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Fukushima is still largely unreported in the US.

The powers that be are trying to play it down in a hope that it might go away.

The same happened in the UK after Chernobyl from 1986.

Then - mysterious illnesses started to appear that were denied by doctors

untill they themselves got ill much later.

It wasn't untill the late 1990s that ME was even recognised as a real illness.

In my view this is evidence of a cover up over radioctive contamination in the foodchain.

I was aware of the illness in my mother from early on.

As someone who is lactose intollerant I don't drink milk. My mother consumed a lot

during the 1980's and 90's and later developed cancer years after contracting ME.


There were people claiming CJD was to blame for much of this by the mid 1990s but many of the victims were vegetarians.

So milk must have been the culprit - not meat. Parts of the UK are still heavilly affected.

The consiquent burning of millions of tons of cattle after the CJD scare may well have been a means of destroying evidence of caesium poisoned animals that were still entering the food chain years after the disaster at Chernobyl.

fukushima-radiation-nuclear-fallout-map CattleMutilations1 Cattle abduction artist ipression

Although the exact nature of mutilations varies from case to case, a typical mutilation may involve any or all of the following:


The removal of eyes, udders and sexual

organs very cleanly with surgical precision.

The removal of the anus to a depth of

around 12 inches similar in appearance

to surgical coring.


The removal of the lips and/or tongue

deeply cut out from the throat.


The removal of one ear.


The removal of major organs (such as heart or liver) with no obvious entry/excision marks. Often, if the heart is missing, apart from no excision wound, the Pericardium will still be present and intact, with the heart missing.

The stripping of hide and flesh from the jaw and the area directly beneath the ear to the bone.

The removal of soft organs from the lower body.

The presence of incisions and cuts across the body that appear to have been made by a surgical instrument.

Unexplained damage to remaining organs, but no sign of damage to the surrounding area.


A lack of predation signs (including teethmarks, tearing of the skin or flesh, or animal footprints) on or around the carcass.

Lack of obvious scavenging.


In many cases, a draining of the majority of blood from the animal. What blood is left exhibits color anomalies and may not coagulate for days.


The animal will appear 'dumped' or dropped in a secluded area, with no animal, human or vehicle track(s) leading to or from the site. Some have been found draped over fences or in treetops.

The ground under the animal appears depressed, as if the animal was dropped on the site from a height leaving an impact crater.


The animal's bones found to be fractured with injuries consistent with being dropped.


Strange marks/holes in the ground around the carcass.


Other cattle avoid the carcass and the area where it's found.

Eyewitness reports of aerial objects in the vicinity of cattle at the time of an animal going missing.

Below extract from




Using the BLT Research Team test results I have made a number of assumptions and a hypothesis that an airborne hovering craft with a high level of technology using microwave like technology is responsible for killing and mutilating these animals. In my opinion the results of the BLT tests could be used as evidence in a court of law to help prove the existence of alien intervention.


Thousands of cattle and other large animals have been found around the world mutilated and their almost ten gallons of blood and bodily fluids boiled away or drained. The reports usually include removal of soft tissue such as reproductive organs, tongue, eyes, side lips, ears udder and boring out of the anal area and occasionally other organs.


Some factors bearing on the situation are that, bovine haemoglobin can be purchased at a nominal cost and is used by numerous veterinarians in giving transfusions to various animals. FBI files on cattle mutilation confirm that some animals have been dropped from altitude causing broken bones and depressions in the ground. At least one animal was found with Atropine a tranquilizing drug in it's blood. Further, the animals are often marked by a fluorescent like powder.


We can infer that shortly after the blood is taken it is cleaned and refined, using a sophisticated centrifuge process that is used to separate the blood and obtain pure haemoglobin. The processed haemoglobin appears to rule out most of the standard explanations for mutilations such as coyotes, scavengers, satanic cults, and the plasma phenomena. However, large Paramilitary helicopters could be fitted with a small laboratory and have the ability to pick up large tranquilized animals.


Cattle parts and haemoglobin are available on the open market at a much lower cost and much less risk than operating expensive helicopters.

Ranchers occasionally report seeing or hearing helicopters near their mutilated animals, but these may be UFOs or an operation to chase them away.

