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Ever wonder why the world news media are so blindly led into supporting unwinnable

wars around the globe? Well lets have a look at some of the facts and try and sift out some of the propaganda and spin!

Zombie Media

Science and the Zombie Media

The endless sabre rattling and posturing by various world governments is willingly lapped up by the world news media and repeated on a daily basis with little or no repost. It's like a steady water drip hitting you on the head and driving you insane with the utter stupidity of it all. The "Zombie Media" are in cahoots with the "Zombie Politique" in a rather unhealthy symbiotic relationship which never ceases to spout out this tarade of unsubstantiated donkey piss on the premise that if you market donkey piss well enough then people will drink it. I feel thirsty now. Do you have any?

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Scientists are allowed to be or sound certain about things that are improvable assumptions on a regular basis yet when anyone else even suggests anything in a similar fashion scientist say, “where’s the proof”. 

It’s a case of do as I say not as I do. They are regularly put on show by the media to support government policy or help bolster a lie.


Scientists also accuse people who believe in UFO’s, Atlantis or Aliens of being quasi religious fundamentalists yet scientists are the ones that disseminate knowledge in a priest like style from ivory towers and are often employed by corrupt organisations that seem hell bent on hiding evidence from normal people like you and me. (NASA)

Whenever evidence does crop up that doesn’t fit their narrow linear theories they simply dismiss it, branding the people involved in any speculation as heretics for going against the establishment view, much like the Catholic Church in the past.


If you take a look at the big bang theory, speed of light and the dinosaur extinction for instance. These have all been thrown into doubt in very recent months and will need to be adjusted in a fundamental way.


We are always being told what to believe by these establishment puppets. They have been shoving the improvable big bang theory down our throats for decades now. It has now been shown to be very flawed. The speed of light is not constant. And the dinosaurs didn’t all conveniently die out at once either. (See the Living Fossils page)


Archaeologists are still trying to convince us that the great pyramid at Giza was built by Khufu. There is no evidence of this what so ever. He merely repaired it and put his name to it. This is not a tomb it’s an ancient machine. Why do Egyptologists keep on coming out with the same old mantra that the pyramids are tombs when no mummified human body has ever been found inside any of them?

Egyptologists think they own these monuments and think that only they have the right to disseminate knowledge about them.


The only evidence available that Khufu built the great pyramid is some workers graffiti that hasn’t even been authenticated.

We are also told over and over again how the smaller and less well engineered pyramids were built before the larger ones and that the techniques were perfected as time went on. This is also not true. The smaller pyramids were less well engineered copies of the great pyramid.

Khufu also restored the Sphinx that was built at around the same time as the great pyramid. The weathering on these structures suggests that they were built in the wet period thousands of years earlier than we are lead to believe.


Scientists will continue this intellectual bullying as a way of diverting our attention from the fact that much of the time they are talking utter unsubstantiated b-----ks.

I can see them preparing the brushwood to burn me at the stake as I write this article.

Of course brushwood only exists because they say it does?


Joking aside - Good scientists are not the enemy, they are our friends. The zombie media are more responsible for the dogma which is specifically designed to hamper and ridicule anyone who suggests that Bigfoot, Aliens and UFOs etc. are real.

The powers that be have a vested interest in maintaning this stranglehold over the media. Preventing them from revealing that the reallity of these subjects is somewhat different to what we have been lead to believe since the 1940's.


Most people are too busy trying to survive and support their families rather than worry about UFO's or Ancient Aliens and such like. And why the hell not.

If you look up in the sky too much you are likely to get run over by a car!


Zombie Media and Sabre Rattling


We have for the last few years been subjected to the ridiculous suggestion that North Korea is a threat to world peace with its ever advancing rocket and nuclear technology.


It turns out that I can piss higher than a North Korean rocket or as the media call them “nuclear warhead delivery system that is a real threat to stability in the region". 

