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Russian meteor hit by missile. Or was it a UFO? 15-2-2013

1.(Above video) UFO saved Russia? Incredible Details (Russia meteor explosion)


The question is here is wether it's just a lens flare or are we seeing the meteor being hit by a UFO or missile?


One would expect the Russians to have an advanced air defence system that is at least as good as the Americans.

Although if you look at 9/11 then that ain't saying much now is it.

Did the Russians shoot S-400 missiles at the meteor? Maybe it's a UFO that hits.

There are lens flares on the windscreen of the car and on the camera for sure but the object in question appears just behind the meteor then collides with it, hitting at an angle.

The object appears to cause some fragmentation to the meteor but then completely dissapears shortly after.

As usual - dig deeper and make your own mind up!

2.(Above video) Black UFO Hanging near Vapor Trail of Russian Meteor Strike!


Black UFO hanging near vapor trail of last Friday's meteor strike in Russia.


A different angle from the 1st video.


3.(Left video) 

Slowed down version of video 1.


Not just a lens flare then?

4.(Left video) 



What looks like a smoking flying saucer spinning towards the surface on Mars above Gale Crater. The smoke trail behind this tumbling UFO is in a specific pattern as if the unidentified object is spinning out of control and about to crash. Was it shot down? And who shot it? Could it be NASA ?

Is this why so many countries are going to Mars ? Is there an air war above the Martian surface ? Are they using satellites to shoot down alien craft ?


First published on YouTube 25th February 2015.

The Russians have UAV's as do most countries. One can clearly be seen observing the meteor from a stationary position in some of these videos.

It's only a UFO if you are unaware of the existence of unmanned arial vehicles!

The meteor would have slowed down from 40 to around 20,000 MPH as the atmosphere took it's affect on the bus sized object. The pressure building up rapidly on the front of it untill it eventually it imploded much like an atomic bomb. Or was it hit by something? According to witnesses it may have been intercepted.

Ultra- nationalist politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky suggested it was a U.S. missile that blew up over Chelyabinsk, leaving about 3,000 buildings in the industrial city windowless, injuring about 1,000 people with flying glass and causing about $30 million worth of damage.


“These are not meteors falling but Americans testing new weapons,” Zhirinovsky said, according to the RIA Novosti news agency. “Nothing in outer space just falls, it’s all done by people, warmongers, provocateurs.” As with most of Zhirinovsky’s outbursts, it was hard to tell how serious he was. Given many Russians’ instinctive mistrust of Americans, the statement was unlikely to lose him any votes.

This outburst from Zhirinovsky may actually give us a clue as to what the Americans are capable of.

I am not saying this was an American attack but if some Russians are willing to believe this kind of statement then who are we to say. That is their prerogative.


I get annoyed at the way that Russia often gets reported on by the mainstream media in the west.

The predominantly right wing press in Europe and the US treat them much like some primitive culture that has only just discovered electricity.

The truth of the matter is that he Americans are scared of Russia. They have been since WWII.


It is possible that the Americans could disguise a missile as a meteor. They can control aircraft remotely, even commercial airliners after all.

Russian politician claims America is testing new missile over Chelyabinsk.

Why the trust deficit?

Sociologist Lev Gudkov offered some explanation in a scholarly article.

Trust is higher in societies “with stable and open institutional systems,” and lower in societies “with a high level of violence, aggression, an authoritarian or totalitarian form of government.” In repressive societies, “mistrust becomes an important strategic resource for social survival, success and upward mobility.”

Do the Russian people really have as little trust in there society as the Americans do with theirs? The Americans seem on the brink of a civil war - at least in some states.

It's hard to trust anything now. Things are easy to fake. Weapons of the USA are now indistinguishable from UFO tech.

If we were attacked by aliens tomorrow, it would be hard to tell if what we were seeing was actually some American secret weapon or alien tech on display.

Perhaps that's what Zhirinovsky was hinting at. Read between the lines!


One thing that does worry me is that the meteor could have been carrying a deadly virus.


Ancient Aliens: Aliens Plagues and Epidemics - (S3-E7) 44 Mins.


Were the great plagues a symptom of chemical warfare by an advanced race?

Many of these apedemics were preceeded by glowing balls of light and UFO's.

Was this just coinsidence or a deliberate attemt at large scale ethnic cleansing?


How did these viruses travel so quickly around the Earth at a time without modern travel to spread the infection?

Scary stuff.



Viruses are a much greater threat than some UFO or missile.

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Missile strike? Did NASA shoot at the larger meteor (DA14) causing a chunk of it to hit Russia?


5.(Left video) 

Russian Meteor / UFO or Atomic Bomb with Richard Hoagland - 02.16.2013


Comment from Youtube:-


"Meteor 2012 DA14 was shot with a Nuke in outer space and a small piece of it fell to earth the Nuke was shot By NASA to see if they could divert something like this from hitting the Earth". 





Very interesting.*******


What are the odds that two major asteroids would come so close to Earth only a few hours apart and on the same day?

This is the largest airburst over earth since Tunguska in The Ural Mountains back in 1908.


The larger asteroid (DA14) was the biggest object ever to interact with our planet (in living memory) and passed us by a mere 17,200 miles distance.

The 2 objects were on totally different trajectories. But what are the odds of an object falling to earth so close the previous Tunguska impact over a hundred years ago?


If this wasn’t a coincidence then did someone point them towards us?

The trajectory of the meteor that missed us took it from the South Pole north right up towards the North Pole, flying below the satellites around the Earth.


The smaller bus sized object that passed over Chelyabinsk and then exploded over the Ural Mountains came from a completely different angle.

This is statistically impossible according to Richard Hoagland and could be a message from some of our alien relatives in outer space. (Or perhaps even one of the planets in our own solar system)


Here’s a direct quote from an American eye witness on Coast to Coast AM – the day after:


“There were actually two nuclear type flashes which occurred on our location on the south edge of town

and further south from us there is a missile battery...

And going directly over our place, going to the north east were two super big contrails, not very high, maybe 4 to 5000 feet above ground level.


And then I noticed after the flash, there were two flashes, they were approximately 1 minute 40 seconds apart.


And then about... there were two explosions, big bangs, the biggest I’ve ever heard, they only reported one, they were only about 1 minute 10 seconds apart............"



See the video player below (from 24 minutes in) and listen to Bob, an American ex patriot eye

witness living in the town of Chelyabinsk, with his account of a missile strike from

the nearby military base on the unearthly object.

S400 missile system

6.(Left video) 

UFO Engages Russian Meteor? 2013 1080p











Very interesting.*******

(Right image) The S-400 uses 3 different missiles to cover its entire performance envelope. These are the extremely long range 40N6, long range 48N6 and medium range 9M96 missile. Each one has different capabilities.

The S-400's radar is capable of tracking over 100 targets at ranges of over 600 km (370 miles), and engaging up to 12 of these targets at varying ranges, depending on the missile used.

The 40N6 can do a staggering mach 12 = 9132 mph

Operational range: 400 kilometres - Flight ceiling: 185 km

(It could probably do up to 10,000 mph in cold air of low humidity)