It has been speculated that mutilations could be part of clandestine operations by Paramilitary or intelligence agencies to track nuclear radiation or test chemical/biological weapons.


There is no evidence to prove this theory. Although providing secrecy, Paramilitary operations at night in mountainous terrain would be very dangerous.

The apparent microwave activity may be connected to helicopter radar or be part of the LASER or MASER equipment used to cut the flesh of the animals.


It has also been pointed out that government inspectors, public health agencies or government paid veterinarians could accomplish virtually, the same tests during routine visits or by purchasing the animals.

Additionally, a hovering helicopter is unlikely to cause damage to the grass of sufficient magnitude to eventually kill the turf surrounding the mutilation site.

Normal helicopter operation does not cause irreversible damage to plant cells.


Some helicopters have been reported near mutilation sites, but none have ever been proven to be involved. They have been involved in cattle rustling and illegal drug operations. Mutilations have been reported in many countries where helicopters are comparatively rare. Additionally, it is very risky flying a helicopter at night often in mountainous terrain that seems like a foolhardy method to obtain blood and a few organs from the bovine.


Ranchers have shot at suspicious low flying craft so this type of operation can have great deal of risk and little reward. Thousands of cattle have been mutilated and the comparatively valuable meat left to rot. Unless these animals have high level of radiation or biological poisons most humans would take the steaks to eat.


A final piece of evidence that seems to rule out humans and their helicopters is the regular discovery of increased amounts of tiny magnetic particles in the soils at the bovine excision sites. These particles are spherical, or partially rounded (indicating exposure to heat) and are of a very pure iron, which Levengood has hypothesized are of meteoric origin, and they are found to be concentrated immediately around the bodies of the animals.


The number of these particles found in the soils drops off with sampling distance away from the carcass, with a clearly reduced number being seen at only ten feet away in many cases. The soils sampled by the BLT fieldworkers at bovine excision sites are tested in Levengood's lab and comparatively high concentrations of meteoric-like magnetic material have been found within five feet of the animals.


These sites typically have four times the amount of magnetic particles as do the surrounding area only ten feet away. Microscopic beads of magnetite (Fe3O4)mg found at excision sites have concentrations much higher than in normal soil.


Three satellites, particularly Mariners II and IV, Pegasus have substantiated the presence of micrometeorites also known as cosmic dust surrounding the Earth and throughout space. Both Opik and Whipple have shown that it is possible for small micrometeorite dust particles to pass through the atmosphere without losing matter through ablation.


An object moving through space is expected to come in contact with fairly large amounts of micrometeorite dust particularly in the vicinity of Earth.

This micrometeorite dust has a relative abundance of iron, cobalt, nickel and copper. The micrometeorites are remarkably similar to the meteorites and unlike Earth minerals meeting Levengood's hypothisis. {"Environmental Space Sciences," page 471 by Col. Don Carpenter}


Various witnesses claim the skin of UFOs are porous and are designed to collect the micrometeorite dust without damaging the craft. I assume that the UFOs are depositing the micrometeorite dust at the excision sites. I


I will admit that it might be possible for the micrometeorites to have fallen from space and by chance that an animal walks into the excision site and an unknown plasma electrical force electrocutes the animal, dissolves its blood, and then mutilates the animal.

However, these unknown forces would also need to lift the body of thousand pound animal, drug it, take body fluids, drop it, and mark the animals with fluorescence materials. I feel all these factors could only be accomplished by an Alien technology. It seems unlikely that helicopters could refine hemoglobin and spread micrometeorite cosmic dust.


The reader may ask why would UFO aircrews be interested in haemoglobin or cattle? Haemoglobin is the respiratory pigment found in the red blood cells of all vertebrates and some invertebrates. It is produced in the bone marrow and carries oxygen to the body from the lungs. An inadequate amount of circulating haemoglobin results in a condition called anaemia a condition resulting from a reduction in haemoglobin content or in the number of red blood cells called erythrocytes. Although the causes of anaemia vary, because of the blood's reduced capacity to carry oxygen all types exhibit similar symptoms-of pallor, weakness, dizziness, fatigue, and, in severe cases, breathing difficulties and heart abnormalities.

