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Unidentified Flying Objects from Antarctica, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Denmark, Equador, Finland, France, Hawaii, Holland, Hungary, Iceland, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Japan.

Do you think that the most advanced VTOL aircraft in service is the Harrier or Raptor. Using technology from the 1950's? Think again. The military only show you a fraction of what they've got, there's always more advanced aircraft up their sleeve. All true UFO's fall into 2 catagories of unidentified types. Solid and Plasma. The latter bieng linked to geological activity and ball lightening are usually small glowing orbs that are seen in mountainous regions and just before/after earthquakes and are magnetically atracted to aircraft. Solid UFO's are normally military secret spycraft or UAV's but a lot are seen near water and are USO's. Unidentified Submersable Objects.

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(Above) UFO China. China have been developing stealth tech as well as their own space program. This is probably related.

(Above) UFO's over Sao Paulo - Brazil - 2008


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(Above) Spikey UFO over Sao Paulo - Brazil - 2008. It bares a resemblance to the Focke Wulfe 500-1 designed at the end of WWII. (See the Avialution Page) It may be a modern probe version of that design. Many Nazi scientists did go to Brazil at the end of WWII to develop such craft.

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