Yeah yeah yeah of course they are, we believe you!


We have also in the last few years been fed the suggestion that Iran have a dangerous nuclear program that is a threat to stability in that region and are supposedly only a few years away from an atomic bomb.

This may be the case but if I was to carry a diagram of a knife that I was thinking of making on a rainy day in my garden shed then would that make me a criminal.


What they are suggesting is that it’s alright to bomb a country if they have the capability to make a WMD even if they don’t actually have any at the moment.

Cruise and Hellfire missiles are now the American weapons of choice when it comes to assassinations around the world because they were legally advised by experts in the Pentagon that it could be classed as military action - thus not breaking international law.


I knew how to make (but chose not to) explosives including shaped charges and napalm by the time I was nine years old due to the books that I was given to read at a very early age. Anyone can now do the same by looking it up on the internet or going to a subversive terrorist intelligence centre. (Public library)


Oh and anyone who violently opposes a regime is a terrorist, unless we support them of course in which case they are freedom fighters.

In reality the Americans will probably bomb Iran to prevent Israel from doing so. They have both been itching to do so since the 1970’s.


If you look at the real facts about all the wars and conflicts in the last 100 years you will find that America have been at war in one way or another almost nonstop since 1914 and still remain the only country to have used atomic weapons.


Here’s a (much shortened) list of conflicts that America have been involved with since 1914.

(There are too many to fit on this page so have just included the better known ones)


It does not include the countless conflicts that the CIA have been heavily involved in like Afghanistan during the Russian occupation (1979-1989) nor the much earlier ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Native Americans by the US cavalry in the 19th century to name but a few.


  • 1914 -Occupation of Veracruz (Banana Wars)

  • 1915 -1934  Occupation of Haiti (Banana Wars)

  • 1916 -1924  Occupation of Dominican Republic (Banana Wars)

  • 1917 -1918  World war 1

  • 1941 -1945  World war 2

  • 1950 -1953  Korean War

  • 1961 -Bay of Pigs - Cuba

  • 1963 -1975  Vietnam War

  • 1965 -Dominican Civil War

  • 1983 -Grenada Invasion

  • 1986 -Libya Bombing

  • 1989 -1990  Panama Invasion

  • 1990 -1991  Iraq – Gulf War

  • 2001 -2011  Iraq, Gulf War 2 (The Sequal) - Ongoing occupation?

  • 2001 -Afghanistan – Ongoing occupation

  • 2004 -Hatian - Coup De Tat

  • 2006 -2009  Somalian War

  • 2011 -Libya Civil War


War On Terror 2001 - (Until the end of time?)


Al-Qaeda,Taliban, Caucasian militants, Al-Shabaab, Islamic Courts Union, Iraqi Insurgents, Hamas, Hezbollah, Baath Party Loyalists. (And many more)


Of course the Taliban don’t actually exist. It’s a made up term used by the western media that represents the large miscellaneous collection of tribal warring factions and opium smugglers that operate from both Pakistan and Afghanistan.


You could also argue that the most efficient terrorists around the world are the News Media who constantly spread the fear of terrorism with verve and endless repetition.


This is the opposite tactic that was used by the British in WWII when things were definitely played down as to the number of casualties and general destruction, especially in London during the Blitz. The Germans on the other hand tended to exaggerate figures in an attempt to stir the public into a vengeful fervour. (Sounds familiar)


So why are the zombie media so desperate to inflate these terror tactics on a daily basis? Would it be that we are losing these unwinnable wars that seem to drag on forever?

When there is a shortage of actual terror attacks they bring up anniversaries of previous events from years ago to keep the fear levels to a maximum. There is also constant speculation about current foiled plots that are often totally unproven hearsay involving some guy looking at a website.


There was a saying back in the 1980’s in the UK -

“Innocent till proven Irish” which should now say “Innocent till proven Islamic”.

It is a war of ideology as much as anything and the media take this war to the public.