Observers of UFOs and their occupants often describe small gray humanoids.


We can speculate that radiation in space or other unknown problems cause the alien aircrews to suffer from a type of anaemia. They apparently have developed both the craft and medical technology to obtain haemoglobin to aid in alleviating their condition.


The ability of haemoglobin to carry oxygen may indicate that it is used to provide the aliens with an enhanced ability to manage oxygen. Their bodies may need to acclimatize to the Earth's atmosphere with more oxygen handling capability. Abductees often report that bodily fluids are being taken from them and UFOs are often reported near hospitals and abortion clinics where sources of blood can be found.

Abductees often complain of various symptoms that are similar to anaemia inferring that their blood may have also been stripped of red blood cells by their abductors. Conversely, humans normally kill cattle for the meat, but generally discard the parts of animals the aliens apparently need the most. Haemoglobin also contains protein that could be used for nourishment for most life forms.


In my opinion these findings are a major breakthrough in understanding the secrets of the UFOs and the reason for their stealth like activities. Further, it is apparent the aliens have weaknesses that mankind could exploit.


The heavy cost and risk of mutilating various large animals infers an alien methodology.

To add to the evidence we have eye witnesses observing daylight animal abductions by disc shaped UFOs. Also, recent NASA shuttle films show UFOs entering our atmosphere from space. I wish to thank the BLT Research Team for their great work. "The speculations presented above are totally my own. Comments or feedback from readers is welcome." In summary, it is my hypothesis that UFOs are responsible for most bovine mutilations.

This has been going on for many years and is now common around the world, not just in the states. Sceptics put it all down to the Blow Fly and wild animals but it's clear if you read the evidence that there is a lot more going on here. Blow flies can't drop a 1300 pound cow from a great hight, shatering it's bones!

Vampire Aliens & Cattle Mutilations

Cattle mutilations in the US may be a result of government testing for radiation poisoning.


This radiation not only comes from events like the Fukushima disaster in Japan 2011 but is also coming from secret military aircraft that are using nuclear pulse engine technology.


The Aurora and other flying triangle stealth craft built by Lockeed are using nuclear fuel which is leaving radioactive fallout residue in our fields.


The RADAR signature of the Aurora appears as a series of rings as the propulsion system fires off small atomic explosions giving it incredible speed.


It has been clocked at over 5500 mph and may well be capable of mach 10 – around 8000 miles per hour. The problem with his aircraft is that it can’t turn very well so tends to travel in a straight line and takes hundreds of miles to slow down before landing.


The fallout from this craft ends up on the areas surrounding certain military air bases.

The grass on these contaminated fields is being ingested by cattle.

In the USA beef cattle are the mainstay of most livestock farms.


Radiation is poisoning some of these cattle and the radioactive isotopes that are ingested from the grass are concentrated in the organs’ lips, and genitals.


These organs are removed for testing probably by secret government agencies that appear in silent black helicopters to take samples.


The rest of the mutilating is done by blow flies that eat the softest parts of the carcass first. The lips and genital areas again are the first targets.


Secret testing facilities in both the UK and the US have large 8 foot long autopsy slabs that were built especially to accommodate large cattle in the event of radiation, biological or chemical contamination.  


These facilities were initially set up in case of a nuclear war and are generally underground. The MOD building in Bristol UK has such a laboratory in its underground levels.


There are many hidden levels in these buildings which are also prevalent in the US.

Pesticides are getting into the food chain as well as other agents like caesium 9.


These radio active agents may well be responsible for illnesses such as ME that effect the nervous system possibly from tainted milk.

ME levels in the UK appeared after the Chernobyl disaster in the 1980’s but may well be linked to the use of pesticides that have permeated the food chain.


The symptoms of ME are almost identical to Gulf War Syndrome and chronic

fatigue that farmers get from sheep dip and can last almost indefinitely.


Cancer levels in pet cats and dogs also shot up during the 80’s and 90’s in the UK and are probably linked to the use of contaminated animal organs that were being used in the production of pet food in the years following Chernobyl. Ask your vet.


