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Unidentified Flying Objects from the USA.

UFO's 4 - USA


The oldest UFO photo in the world.

The Battle of Los Angelies 1942.

German disc craft?

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(Left) Ancient Giants And Cosmic Wars -Coast to Coast Am


Lots of info on the real Roswell Crash which was actually at Aztec New Mexico.


Very interesting stuff about Alien bodies from the 36th minute up to 58 minutes. Then - Cattle mutilations from 1:13 Hrs.


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UFO's are a very real phenomina regardless of what we actually think about them. Here is a link to some US military and FBI documents that date back from 1948 up to the 1980s. They are a tiny fraction of the many ducuments relating to UFOs over ICBM sites and air force bases but it gives you an idea of how seriously this was taken by the authorities at the time. The USA being the worlds primary nuclear power seems to have been the main point of interest of these UFO probes over many decades.