conveyor belts stretch miles towards collection points which in turn could be transported to smelting areas for processing?

Mining The Nazca Gold

Landing strip or open mine? Companies today are queing up to reap the gold and copper on the Nazca plain.

Have the Nazca Mining Company inadvertantly given away the answer that people have been looking for since the 1920's when the the first modern airplane flew over the area. Did the local population use the surface rocks themselves as offerings to the gods after the mining gods had left. Did they arrange the rocks in nice piles during a ceremonial procession after creating the animal and other shapes in such a way as to make them easier for the gods to collect. Like the Melanesian cargo cults of World War Two making offerings in an attempt to persuade the cargo gods back with their precious supplies of food and other highly desirable items.

Mining for gold and copper is going up a gear on the Nazca plain. History repeating itself? Was it mined by an advanced culture in the past?

earth magnetosphere nazca spider

Who were the civilization that mined this gold on what looks like a huge scale? Were they Mayan, were they Egyptian, were they the giants of ancient local legends or were they from another planet as some people think. Were they the people that also built Puma Punku that has the most advanced stone blocks found anywhere on earth. (See the Ancient Aliens Video page, video A. for more on that thread)

It certainly looks ike the local population were trying to communicate with someone from above. Was that above - off planet, or were they from an advanced local culture. Whom ever they were they must have had the power of flight at least in the minimum capacity (Balloons). Puma Punku is probably the key.

(Above) Earth's Magnetosphere.       (Above) Nazca Spider.

Nazca Main Complex - Was it an airport and an open cast gold mine rolled into one?

Trying to lure the cargo back. Year on year.

Glaciers did scour this landscape but why then clear the surface rock deposites away on such a massive scale? Mining!

The spider was used in a ceremonial fashion.

You would walk in at the bottom left, follow the line around exiting the maze back at the bottom left again. The same goes for the other animal shapes on the Nazca plateau. Were they made after the miners had left?


What of all the straight lines that radiate from certain points in the landscape? Were these points collection nodes. If you wanted to get some gold or copper without any deep excavations, you could

with the help of a few thousand locals collect a lot of - easy to pick up surface rocks.


After dumping it at the collection nodes it could then be redirected to a processing area to be melted down. Richer seems of gold would have been mined to a greater and more thorough extent which could explain the differing lengths and widths of these so called "Nazca Lines".

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Aliens surely have vertical landing craft - Why would they need a runway?

(Above video) Digging For The Truth - The Nazca Lines (S1-E10)


Some nice airial views of Nazca in this video. With conventional views explored.

First - Take a look at these videos to get closer look at the unique geology of the area. Then take a look at the usual theories that have been doing the rounds for many years.  - Click on images to enlarge.

pumu punku block diagram

(Above image) Pumu Punku - modular stone blocks. The inspiration for Lego?

The main problem with the Nazca lines is that most people tend to focus on the animal pictograms and not all the other straight lines that actually dominate the area.

As you can see in the photos these long lines join up at certain node points, as stated above.

These look like they should correspond to some star map. Unfortunately no one has been able to match them to a particular star system. (Not yet that is!)

The main problem being that it's such a vast area that it's almost impossible to get a complete overview of this massive moonscape. They certainly look like map projections of some sort. They may even relate to a place on Mars?


The continual lines in the area remind me of an autistic student I taught art to years ago, who drew pictures without taking the pencil off the paper.

Like a pre programmed etching machine, starting in one corner of the page and finishing in the opposite one.


The star like projections are similar to the Peri Reis map of the 16th century.


piri ries map e neg nazca 2 smaller

(Above image) More complex line projections at Nazca. Is this an atempt at communication?


(Right Image) A negative of the Piri Reis Map. It was copied from very ancient sources. (More on that thread on the Atlantis Candidates page.)

19-Lineas-de-Nasca-boeckel e neg smaller nazca  google earth nazca glitch nazca glitch close

(Left) Go to the Nazca Lines Peru and scroll south or put the coordinates into the search box and zoom in.

You will find the Nazca Glitch as I did.


Is it hiding something on the ground or is it just a glitch in the image overlaying process?

Probably the latter!


Similar glitches mask interesting structures on both Google Mars and Moon surface photos. see for yourself on the Mars and Moon pages.

nazca glitch co ords e

Search below here.

Zoom in 1.

Zoom in 2.

Why the big glitch in what is an important archaeological area?

Is this "Google Earth" glitch hiding crucial evidence in Nazca?


(Above image) The Golden Plate - Both Voyager 1 and 2 have one of these. The pictograms are designed to be deciphered by any "extra terrestrial intelligence" that might come accross these space probes that were launched in 1977. Voyager 1 is now about 28 billion miles away.

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