CJD  - Mad Cow Disease has been linked to contaminated meat in the food chain being fed back to cattle. (I thought they were vegetarian?)


The high levels of cattle mutilations peaked in the years after Chernobyl and have peaked again after Fukushima.

Aircraft like the Aroura are possibly just adding a little to what is already a contaminated food chain.

If your farm lies in the flight path of this aircraft then it might affect your livestock but unless you live near a very long runway that is capable of accommodating such a fast plane then you shouldn’t have much to worry about.


Many farmers in the US still think that their cattle are being mutilated by Aliens.


The use of stealth craft that look like UFO's by the USAF has encouraged this tendency by farmers blame the little grey dudes.

This was probably the intention of the US military all along as it gets them off the hook over potential contamination issues.


Or just maybe certain Aliens have a taste for blood and offal.

Perhaps they have porphyria or a type of serious anaemia that requires the sufferer to drink blood and eat lots of raw liver.


(Below – extract from the Vampires page on Porphyria, see more there.)


Porphyria is a rare genetic disorder that results in a deficiency of heme, one of the pigments in red blood cells. Untreated symptoms of Porphyria match many of the traits associated with the classic Lycanthrope or Vampire.


One of them is severe photosensitivity, which makes venturing out into daylight extremely painful and thus dooms the sufferer to a life of shadows and darkness. As the condition advances, the victim’s appearance grows increasingly morbid; discoloration of the skin and an unusual thick growth of facial or body hair occurs. There is a tendency for an abnormal change in skin and formation of sores. Eventually the disease attacks cartilage and causes a progressive deterioration of the nose, ears, eyelids and fingers. The teeth, as well as the fingernails and the flesh beneath them might turn red or reddish brown because of deposition of Porphyrin, a component of Haemoglobin in the blood. Porphyria is often accompanied by mental disturbance, from mild hysteria to delirium and manic-depressive psychoses.


Porphyric hemophilia may well be the cause of vampirism as speople with the condition need to consume large quantities of blood and raw heart or liver to survive.

So there you have it, two choices here.

So either its “Vampire Aliens” or a government agency of some description that are responsible for this 46 year scandal.

There are apparently many types of Aliens. Maybe one particular race are actually vampires?

Or perhaps even some mutant hybrid blood sucking creature like the mythical Chupacabra of Puerto Rico is to blame.

There have also been rumours that the US military establishment is developing a neutral blood compound with the help of some pharmaceutical company for use in case of a large scale biological warfare scenario.

Such a compound would be invaluable if large numbers of troops were contaminated.

It would enable blood transfusions on an unprecedented scale in the case of such a large contamination event.

Are cattle mutilations caused by "Vampire Aliens" or is the answer more down to earth?

(Above image)

The Chupacabra or Chupacabras  ("goat sucker") is a legendary cryptid rumored to inhabit parts of the Americas. It is associated more recently with sightings of an allegedly unknown animal in Puerto Rico (where these sightings were first reported), Mexico, and the United States, especially in the latter's Latin American communities. The name comes from the animal's reported habit of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock, especially goats.


Physical descriptions of the creature vary. Eyewitness sightings have been claimed as early as 1995 in Puerto Rico, and have since been reported as far north as Maine, and as far south as Chile, and even being spotted outside the Americas in countries like Russia and The Philippines. It is supposedly a heavy creature, the size of a small bear, with a row of spines reaching from the neck to the base of the tail.

Excerpt from Wikipedia.

Are cattle being taken by secret government agencies for testing? Or is something more sinister at work here?

Why are thousands of cattle found with their blood drained and organs missing? Not just animals have been found drained of blood but in rare cases humans as well. Are aliens harvesting our animals? People have been found near Mexico City drained of blood with tell tail vampire marks on their body. Many researchers believe that there is a link to the blood sacrifice of he Mayans and Aztecs offering vast quantities of it to their so called Gods. Were these "Gods" actually "vampire aliens".

UFO's have been spotted following blood service wagons and have shown a keen interest in hospitals and various clinics.

