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Mars 2013: UFO's - Objects filmed by the Mars Curiosity Rover.

Mars Curiosity has been busy filming on the surface of Mars. It has taken many thousands of images. Some of these images contain UFO's just above the Marshian landscape. It looks like NASA's probe is being probed by somebody else. Are they Marshians? NASA must be annoyed at this. Every mission they've had since the early 1960's has been probed by some UFO. Mars doesn't belong to us. Niether does the Moon it might seem. It's beginning to look like Earth might not be ours either, at least not completely ours that is.

Mars UFO's are being taken more seriously than Earth bound ones.
This is because it's impossible to fake them convincingly. It's also easier for us to deal with psycologically as it is much further away and therefor less disturbing for any paranoid zombie media followers that still think that even North Korea is a threat to western democracy.


Gale Crater - Mars Curiosity tracks UFO's

0194MR1023007000E1_DXXX - UFO's 1e

(Above image) At first I was attracted to the tent shaped rock on the left of the image but then i saw a dot in the Mars sky so I gave my screen a wipe.

0194MR1023007000E1_DXXX - UFO's 1ec2 neg
0194MR1023007000E1_DXXX - UFO's 1ec2

(Above image) After wiping my screen it was still there so I zoomed in and foud thses two UFO's.
I clipped the image and made a negative copy for comparison.

0194ML1023007000E1_DXXX - UFO's have moved e2

(Above image) I then looked lower down and zoomed in and found these two black dots.

0194ML1023007000E1_DXXX - UFO's have moved e2c neg
0194ML1023007000E1_DXXX - UFO's have moved e2c

(Above images) I zoomed further and clipped this image enhanced the contrast, making another negative.

Gale Crater - First I saw one UFO - Then more and more. UFO swarm - Sol 13

(Left image) I then took a look at the next image on the NASA website and saw another black dot in the middle of the sky.

(Right image) I zoomed in close and clipped this delta winged object image, making a negative version again and then an even bigger zoom in.
You can see in the images on the right what the results were.
Is it a bird or a plane?
I thought that was all I was going to find.
See more below >

0013MR0014002000D1_DXXX -  UFO Swarm 1e
0013MR0014002000D1_DXXX ufo e2
0013MR0014002000D1_DXXX -  UFO Swarm 1ec2b
0013MR0014002000D1_DXXX ufo e neg

These images above are taken from the Gale Crater photo at this NASA webpage >

0013MR0014002000D1_DXXX -  UFO Swarm 1ec2

(Above image) I then looked closer at the sky to the right of the delta winged UFO and saw these 3 brightly glowing objects. I then thought to myself that they might be stars or something. (Even though it's daytime on Mars)
So I started looking below the horizon to iliminate the star hypothosis.

0013MR0014002000D1_DXXX -  UFO Swarm 1ec

(Above image) I then took this clip and enhaned it to show them more clearly.
Wow I thought to myself - there's 4 of the little buggers.
Then I looked wider........

0013MR0014002000D1_DXXX - UFO Swarm c neg

(Above image) I then found 9 of them in this part of the photo alone (ther's two just in the sky on the top right here also. You can just make them out.

I made the image negative to show them up better.
That makes 13 UFO's in the whole image. There maybe more.

(Don't count the 4 UFO's in the above image as they are in this one also)

0013MR0014002000D1_DXXX -  UFO Swarm 1ec2b
0194MR1023007000E1_DXXX - UFO's 1ec2


These two images above are of the same UFO from two different NASA Rover images that were taken only a few seconds appart. Just long enough for the Mastcam to scan to the right.

There are probably a load more UFO's in the rest of the series of digital images taken over that part of the crater at that time period.
I fullly expect to find more and expect other people to also.

You just have to get the full resolution images off the NASA site and look real close up in the sky for UFO's or on the ground for bones, skulls, atefacts, tools and crash debris.
The place is littered with amazing stuff if you know how to look for it.

Just click on this website link and start searching yourself >

Or these >

The Curiosity Rover is being watched by a UFO. Alien artefact and UFO in one photo. Nice one NASA?


(Left image) This new Mars image was taken shortly after the rover landed and has some very strange rocks in the foreground.

(Right images) These are clipped from the high res version of the left image which can be downloaded by following the link below.

Not sure what to make of this object. It looks metallic and shiny as are some of the other rocks in the larger photo.
It resembles an arrowhead in shape and is symetrical, so it's not a wind or water eroded rock. A machine made aircraft or missile part possibly.

PIA16104 - Object
PIA16104 - Object neg

(Left images) This clip is taken from the lower centre of the main photo. I have added a negative on the right just for good measure.
It clearly shows a UFO probe that is monitoring the Curiosity Rover. So our spy probe is being spy probed.
NASA must get annoyed with these probes following them everywhere they go.

PIA16104 - UFO probe e neg
PIA16104 - UFO probe e