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USO's - Unidentified Submersable Objects. Bermuda Triangle - Dragons Triangle - Operation Mainbrace.


In the 1950's and 60's NATO ran into some incredible USO's in the North Atlantic. They were clocked doing over 160 knots under water and were the size of aircraft carriers!

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NATO Tracks massive USO in 1952 doing 160 knots under water!!!

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7. (Above video) The Philidelphia Experiment. Histories Mysteries

- 42.56 Mins.





(Video 1 left)


Operation Mainbrace - NATO naval excersise September 13th 1952. The maneuvers lasted 12 days. The US Navy, units of eight NATO coutries and New Zealand participated, including over 80,000 men, 1,000 planes and 200 ships accross the North Sea in the vicinity of Denmark and Norway. Directed by British Admiral Sir Patrick Brind, "it was the largest NATO maneuver held up until that time." A huge USO is tracked and even crashes into a ship. 


Operation Mainbrace 1952


(Video 2 left)


The Franklin D Roosavelt was arguably the most advanced ship in the world at the time and USO's took a real shine to it. It carried nuclear weopons and was watched closely by USO's for many years after this operation. Although not stated in these video segments above the USO was spotted on sonar at a speed of 160 knots and was eventually chased and cornered into a Norwiegan fyord where it subsiquently dissapeared.

5. (Video left) UFO Hunters S3EO4 - Underwater USO Bases - 44 Mins.


Another interesting full length video from the UFO Hunters team. Reputed evidence of underwater plasma tunnels between Alaska, Japan, Finland, England and the Carribean. A possible base near Guantanimo Bay Cuba at the Isle of Youth.

Also another look at the famous Gulf Breeze/Ed Walters photos of 1987-88 which are now prooved bona fide.

These images were at the time considered too good to be true but they were taken on a poleriod instant camera so are not faked.


The Philidelphia Experiment. America Discovers Cloaking Device in 1943.


There is a lot of very compelling evidence that USO's are hiding in underwater bases. They have been spotted a lot more in certain places like the Bermuda Triangle, (Carribean) The Dragons Triangle (South of Japan) and the Australasian Triangle. (South west of Australia) All these areas are well known magnetic vortex's. They suffer from large fluctuations in the Earth's magnetic field due to violent geologocal activity causing compasses to go haywire.

This can also result in water and air density changes cuased by gas escaping from submarine volcanoes and techtonic plate movement. They are also prone to huge freak waves. (triangle waves)


Many ships and aircraft have gone missing due to navigational problems.

A lot of so called ghost ships have been found in these areas, devoid of their crews.

Many high speed USO's have been spotted and chased by navy ships and aircraft from many countries. (As in the videos above and below)

Aircraft have experienced space and time shift.

If you wanted to hide a submarine base, you could't do much better in terms of the built in stealth of these very dangerous areas.

8. (Left video) Underwater UFO Sightings Coast To Coast AM Radio Show - 2.30 Hrs.


The USO segment on this show starts at 38 minutes. You may want to forward it. With Preston Dennit.



3b. (Above video) Ancient UFO In Baltic Sea? CNN 2012 - 4:35 Mins

4. (Above video) Russia's Navy Encounters A UFO At The Dragon's Triangle.

dragonstriangle ufo-water-150x150

Huge stone blocks and massive structures have been found off of Bimini and Cuba with more being found as we speak.

During the last ice age the water level was 400ft lower meaning Cuba and its surrounding islands were adjoined. Atlantis?

Off the coast of Yonaguni south west Japan there is a huge city structure that was last above water 10,000 years ago.

This area would have been joined to China. There are similar massive sunken cities off the west coast of India.

See the Atlantis Candidates page for more on that thread.

"Devils Triangle" source of the

"Devine Wind" or "Kamikaze".

Many dissapearances can be attributed to the change in water and air density. As gas bubbles (usually methane) rise up from the ocean floor it drastically changes the bouyancy of both the water and he air above it causing ships and aircraft to drop like stones.