Next Page Home Alien Skulls > chupacabra72012 Chupacabra 1.JPG984ebccb-098e-4833-b3b9-12beba0e3d5bLarge 4862900881_1ba9135348

(Above and below image) There are a few different types of these Aroura stealth aircraft. Some of them are pilotless. This means that the craft can use a more dangerous form of propulsion as there is no pilot to contaminate with radiation.

Cattle Mutilations and the UFO connection.

I Awfull Offal. J White 1996 [700 pxl  60% Quality I Cowsuit. j White 1997 [700 pxl  60% Quality JPEG Aroura Doughnut String

(Above image) Over the years rumoured sightings have become more and more frequent. Photographs of “doughnut” shaped con trails have been taken. The photos show the “doughnuts on a rope” type of con trail that would be left by a craft capable of travelling at such high speeds using “pulsed jet” technology as the propulsion source enables the aircraft to travel five to ten times the speed of sound. Flying into sub orbit at those kind of speeds this craft could reach anywhere in the world within three hours.

Mummified_Chupacabra_Fetus_2_by_DETHCHEEZ s

(Above image) This is the infamous fake Chupacabra made up of various small mammles stitched together and stuffed with turtle claws stuck on his head.

Nice try.

(Above image) Another hairless critter found in the US. There have been many like this in recent years. Some sort of disease is effecting wild mammles that causes hair loss. Could it be radiation? Or is it just mange.

Bovine excision - Physical characteristics:


In most cases mutilation wounds appear to be clean, and carried out surgically. Mutilated animals are usually, though not always reported to have been drained of blood, and have no sign of blood in the immediate area or around their wounds.


George E. Onet, a doctor of veterinary microbiology and cattle mutilation investigator claims that allegedly mutilated cattle are avoided by large scavengers "such as coyotes, wolves, foxes, dogs, skunks, badgers, and bobcats" for several days after its death. Similarly, domestic animals are also reported to be "visibly agitated" and "fearful" of the carcass.


In FBI records from 1975, mutilations of the eye occurred in 14 percent of cases, mutilation of the tongue in 33 percent of cases, mutilation of the genitals in 74 percent of cases, and mutilation of the rectum in 48 percent of cases. According to a later survey taken by the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS), mutilation of the eye occurred in 59 percent of cases, mutilation of the tongue in 42 percent of cases, the genitals in 85 percent of cases, and the rectum in 76 percent of cases.

cattle area51cow1

(Above image) Another one of my old cartoons 1996.


Samples from the animal's liver were found to be completely devoid of copper and to contain 4 times the normal level of zinc, potassium and phosphorus. The scientists performing the analysis were unable to explain these anomalies.


Blood samples taken at the scene were reported to be "light pink in color" and “Did not clot after several days” while the animal's hide was found to be unusually brittle for a fresh death (the animal was estimated to have been dead for 5 hours) and the flesh underneath was found to be discolored.


None of the laboratories were able to report any firm conclusions on the cause of the blood or tissue damage. At the time, it was suggested that a burst of radiation may have

been used to kill the animal, blowing apart its red blood cells in the process. This hypothesis was later discarded as subsequent reports from the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory later confirmed the presence of anti-coagulants in samples.

Excerpt from Wikipedia.

Cattle Mutilations - Video Evidence

(Left video)

UFO Hunters - Alien Harvest Mystery, Cattle Mutilation Phenomena


Viewer discretion advised.

A macabre mystery about mutilated animals with precise surgery. To date over 100 thousand animals have been discovered dead in pastures with various internal and external organs missing. The incisions examined on the animals exhibit a precise surgical cutting. In many of the cases there has been evidence of extremely high heat at the tissue excisions.

Some very interesting stuff about implants here.



(Left video) The Only Known, Genuine, Real, UFO Ovni Alien Cow Buffalo Bovine Abduction Video - Overton, UK 2009


Upon later examination, whilst playing back his film through a tv, he noticed what appeared to be something hanging from the aerial light. Then during his review he realised that the dangling 'thing' underneath was actually moving; it looked like an animal! (or possibly even 2), with legs kicking: Lastly on the video, the 'animal' suddenly vanishes from sight, closely followed by the disappearance of the light in the sky, which just blinks out.


