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Below - The Burgerisation Of The Modern World

- Food is used by the Zombie Media as a whipping post.

Zombie Media - Fat & Booze

It's time to lay some of the myths about Fat and Booze to rest and clear up some of the media nonsense that we are being force fed through a tube made of the dead brain cells that you lost whilst trying to forget all the paranoid thoughts that you had whilst worrying about haw much fat and booze you consume as a result of the confused and mismatched information that thay keep frickin changing on what seems to be a daily basis.

I'ts enough to turn you to drink! Where did I put those biscuits?

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Kebab cycle colour edit 3 edit c 2 [800x600] Kebab cycle colour edit 3 edit c 3 [800x600] Kebab cycle colour edit 3 edit c 1 [800x600] Kebab cycle colour edit 3 edit c 4 [800x600]

The Kebab Cycle - 1, 2, 3 & 4 - Click to enlarge.





Loafers Shoppers Trollyrage 3 SIMPSON [800x600]

1 - Starting the evening at 7.30 you go to the local pub and as you get progresively more pissed your face becomes drawn and bloated.


2 - Come 11.35 pm after many drinks you definately feel like a kebab.


3 - After throwing up your recent kebab you opt for some Kens Mucky Fried Chicken and get into a fight outside the takeaway. (Those damn hormones in the chicken again, not the 9 pints of cider!) You then get arrested distracting the police from a UFO chase.


4 - After being released from the police cell you get a nice "Full English" breakfast then a shit, shower & shave. Now at 7.00 pm you are ready for the next visit to the pub to start over again. - The Kebab Cycle - Joseph White 1996

Krusty's Pizza


Choose Your Toppings Kids



(Left) Trollyrage 3.

(Click to enlarge)

Food is a class issue in the UK. The middle classes shop in a completely different way to the working classes and generally look a lot slimmer for it.

There now seems an almost unlimited choice of toppings to go on the awsome consept. Having eaten in Pizzeria's all over Europe it has to be said that some of our bastardised versions of the Italian classic are better. They tend to use a bit of Cheddar cheese mixed in with the Mozerella. Mmnm.

Inside McDonalds. Bond St. crop [700 pxl  60% Quality JPEG] D IMGP0346 edit 2 [700 pxl  60% Quality JPEG] Iwo McJima 2009. A4 300ppi [700 pxl  60% Quality JPEG]

1 - Iwo McJima - 2009

I created this montage piece in order to illustrate the spread of burgerisation accross the world. It uses the classic "Iwo Jima" photo from WWII with the US flag replaced by a McDonalds sign. One of the first thing Americans do after invading and occupying a country is to build their favourite takeway outlets in military compounds.

"An army marches on it's stomach"

Napolion Bonaparte. (Quote)


The burger itself was a Roman invention and was the favourite food of the legionares where as in contrast gladiators ate vast amounts of porridge and grew fat to protect themselves in combat.


The Burgerisation Of The Modern World

2 - Mini Sign - Fat Bloke 1. 2009

I put this sign up outside McDonalds (Bond St.) in Bristol UK as part of my Street Animation/Installation -

The Bristol Sign Project.

I put up over 300 different mock up mini humour signs around the city over a few months in 2009. They were primarily to advertise my new website at the time.

I intended to put all of the images on the website but there were so many that the my website builder did a runner as he couldn't cope with the workload.

I then decided to build some websites myself. 


3 - I stuck this print up inside McDonalds straight after the sign in the left picture.

It stayed in place for the best part of a day before being removed.

One chav customer thought it was a bona fide advert for the company.

When I told him I was putting it up to advertise my website he said "Sell it to McDonalds as an advert innit mate". Yeah right?


You can see the extensive street animation project here at -


All Drivers 4 B [500 px 60% Quality] 9/11 Conspiracy ? >

Food Is Used By The Zombie Media As A Whipping Post.


For the first time in history people are dying en mass of over eating, where as in the past obesity was a rich mans disease. Only they could afford to eat excessively. Sugar is more the culprit than fat though, especially now.

