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A.(Above) ArtAlienTV - Best Mars Videos Compilation


My best more recent videos. Based on quality of evidence, not viewing figures.

The first 3 of these videos contain my best Mars Curiosity finds so far.


For best results use the smaller viewer as it will sharpen the images.



B.(Above video) ArtAlienTV - Latest Mars Videos


I have put my latest videos in this playlist to save you guys having to sift through multiple uploads.


For best results use the smaller viewer as it will sharpen the images.



My YouTube videos when compared back to back contain more evidence of life on Mars than you will see anywhere else in the world. Sounds over the top I know but you really just have to see it to believe it. Some people go into denial shock when viewing these. I recently showed some of these images to a retired British Aerospace engineer/astronomer. He got very defensive and agitated. He refused to believe that these were anything but rocks and wouldn’t look at the screen. Some people’s views are so heavily entrenched that they just can’t deal with it. Some of the images are probably just weird volcanic rocks that solidified in an unusual way but many of them are not. You decide. These videos are the result of months of sifting through many thousands of Mars Curiosity images. The source image details are in the video description. The unprocessed photo clips are at the start of each group of 3 or 4 images. You can see I have only applied basic contrast/brightness/colour enhancements.

ArtAlien Mars Video Playlist 1 - Mars Curiosity Images - Proof of Life?

C.(Above) ArtAlienTV - Mars Clothing, Armour & Fashion


There seems to have been humanoids on Mars and may still be. These items of clothing are evidence of very recent habitation but interestingly also evidence of two or three types of Martians. Some very tall (perhaps 9 feet) with huge 20 inch shoes and some dwarf like at about a foot or so tall. The humanoid urinating behind the rock is about 6 - 7 feet tall.

Interestingly that guy seems to be wearing brown leather hat and jacket that seems to match the bag and shoes that I found nearby in Gale Crater. How 1970's is that?

Perhaps some local alien animal skin is particularly good for the very cold nights.



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D.(Above) ArtAlienTV - Giant Creatures of Mars


Having less gravity than Earth, (one third less) animals on Mars land could have become very large.

Here is some evidence to back up this theory.



E.(Above) ArtAlienTV - Mars Marine Creatures


A collection of what look very much like Marine Mammals, Reptiles and Fish all found first by ArtAlienTV in 2013. New large fish fossil found near the Seal from Sol 50.

The Hippo corpse looks like an animal that died a long time ago and was preserved in the mud only later to be exposed and wind eroded.

The "Seal or Sea Lion" on Mars was one of my first finds on Mars back in April 2013 and can be seen in videos from that month. It may have been freeze dried thousands of years ago like some specimens in Antarctica.The Shark looks like a carved artefact, part of a statue perhaps.

The Fish specimens were found near the now infamous Iguana on Mars and also first published on this channel in April 2013.

F.(Above) ArtAlienTV - Mars Corpses & Mummified Animals


A collection of what look very much like freeze dried animal corpses on Mars similar in nature to ones that can be found in Antarctica on Earth.

The climate on Mars is very dry and conducive for the preservation of dead creatures for many thousands of years.

Some of these could be extremely old.




H.(Above) ArtAlienTV - Mars Reptiles


A collection of Reptile specimens all found by ArtAlienTV in 2013. (Except the Shiny Lizard)

The Shiny Snake on Mars looks very much alive and looks like a Sidewinder.

The now infamous"Iguana on Mars" image looks more like a freeze dried mammal corpse. Perhaps a Dog or small Bear.

The Tortoise is large. Around 2 feet or more. My favourite find so far.

Some Crocodile type skull fossils, a dead Turtle.

Last but not least, the Shiny Lizard with a Crab and other buddies in a Mexican stand off.



I.(Above) ArtAlienTV - Living Creatures on Mars


What look like living creatures on Mars in Gale Crater. Do rocks have limbs? No they do not but some of these may be just weird rocks. The question is which ones?





J.(Above) ArtAlienTV - Mars Dinosaur Remains & Fossils


Remains of Dinosaurs, Reptiles and other strange creatures. Some fossilized and some petrified. Some of these look living.

Not just Iguanas on Mars.





K.(Above) ArtAlienTV - Huge Buildings on Mars, Moon & Antarctica.


Underwater pyramids and sunken cities in the Atlantic. Large structures in Antarctica on the the Moon and Mars. Explorers and researchers are still ridiculed for suggesting that Atlantis was real yet the evidence for it just keeps on coming.

The same goes for structures on the Moon and Mars. The photos and satellite images say one thing, mainstream science and media say another. What are they trying to hide from the public? And why?



Feel free to go on my YouTube channel and like these/subscribe to my channel. There are more videos to come. You could be the first to see them.

Oh and enjoy my music on them as well.

L.(Above) ArtAlienTV - Mars Skulls


A collection of animal skulls lying in Gale Crater on Mars. I have found over 100 animal specimens in the Curiosity images so far. Some of them may have died quite recently. It's hard to tell. The level of preservation is so good because of the lack of moisture in the atmosphere on Mars.

Skulls, fossilized creatures and mummified/dessicated animals are in abundance.

It's clear to me that Gale Crater was once an oasis where animals congregated to drink water. This would explain the density and diversity of specimens.

There may even be some water still at the lowest point of this very deep crater. The deeper you go the more likely you are to find living creatures as the air is more dense.
































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