Very Interesting.*******

(Left video)

Coast To Coast AM Reptoids & Animal Mutilations 11 30 2006 C2CAM


You may want o forward to around the 40 minute mark.


Some interesting detail about reptoid aliens that have been linked to cattle mutilations.

The Draco that have been linked to vampires and Dracula.


Aliens disguising themselves as bigfoot or bears by wearing animal skins.



Very interesting*******

(Left video)

Coast To Coast AM Africanized Bees, Animal Mutilations, & UFO's 03 26 2009


You may want o forward to around the 40 minute mark.




The views expressed in these videos do not necesserily reflect those of this site.

The main details to focus on here are that these cattle are usually left in easy view and a rarely hidden or dropped very far away. The symmetrical indents in the soil near the cow point to a kind of tripod being used.


The word mutilation does not really represent what is happening to these animals as these are precise surgical procedures.

Usage of anticoagulants found in many samples are obviously used to aid the draining of blood.


In nature anticoagulants only occur in reasonable quantity in the saliva of vampire bats.

Yet vampire bats don't live in the US.

The symptoms of both CFS and ME include:


debilitating low energy levels


painful muscles and joints


disordered sleep


gastric disturbances


poor memory and concentration


neuropsychological complaints


painful lymph nodes


prolonged fatigue after exercise

The list on the left is almost identical to symptoms of poisoning from relatively low levels of caesium ingestion. They are also very similar to Gulf War Syndrome symptoms and also the effects of CJD in both humans and in cattle.


Was the CJD scare in the UK used as a cover for Chernobyl poisoned cattle?

Were conditions such as ME, Gulf War Syndrome and organophosphate poisoning of  famers actually part of the same cover up?

The problem is that organophosphates are used in both sheep dip and in chemical warfare. They were probably in the nerve agent tablets that soldiers took also.


Yet there was heavy use of uranium tipped shells in the Iraq war. This could explain the similarities in the symptoms - radiation/heavy metal poisoning.


Sheep of course would collect caesium on their fleeces, picking it up from rain or dew on the grass.  Much like he golden fleece of legend collecting gold.

An estimated several hundred farmers around the UK who have suffered the consequences of pesticide poisoning. You won't hear much, if anything, about them though. Many were poisoned long ago in the 1980s and early 90s. 

But for the ones still alive, the suffering goes on. It is a scandal largely forgotten by the government, medical profession and farming industry, each of whom would prefer the remaining victims to quietly pass away into history. 



UFOs have been seen known by millions of witnesses around the world, many of them in mass sightings over cities as well as at sea.


Many of these witnesses have reported strange effects such as missing time and electrical interference causing vehicles to stop dead in their tracks.


Huge studies done by the MOD over decades (which I actually sifted through) came to the conclusion that these UFO’s are using a type of electromagnetic plasma propulsion that enables anti gravity and amazing maneuverability.


This type of power plant on these so called UFO’s (Unidentified Arial Phenomena as the MOD call them)

can interfere with navigational equipment on ships, aircraft and automobiles. This is well documented.


It is also likely to have adverse effects on both humans and animals also including birds and marine life.

On close proximity it would especially interfere with animal navigation, possibly causing marine mammals to beach themselves and fish to die from electrocution.


The EMP interference of these craft has a range of around 200 meters but may vary according to atmospheric conditions and the size of the objects in question.


Farm animals are easily spooked by low flying aircraft and often stampede or disappear completely after UFO’s are seen in the vicinity, sometimes en mass.


Infra sound should also be taken into account as many animals can hear way beyond our frequency range so may be effected at greater distances.







Electro Magnetic Propulsion, Infrasound & Animal Interference

(Left video)

Coast To Coast AM - Unusual Animal Deaths and Disappearances


Some interesting detail about aliens that have been linked to cattle mutilations.


Linda Moulton Howe, reporter and editor for Earthfiles, presented an update on unusual animal deaths and disappearances. Specifically, Linda spoke about an unusual case in Pondera County, Montana where a mutilated cow appears to have been dropped from the sky.



Very interesting*******

(Left video)

UFO Alien Abduction News Report Cow Mutilation








Yes very funny?