(See video 5 below)

Both Bermuda and the Dragons Triangle are very similar in their proximity to tectonic plates, having very similar magnetic fluctuations. Insidentally these areas have huge aincient sunken city structures that may contain large amounts of magnatised rock, as in the larger pyramids around the world. these may well interfear with navigational equipment and electronics on planes and ships.

A ship or aircraft without a compass is as good as dead.

Bermuda T

USO's hardly make a splash when they enter the water.

They aparently create a vortex in which they travel, this goes some way to explaining how they travel at such great speed whilst submerged.

japan snip

You can see the Dragons Triangle here on the right.

It's clearly visible without adding a triangle to the map. The tectonic plates and volcanoes form a natural triangle.


A place where typhoons are born just like Bermuda.

The "Devine Wind" or "Kamikaze".

USO's continue to be seen iether entering or exiting water all around the globe, giving creedence to the view that they might have hidden submarine bases at certain locations. The crucial thing with USO's is that they cannot be misidentified as military aircraft as military craft simply cannot turn from aicraft into submarines at will like these do. We just don't have that level of tech.

UFO's are mostly military, USO's most certainly are not.

More to come. Come back later Earthling!



Sunken Piezo Node. Is it a former location of

Atlantian power grid station?

Did Nicolai Tesla tip off the US Navy about this idea after aircraft went missing in the Bermuda Triangle in 1941-2. He certainly understood the forces at work here, better than anyone.


This "Electromagnetic Cloaking Device" is merely using the free energy that permiates at very high levels in that part of the world. With some help from 4 Tesla coils of course.


(See the Tesla page for more)

Many sceptics claim this story is a fabrication.

It may be but it seems far too elaberate to have been made up.


The Americans deny that this event ever happened. Well they would would't they!


The magnetic cloud that is supposed to cloak the ship in this experiment is very similar to the mysterious cloud in reports of aircraft time lapsing in the Bermuda Triangle.

UAV's - Probes > J Moby clarify 2ice text  sig. [700 pxl  60% Quality JPEG] J backache .clarify text sig [700 pxl  60% Quality

6. (Above video) Devils Triangle/Bermuda Triangle Documentary - Mystery Quest - 44.58 Mins.


Some cool info on electronic fog and it's effect on aircraft and ships. Also Christopher Columbus's UFO sighting in 1492. Flight 19 in 1945 when 5 aircraft dissapeared without a trace. The plane that went to look for them also vanished.



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Ball Lightening


Ships and aircraft of course are made of metal. Electrical storms often cause ball lightning out at sea. This ball lightning is known as St. Elmo ’s fire in legend as is mentioned in “Moby Dick” (by Herman Melville). My brother Tom White has seen it on his voyages sailing in the Bahamas.

It is seen at night and has the appearance and movement of intelligent life, much like Earth lights that are present near mountains and very large buildings.

It is usually the result of a distant electrical storm at sea.

The normal lightening has nowhere to earth itself and is collected on the surface of the water. As it gathers energy it is then attracted to vessels on the sea surface, often collecting itself on the ships mast.

They are basically plasma balls and their actual properties are still much of a mystery to science.


The strange thing is that these natural phenomena are also seen on our moon and are called - TLP –  Transient Luna Phenomena.

These all may well turn out to be a strange type of plasma life form that we just can’t get our heads around but are probably Geo/Earth lights.


They are attracted to aircraft as well as shipping and are ever present at disaster areas such as the resent tsunami in Japan. (although they often look solid in nature and may well be probes of some sort.)

See the Spy Networks page - videos H, I, J, K, L, M, N, and O - for more on that.


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4b. (Above video) Unidentified Submerged Objects - USO's documentary - 45 Mins.


Submarine object traveling in excess of 150 knots at a depth of 20,00 feet off the coast of Puerto Rico.

This exceeds the technical capabilities of submarines even today.

Also some detail about the famous Christopher Columbus USO incidents back in 1492.

3. (Above video) Baltic Sea UFO Second Object Revealed- Latest images.



Baltic Sea UFO - Probably the most interesting object/s on Earth.