Fat is actually essential in your diet. Poachers in the past would die as a result of too much lean rabbit meat.


Low fat food in supermarkets has a lot of the fat removed. This is then replaced with salt and sugar to improve the flavour that effectively makes it much worse for you.

If you are poor in the UK or other western countries you are far more likely to have a high amount of sugar in your diet.

Also people in relative poverty tend to buy more processed food that contains more salt and sugar therefore are more likely to be over wieght.

They also spend most of their income just trying to survive meaning they are more likely to buy high calorie - low quality products that are often a lot cheaper.

This makes a lot of sense if you have very little money for food. It means you get the maximum amount of callories for your money.

The problem is that the amount of sugar and salt becomes too much for the body to process causing obesity, heart disiase and diabeties. (To name but a few.)

The supermarkets take full advantage of this disparity helped by massive adverising and always have lots of special offers on junk food. You can't walk into any supermarket these days without seeing crisps (chips), chocolate, sweets (candy), cakes/doghnuts, biscuits etc. being sold at knock down prices, the same goes for alcohol. Beer and cider usually.

These products are used to lure people in and get you addicted to a high sugar diet. (Many beers and ciders are high in sugar also.) You will very rarely see fruit and vegatables on special offer.

Once you are addicted to high amounts of sugar you are likely to become overweight. Overweight people generally have a greater appetite and thus will consume a lot more food.

It's a battle that only the supermarkets can win.

This is why the media are constantly bashing poor people over the head with their contradictory health claims. It keeps people confused and less likely to realise that they have been duped into an early death of over consumption.

The problem is that the supermarkets and food companies pay for most of the advertising on TV and everywhere else so the media are forced to keep quiet about this legalised culling.


I would rather die of over eating than malnutrition any day. Preferably - death by doghnut.

Looking like something you would find on the floor of a leper colony - southern fried chicken was another addiction for a while. Only after a whole bunch of booze though.

That awesome crispy skin that is so salty that it gives you sodium poisoning and stomach cramps for days afterwards.

It must be in that secret recipe that is even better kept than the coke one that everyone also managed to copy without much more than blink of an eye.

You tend to get southern fried checken when you are really shitfaced as it is easier to handle than a kebab.

One hand to hold the box and the other to try and shove the delightful bird limbs into your booze stenched gob. If you're really pissed you may even end up eating the bones as well, crunching on them like a starving cave man. Then you realise that you may have bust a dental filling and start to spit the bones out onto the road.


You justify this to yourself by thinking your doing the local wildlife a favour by leaving your scraps in a Hansel and Grettle like trail leading right up to your front door.

The next day you wake up thirstier than Lawrence of Arabia after a dry cream cracker eating contest. You then proceed to drinkng gallons of water and squash to try and wash the salt out of your system. Great fun.

You then clear up the mess that all the local cats and foxes made as they rifled through your wheelie bin at 4 in the morning.





The Great British Takeaway

(US citizens feel free to increase portion sizes)


Kebabs - Pizza - Fish & Chips - Burgers - Curry - Chinese - Chicken


All of course taste much better after a skin full of booze. We've all done it. Don't pretend you haven't.........Scumbag!


I was once addicted to Kebabs and fried chicken back in the late 1980's and early 90's.

The lamb doner kebab in particular I thought was the food of the gods.

I think it's the combination of fatty pseudo lamb with the pitta bread barely holding it together and a mixture of chilli sauce and lamb grease dripping out. Mmmmmhm.

It looks a bit like a supersize burger thats been in a traffic collision with a man carrying a bag of cabbage and odour eaters back from his allotment.


The great thing about a kebab is that it's so easy to reheat the remnants the next day. Microwave for a minute or so and it's as good as new.


There was an occasion back in the 80's when a take away outlet known as Rita's left the donner kabab (elepehants foot) on the spit whilst they went on holiday for three weeks and just turned the rotisary back on when the returned poisoning a lot of people in the process.

That was in the days when take away workers smoked whilst serving such delights to us. MMmmm.