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The real "Battle of Los Angeles" 1942.


On the night of the 24th of Febuary 1942 the

artillery barage that ensude fired over 15,000 rounds of triple A at the UFO that slowly hovered over the city, hitting it a number of times to no avail.

Was it a German flying disc or something else?

Both Japanese and German U-Boats were attacking the west and east coast of the US at this time.

Was this UFO part of a more subversive psychological atack to scare the American public and embarrass the US Government?

World War 2 - Foo Fighters - The Battle of Los Angeles 1942 - Operation Paperclip -

Nazi UFO's  & the race for vertical take off technology. (VTOL)

There's no denying that Germany produced some of the most revolutionary aicraft designs in history but there are doubts when and if some of these designs ever flew. It's still a subject of controversy. One thing is for certain, the Allies were tripping over themselves to get hold of these designs and their designers, sacrificeing thousands of men to get them. Some of these flying disk designs were still being spotted well in to the 1990's showing that they were generations ahead of their time. These craft are not to be confused with plasma balls/ball lightning that are attributed to geological activity that seem to have no mass. These are solid aircraft.

Nazi UFO Mythos

Saucer design started in Germany in the 1930's. Supposidly helped by crashed UFO's. Did they later appear in the real "Battle of Los Angeles" in 1942 and Roswell New Mexico in 1947 ?

Victor Schauberger

The Roswell incident in 1947 may well have been a result of a German flying disc design that was being tested in the States after the war.


The US took both the scientists and their technologies to the US (Operation Paperclip) towards the end of WWII and by 1947 may well have got some of

these craft operational.


It's a well nown fact that Dr H.R Miethe, the designer of some of these craft went to work for the US

(as did thousands of top German scientists) and the A.V Roe company in Canada.

Richard L Cornwell

(left) claims to have seen a 300 ft long cylindrical aircraft in a hanger. He saw it in Hambourg in 1945 at the end of the war just after the Alies swept into Germany.

Cornwell was an Investigator of the 970th attachment  - U.S. Army - Counter Intelligence Corps.

It was at the Harz mountain facility.


Read more here:>

Cornwell Interview

The Real "Battle of Los Angeles" 1942

The aircraft responsible for the Battle of LA was either of Axis design or

it was a craft of true unknown origin.

Was it technology that was reverse engineered from a crashed UFO in Germany, Italy or Poland recovered in the 1930's?

There are a lot of stories of such events if you look into it in depth.

American eye witnesses claim it was an out of this world design. They may have been correct.


The profile of the craft matches the German Haunebu 1 flying disc design. Compare the Negative Crop image to the Haunebu Types diagram on the left.


It has the same smaller dome shape underneath the craft and the 25m diameter is the correct size. The problem is that many historians claim that these disc designs never left the drawing board. In affect they are inadvertently saying this is an Alien Craft?

One fact that seems to run true is that "Foo Fighters" usually appear in groups near aircraft. Where as people on the ground usually see UFO's one at a time.

Is it the same or are some of them "Earth Lights"/"Gost lights" that are related to ball lightening and geological activity?


Most of the Foo's tend to be quite small spherical craft that act like magnetic plasma probes. They still have the same characteristics today when shadowing military and civil aircraft.

Whatever you think they are, they are still attracted to flying metal aircraft and rockets.


St Elmo's Fire in maritime circles is caused by electric plasma/ball lightening.

There are whole chapters dedicated to this in the UK's released MOD files that eventually come to the conclusion that there are "plasma based lifeforms living in our upper atmosphere that show signs of intelligence".


These studies were

done in conjunction with

other government agencies from around the world over many years but remain inconclusive.

Or did they just edit out the final synopsis?

It certainly looks like they did. See for yourself if you have the time?

Further Reading

It's claimed by many researchers that the Germans recovered 2 downed UFO's in 1936 and 1937 from the Black Forest and Poland. If this is true it might explain how some of these designs came about.

(Above video) SS brotherhood of the Bell. Radio interview with Dr Joseph Farrell about secret SS technology.  1hr 57 mins.

Die Glocke - The Nazi Bell - The most exotic craft of all. The Lantern Bearer Project - Lucifer.

(Left video) Points made in Joseph Farrell radio interview -


Nazi scientists were experimenting with laser/scalar weopons as well as the atomic bomb. They seem to have got a lot further with this tech than we have been led to believe.

Dr Farrell also speculates whether the Roswell crash craft was of nazi design. Not from the operation paperclip scientisits but of an outside non NATO or Russian project. In other words nazi tech that had been developed away from the allies after the war. South America is the likely candidate.

The development of the transister was miniturised by the Germans and was not from an Alien recovered craft. As was night vision technology. Two pices of tech that have previously been attributed to the Roswell crash recovery by many UFO freaks.

Nazi connection to the JFK assassination. Lee Harvey Oswald is linked to the American Nazi party. A rougue network of Nazis working for the CIA.

Argentina built a plasma and fusion physics research facillity for the Nazis to use at the end of the war.

The so called synthetic rubber plant at Aushwitz was used to develop the secret Bell technologies.

Connections between the Nazis and radical Islam.

A connection between one of the Bush family the Nazis and the JFK killing? (Prescot Bush)

As I have said on other pages the very perception that these technologies existed (true or false) would have been enough to force the cold war powers into an unstoppable race to gather these esoteric aircraft and their propulsion systems. Whether they were solid aircraft or merely designs. The thought of them falling into the hands of the new cold war enemy was unthinkable for both the USA and the Russians.

Were some of these craft built in Brazil and Argentina after the war? Many reserchers think so. The problem with this secret Nazi tech is that the governments that inherited it in 1945 also wanted to keep it secret. Two levels of secrecy are hard to break through.

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