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Disaster Probes - Probe TV. 22-10-2011


Is it possible that the reason for UFO’s appearing before and during pivotal events like battles, earthquakes, space flights and volcanic eruptions is that they are recording these events for some sort of reality TV or news program.


It’s possible that in the future we manage to find a way to send a camera probe back in time to major events in history to film them live for a reality TV or news show.


Everything from the Apollo space flights, the twin towers and the recent earthquake in Japan has been probed by what are probably earthlights or possibly actual real probes.

The question is whose probes are they?


Are they from our future or do they belong to someone else?


Geologists call these UFO’s - “Ball Lightening” or “Earthlights”. They are caused by the natural piezo electrical activity in the Earth’s crust as it grinds together under great pressure.


Could some of these UFO probes come from an Alien TV network?

Are they filming us at times of tragedy and upheaval in some distasteful reality program (News) broadcast to Aliens or Ultra Terrestrials that have colonized a near planet or some submarine base on Earth perhaps?


Are they merely recharging their batteries when close to these electro generating Geo Events? 


These Probes have been following aircraft for decades and have been filmed doing so since WWII.

Rockets/aircraft are highly magnetic of course! Every space flight and earthquake you look into has at least one of these probes involved, right in the thick of it.


They have even caused crashes at air shows and have forced airports to close on a number many occasions.


The TV Company involved (if that’s what they are) need to be held to account for these violations.

These broadcasts could be sent out on a totally different frequency from our TV. It could be scrambled or masked with the “white noise” from the big bang.

I’m surprised that the TV Licence van hasn’t picked them up. (joke)


I think I may have stumbled onto something here. Whatever these things are they are attracted to areas with a higher than normal electrical air charge. Geo Energy. Rechargeing or filming? These theories are not mutually exclusive.


There's a huge amount of this free elecrtrostatic energy about and even more concentrated at what I will call "Piezo Nodes".

Areas with greater geological and or magnetic activity - volcanoes - earthquakes - mountains - storms - rocket launch sites - airports and very large buildings such as the Great Pyramid at Giza, power stations and skyscrapers.


It's a bit like ants following a chemical trail. These UFO's are using them as navigational waypoints on a magnetic grid. The piezo nodes are maybe acting like a circuit breaker interacting with UFO's electro magnetic propulsion and guidance systems.

The question you have to ask is - are these probes actually causing

some of these events or are they just observing them?

Disaster Probes & The Watchers of Doom - UFO Media Conspiricies?

Are these probes that are always seen at geo events different to other UFO's or are we just more likely to film them at times of dangerous upheaval as camera crews are drawn in? Are we watching these watchers of doom in some strange cat and mouse scenario?


They must know we are likely to film these events and inadvertantly film them at the same time.

Are they just from an unknown TV company or spy network that is broadcasting pictures to a hidden audience that we don't yet know the location of?

Could we intercept these TV transmissions?


Of course these probes could belong to the CIA or some other clandestine organisation. There are countless examples like these "disaster probe" videos. This is the tip of the iceberg.


Maybe these UFO's are just trying o show themselves to us knowing that cameras will be present at these geo events.

Are we being filmed by an extra or ultra terrestrial TV company that is secretly beaming pictures elsewhere?

Or are these disaster probe UFO's the property of the CIA or somebody else?

They are atracted to disasters all over the world and have been filmed at the Fukushima Tsunami disaster of 2011, the Iceland volcanic eruption of 2010 and also the volacanic eruption in Chili - 2011.

They were also filmed before both the space shuttle disaster and 9/11 debacle.

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1.(Above video) UFO over Volcano Puyehue CHILE, 5 June 2011 (HD 1080)


SANTIAGO - The Puyehue volcano in southern Chile erupted on Saturday after half a century of sleep, forcing the evacuation of 3,500 people and generating a giant cloud of ash that reached neighboring Argentina.

The National Service of Geology and Mining (SERNAGEOMIN) of Chile has announced that the Puyehue erupted in the volcanic complex Caulle cord, caused "an explosion that produces a high gas column height of 10 km about ".

The government ordered in the afternoon the evacuation of some 3,500 people residing in over twenty towns near the volcano, located 870 km south of Santiago, near the Argentine border.

Disaster Probe UFO's. Why are these objects seen all over the world at such "Geo Events" ?

3.(Left video) UFO takes off from Volcanic eruption in Iceland 2010


A nice disaster probe here.

if you can call them nice?



4.(Left video) Lightship UFO over volcano in Iceland - 28 April 2010


A nice disaster probe here.

if you can call them nice?



5.(Left video) UFO = GOKU sighting 1 above Japan tsunami earthquake 480p


A nice disaster probe here.

If you can call them nice?



6.(Left video) Japan Tsunami UFOs March 11, 2011 (MUST SEE)




A nice disaster probe here.

If you can call them nice?



7.(Left video) UFOs over Fukushima, Japan, April 2011



A swarm of disaster probes here.

A stunning compilation of UFO footage before and after the Tsunami.




Watchers of Doom

9.(Left video) Incredible UFO Flies Into Volcano 2012 HD


This is just astonashing.

A huge cylindrical UFO flying into a volacano.


News report about an incredible UFO event over the Popocatepeti Volcano in Mexico. The volcano has been a UFO hotspot for years with hundreds of sightings.

It's been confirmed by nasa scientist that its a ufo. it also flew out a month after it went in and has returned twice since then. in 2011, in Japan two cigar shaped ufos came flying out a volcano as it was erupting also.

14.(Left video) Volcano UFO / OVNI - Daylight Footage


This is cool.


A UFO that was captured flying around a volcano in Costa Rica.


At 0:30 seconds in you will notice the increase of intensity of the light the craft is giving off once inside the smoke and ash from the volcano. It then appears that there is more than one..once in the smoke.


So it seems that these UFO's are drawing some kind of electromagnetic enrgy from these events.

They are recharging their batteries. This would explain the huge numbers of UFO's seen in thunder storms and buzzing around power stations.


Massive amounts of energy is released during such events especially at Fukushima when it exploded.

What this does not explain however is their interest in nuclear missile sites that they have shut down on many occasions both in the US and Russia.

There are hundreds of these reports dating back to the late 1940's.


The increase in such acivity seems to have started with the advent of both nuclear weapons and power stations  but does date back as far as the records go in he most ancient of texts.

Are we being filmed by an extra or ultra terrestrial TV company that is secretly beaming pictures elsewhere?

(Left video) 

Incredible UFO - Sinking of the Costa Concordia, January 15, 2012.


More disaster probes here.

They are everywhere you look.


UFO: Sinking of the Costa Concordia


Since the massive media cover tragedies that shake our world of Unidentified Flying Objects are almost always identified. Sometimes without the knowledge of the authors of these photos and videos.



The Concordia disaster UFO's